Monday, April 23, 2018

[Hinamatsuri] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
 "Hobo Life 101"

Anzu is best daughter, even Hina's imagination agrees.
Protect this.

This world needs more Anzu.

I was honestly expected Hina my best daughter but with last week and today's episode Anzu definitely stole the spot. Hitomi is coming pretty close too.

Hitomi-chan is best girl, Anzu is best daughter, while Hina is... well Hina.

Why was Yakuza Daddy treating his time with Anzu like a date in her imagination? What is their relationship to Hina?

I think for the same reason Hina wanted to go to a girly bar last episode.
She doesn't really know what it is, but knows Nitta likes it and she thinks Nitta is keeping something fun from her.

Those homeless dudes were pretty cool. It's sad how far some of them had fallen but they were willing to teach Anzu everything they know and gave her a great lesson on morality.

Welcome to the School of MADAO.

There's a channel on youtube that's called "Life where im from" and he's done a whole TV level documentary on homelessness in Japan.
It was really interesting and this show's depiction of their little community and how they're nearly entirely older men seems bang on with reality.

Yeah, I saw the first three parts a few days ago, and when I saw their houses I instantly remembered the documentary.

Random trivia – ikura will last in the fridge for 2-3 days max.

JESUS, He expected her to do a lot of good deeds in a couple of days.
Or i'm just underestimating Hina's ability to eat.


Oh man, those faces paired with that colour palette look like something out of Attack on Titan lol

Hitomi, learning the harsh realities of adulthood one mistake at a time.

It will only make her stronger.
Right now she was betrayed and blackmailed.
But we also know she was smart enough to record Utako. And she also already has the heart of every regular at the bar.
She will grow and get stronger.

Feels like Nitta is going to care for Anzu more than Hina at this rate. XD

The best daughter war has just begun :))

Nitta getting home. BTW, I'm loving how things happen in a randomly way, can't predict what's going to happen each episode.

And the house is no different than this

AOTS for me & it's a strong season. The comedy is consistently hilarious. All three of the girls, make that 4 with Utako, are amazing characters. Hitomi is way more street smart than I gave her credit for, recording that convo had me Rollin' but ultimately Utako pulling a fast one was even better.

The sheer variety is what makes this extra special for me. We had a touching, emotional beginning all about acceptance & growing as a person. That contrasted beautifully with Hitomi's comedy segment. Then we end with Hina just crushing it with a combination of physical comedy & a genuine desire to try and contribute more to Nitta, even if it is selfishly motivated.

I got played! I was sure that Utako was a Christmas Cake, but it turns out she's a grown up gremlin, a la Yazawa Nico! I love it!

She can always have Nita if she feels like it, so not a Christmas Cake. She is just a badass yakuza bartender that loves blackmailing middle school girls, or so she seems.

No wonder she dislikes the police, she seems pretty shady herself!

Hitomi, the girl without any power, is probably my best girl. Didn't see that coming at all <3

Hitomi has by far the most OP power which is basically to be a cute middle school Taskmaster.

yeah this is anime of the season

I'm genuinely impressed with how good the animation quality is. The shot where Anzu is chasing the car and you see all the buildings move behind her is perspective is so beautiful

Oh god, that first part was so nice!!!
Cutest homeless girl ever!!!

I like her stories much more through the development of the manga. Its really heart warming.

Reality hits hard once you realize you're homeless.
Anzu's story got me teared up inside. Beautiful.

Her reaction when she realized that Yassan pitched in for the booze hit me hard. That was the precise moment she learned how hard life actually is.

Anzu is the most wholesome individual in an very unwholesome anime.

This show has just been so good so far.
I want to adopt these two daughterus!

Yeah, I also want to adopt Anzu and Hitomi!

I actually laughed out loud when Hina threw the blanket off of the balcony, holy shit.
Great episode. A mix of emotions, and all of it was handled very well. I'm glad Hitomi being a bartender is continuing, I love her and Utako.

I love the characters and their dynamics. Loved this episode, made me feel all warm and cozy.


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