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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"It is insane"

hisone enters the hangar: "it was about this time I noticed the plane was actually a 500 foot tall crustacean from the paleolithic era."
Wow, that was a TON to take in. They really threw a lot at you there, but the pacing didn't feel off at all. It fits in with who Hisone is as a person, and the craziness they piled on her all at once. Helps you get into her scattered mindset.
Really great stuff though, with a super funky concept. The art-style is gorgeous, and right up my alley. The flight scenes especially were beautiful with that incredible backdrop of the sunset clouds.
Anime, Jets, Flying, and Dragons. 4 of my favorite things. Really excited to see where it goes.
Sunrise, no? Just a technicality I guess. :P
How To Train your Dragon Pilot seems like it's going to be fun! Nice screenshot there too, that's wallpaper material.
Right! I get the feeling we're going to get a lot of shots like that.
This. This show. This is why I watch anime. Nowhere else would I find a dragon that transforms into a fighter jet after swallowing a girl with personality issues.
I was going into this expecting everybody else to by flying jets and then you have this girl "flying" a dragon and I would have been totally fine with that. Then they show the dragon "cosplaying" as an F-15 and I thought it was pretty funny. Then it literally transforms into an actual F-15? What the actual fuck this is hilarious.
I was looking forward to this show a lot and it didn't disappoint. It's an original anime by Bones about a cute dragon after all!
The animation was smooth throughout but I also really liked the protagonist. The fast talking when she spoke her mind was great.

Would love to know who the animator on that scene was.
≫The fast talking when she spoke her mind was great.
Tatami Galaxy prepared me well for this.
I'm pretty sure you can expect a detailed coverage from the folks over at Sakugablog.
This show is filled to the brim with talent from all across the industry like Higuchi, Anno's pal who returned to a main creative role in anime after a 20+ years break, you have Ex-Gainax members, Bones's creative heads, mecha god Koyama, Macross genius Kawamori, Trigger's amazing art director Kaneko & more. Anyone that kept up with the staff behind this project knew that it would at least be a phenomenal production, just sad that its popularity in the west will be limited due to the lack of simulcast.
Yeah! Though, hey, big dragons and stuff? Maybe this is tokusatsu enough for him. :P
Toshinao Aoki did the original character designs as well – he's done some past work on the Pokémon TCG, including the original Surfing Pikachu card, which I think is pretty neat.


Is this what it feels like to be living in the Golden Age of Anime? It's just Spring but it feels like we've already seen a dozen AOTY contenders. Keep it coming!

You sure about that? I mean only a few "new shows"(shows with no prior anime material) are above a 7 according to MAL. Whereas last season for example, most were above a 7 and a few we're even above 8. It does seem like a mediocore season to me
What I meant was both winter and spring combined. We're only on the second season of the year and there are already a handful of shows that aired/are airing that are AOTY contenders depending on who you ask.

Get in the fucking dragon, Hisone!

Well that sure was ... interesting. But also pretty fun. I always like it when anime throw out some weird-ass premise and just run with it without trying to make excuses for it. Dragons exist in this world, and we disguise them as planes because reasons. Deal with it. Also vore. Not sure how I feel about that.

Hisone seems like a fun character, constantly doubting herself yet also throwing out random bursts of total savagery when she starts to ramble. We also have Nao, who I decided is best girl before she even spoke. It was the moment she just grabbed Hisone's strawberry milk and chugged it with her pinky out that I decided I loved her. She also makes great faces and is voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa, so that also helps.

