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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Disownment Rock n' Roll Fever"

Anzu: "I've never had a friend before"
My heart: oh boy

Hinamatsuri is actually a commentary on the unfairness of society. How someone as useless as Hina can still end up in a nice home while someone as pure and hardworking as Anzu is homeless.

It's actually a documentary of how the most powerful Yakuza rise to power. The truth is, they're all doing their best to support psychokinetic brats, and when they get out of control, the legends grow.

In all seriousness, I think Hinamatsuri's most prevalent theme (based on the episodes so far) is that it's okay to be poor and live with what you have, and it's also okay to be rich and take advantage of what you have, but you don't have to treat the rich as being so high above you that they're socially unreachable, and you don't have to talk down to the poor because they don't have the advantages you do. In the series so far we see both the rich and the poor interacting and helping each other out how they can in their own distinct ways, and I think that's a pretty profound backbone for an anime sitcom.

≫Anzu: "I've never had a friend before"
My heart

Anzu so cute in that scene.

Anzu is truly best girl

Hitomi, the only normal in this anime.

Man I feel so bad for Anzu.
I wish Nitta would give her a real place to sleep.

Yeah... but I feel like if he offered, she'd decline anyway to not feel guilty :(

I think she also feels happy with the circle of friends she made. We saw that with Hina being only happy with Nitta.

Hitomi best girl

I originally thought Hitomi's role would be limited to Classmate, I'm so glad I was wrong

i would like to raise an anzu

If my girl becomes homeless I'm gonna kms

Homelessness is worse in America than Japan. Much much worse, especially for women.

Oh man the interaction between Hitomi and the bar customers was so funny. Had to laugh when Utako started to talk about how she used to make drinks for them.

Also Hitomi her face expression(calm, shocked, small pupils) are amazing. I wonder if she will act like Utako later.

Such a great series.

Agreed. It's the perfect balance of comedy and heart. 10/10 for me so far.

This episode showed us 2 types of people that you can't say no to, for different reasons.

Ironically Hitomi is a person who cannot say no herself.

She gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Nitta was harsh and Hina found other opportunities, but in the end they realized that home was when they were living together.

I really like how Hina's expressionless character pays off in this scene when Nitta is walking past her. It's just a small inflection in her voice but for her it's like a desperate cry.

Plus, Nitta and Anzu got to bond over the hardships of raising Hina.

But if Nitta wasn't harsh on her she would still be thoughtlessly dependent on him and not learned (or started to learn) to be independent.

My heart broke in two when Hina said "Nitta.." with the inflection
Was mended a few seconds later, wholesome af

Hitomi = GOD
Anzu = Best daughter
Hina = Not fitted to be a homeless

Everyone is amazing, the bartender, the teachers, the yakuza. This series makes everyone likeable because they're are all scoundrels with heart.

This series is what im looking forward to the most every week. Such a gem of an anime.

Same tbh and I was NOT expecting that coming into this season. Loving this anime so far.

Once again here is The AITA! counter for Hinamatsuri. This time for episode 4.

   Episode 1  41
   Episode 2  35
   Episode 3  3
   Episode 4  1
    Total  80
   Average   25

Like last week, it was a hard time for AITA. I'm starting to wonder if AITA are in the same system as the desire sensor from Monster Hunter, the more you want it, the less you will have it. I dread the day where we could have an episode without AITA.

Keep in mind that I probably missed a few of them across the series, since there are time where multiple AITA are said simultaneously, or are not audible enough.

Sad day for AITA enthusiasts all over the world, but great episode nevertheless.

I love how reasonable Anzu is: not tolerating hinas crap anymore after 3 days. I hope this ends up as permanent character development for her so poor nitta can catch a break.

When I read the premise I thought its was going to be more about the Yakuza; nitta and hina working as a duo to do yakuza things.

Thats what drew me in, the parts in the first episode showed that. Although Im quite entertained by the show, Im just a bit disappointed we didnt get more of that yet, cos I imagine the possibilities to set up gags are endless. Ouchy.

I hope we get more of that, overall a very solid episode.

also...Hitomi is quite clever.

To be honest, the anime really is skipping most of the yakuza stuff to focus on the 3 girls which is not a bad decision since there are only 12 episodes and they probably wanted to reach a certain point in the manga so they made cuts where they could and merged/changed some events (not too drastically), if you want the whole experience I can’t recommend the manga enough and I can think about 3 yakuza-related plot points that they have skipped so far in the anime.

You can always read it after the anime though, as you could end up spoiling yourself too much if they decide to add the stuff later in the anime (probably won’t)

I fucking love this series.
I love how it balances feels with comedy.

Thank God Hina finally learned a lesson for once. I always thought she acted pretty shitty considering all he does for her.

Also Hitomi is best girl.

Anzu remains remarkably clean being homeless and all.

I want to see more of Anzu and Hina together. The two are absolutely fun to watch in this show.


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