This was my most anticipated show of the season, and so far it's lived up to expectations. The art style is expressive and unique albeit a little weird, the animation is solid with several sakuga scenes, and there's so much talented staff working on this I have a hard time imagining it becoming a failure.
The animation reminded me of Nichijou a bit but more detailed
Dat Yakult product placement...
I thought it was hilarious. This episode really blew my expectations out the water and it makes me wonder what else this season is going to offer
To me, this show has the emotional feels of Sora Yori or Euphonium combined with the adventurous fun feeling of Little Witch Academia (which I know a lot of the staff on this show is trigger). The first episode was just lovely to watch, definitely my aots and favorite first episode of the season thus far. Stellar character animation and great voice acting by Misaki Kuno (Niko in Kiznaiver, Momo in Sangatsu), and Tomoyo Kurosawa (Kumiko and Phos) and we still haven't been introduced to a lot of the other cast who judging by voice actresses I expect may also give stellar performances(can't wait for rie kugimiya(edit just realized but wow, people are playing different roles outside their typecast for this show, kugimiya is actually glasses girl in this show). The writing in here is some of Mari Okada's best, the mech designs for the dragons are great and it's overall such a unique idea (thanks to Kawamori who does macross and eureka 7). The music is also well orchestrated, I personally loved the na na na naaaa and eye catch music, this is thanks to kekkai sensen composer iwasaki but I believe sound in general is great and yamada you as sound director has a lot of experience working on shinkai films and mia. The little witch academia feel is probably largely thanks to the chief director higuchi who was a mainly gainax and trigger guy and worked on klk, eva, and flcl. Overall, fantastic first episode I hope netflix release doesn't ruin the hype for this series cause it deserves a lot of love this season.
Also, patiently waiting for the tomoyo kurosawa and misaki kuno cute noises compilation.
≫Little Witch Academia
I wondered what that whimsical feeling that I knew I had felt before was from! Hisone kinda reminds me of Akko is some ways too.
This show completely caught me off-guard! Went in completely blind and came out pleasantly surprised! Also looks like this is being handled by Bones? Damn! No wonder the art and animation looked fantastic! That transformation sequence was basically mech porn!
Looks like this is being directed by Higuchi Shinji (Worked on the original Eva and the Rebuilds), Yamada You (Made in Abyss, Kimi no Na wa) for sound direction, and Mari Okada for series composition. Like damn! Even their VA list is stacked! I hope I'm not hyping myself too much here though.
So far I'm loving the story, especially Hisone! Her reaction faces this episode were all fantastic! And just when I thought she was going to be a push over she started to ripping into her supervisor and that Yankee-wannabe girl! I really enjoyed that scene XD
Definitely something to look forward to! Thanks to Asenshi for picking this up!

Btw, Higuchi is working on the story but Hiroshi Kobayashi (directed Kiznaiver as his TV anime directorial debut) is doing the actual hands-on direction. Higuchi was really involved in the story and overall direction (sort of a chief director role), so he's definitely important to the production, but just wanted to point that out because Kobayashi is super good.
Hisone is a bit different than I thought she would be, but i'm glad shes not just a meek little girl
I also like how "real" it felt in regards to the military aspect. I've never been in the military but I can picture it being a lot like that. The dialogue felt very natural
So she has to get eaten by the dragon in order to fly it... ok.
Seems like a fun and nice show plus Hisone is already great, I'm in!
Pretty good first episode! Love the non-standard art style and the protagonist is pretty fun too.
That was delightful! Pretty much modern How To Train Dragon, with the same constantly nervous protagonist, really expressive, almost dog like dragon, and amazing flight sequences!
Yeah that was way better than I thought it would be, this season is so stacked

This is insane, indeed.
Best premiere of the whole season! It's fun, it's beautiful, it doesn't beat around the bush.
We still don't know what direction the anime will take but I'm confident after this episode.

Wow this is so charming, I love it!
Really loved this episode, personally I think this has potential to be one of the best shows this season!
Loving the music and animation of this anime! Can't wait to see the next episode.

I'm really enjoying this show! It's so cute! The dragon really looks like Toothless and the MC is pretty sympathetic. She really did not want to get into this whole business at first simply because nobody did a good job of introducing it to her. She got eaten by the dragon that's supposed to be her partner. I have a hard time imagining I would want to get friendly with it in her position.


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