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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"This is how You Have a Superpower Battle!"

Ah my daughteru
Edit: op sounds like oregairu zoku op

Hina best daughteru.

*Anzu best daughteru

Hitomi best... everything?

Best mom, she takes care of everything for you.

Shit's hilarious.

I really hope this show can keep this amazing of quality of story, animation and humour up, I really think this could be a contender for top anime of the year.

In the manga it only ever gets better, these early chapters are the weakest ones. Look forward to much more.

Nitta: "You have to hear me out! Otherwise Hina will run away full speed"
Hina: "Why?"
Nitta: "Ikura for dinner"
Hina: Blank Expression "I'll run away full speed"
This has to be the funniest show this season, the comedic timing is brilliant!

Ikura tomorrow too
“Are you scared?”

Watching that scene, I kind of thought
"If Hina found out she could just steal ikura like Anzu was stealing food, what would stop her from ruling the world?"

≫what would stop her from ruling the world?
Nitta wouldn't hang out with her anymore.

Seeing this scene animated fills me with joy
We also got best daughter and best bartender already! Can't wait for next ep, thank god that CR is actually releasing close to the TV airing...

I love her dead fish eye expression
She cant even believe herself wtf is going on

can't believe most people didn't even know about the manga before this show came out and look how popular it is now .The manga is really underated

It is maybe one of the funniest pieces of media i can think of. I laugh just thinking about some of the silly shit that happens.

Someone should do an AITA counter...wonder how high it would get.

Well, I probably missed a few (since some are rather inaudible, and sometime there is more than one said at the same time) but here it is :
Episode AITA!
Episode 1 41
Episode 2 35
Total 76
Average 38

This is officially my new favorite running gag

"Hitomi it's late where are you"? "I'm at a cabaret club mom😳😳". 😂😂😂

I loved her deadpan "desuyo ne~" when her mom told her to stop joking and come back home, the whole sequence was hilarious.

Ah, this show is gold!
I did not expect Hina to just snap her neck.
Look at these two cuties!

And, Utako is one fine lady! That "ara ara" was just beautiful.

When she said she wanted to go to a "girl" club I almost spat out my cereal!
My god this show is fuckin hilarious. Shame I wasn't living in Japan otherwise I'd go to the club every day while in High School!

Man that last scene in the bar and the cabaret club was just great fun, really had me laughing a couple of times. I also want to have that kind of crew to go out with
Edit: Here's the real-life spot from that scene.

That's by far the funniest show of the season.

I've fallen in love with this show. I think this will definitely be in the top tier of shows this season.

Wow first of all more Terminator reference, she teleports in Naked, beats up a Biker gang and steal their clothes etc.
Hina Really loves her food eh look at the opening, sleeping next to it, nitta giving her a second bowl at breakfast, carrying it to school etc.
We get the telekenic Janken (Paper rock scissors) do death.
For a while I thought that Nitta-san was getting to have 2 daughters and his diligent father job ruined her teleport ball of course so she has to stay.
haha I loved how Hinas poor friend just accidentally now works at the bar for drunk old men and Yakuza members.
Especially as in ever scene everyone else is super happy that they are gonna and go and have a party at Love Love while she is just kinda half ass forced to tag along and always walks in the end / corner looking all gloomy, into that ending lol when her Mom call and shes is yeah...I know I am late wtf I am doing here feeling.

Ouchy! I'm loving this show. I added to my PTW on a whim, and I'm really glad I actually picked it up. This is a hilarious show, and I love the VAs work so far. I'll definitely have to read it after the show is done.
Edit: I also don't really know what all this multiple daughteru stuff is about, but if they are as good as Hina and Anzu, I'm very excited.

Little different order wise than from the manga, but it was done really well so what ever. I love this series either way.

This show is GOLD! Made me laugh till my stomach hurt..AITA!
Also, I just love how this random comedy has some of the best random animations I've seen this season. The janken scene, when Anzu rolls on the floor yelling her neck hurts, and Hina afterwards. When Nitta ran away from home, when Hina was tempted by the food stall, when they all conga lined to the cabaret club, and the close ups in the cabaret club had some really nice hand animations too. Those are just the few that I recall, because their movements seemed very natural. Oh, and of course the opening fight scene from the first episode.
What is up with the animators for this show?? It's like they just effortlessly decided to add these little details and bring this seemingly simple comedy show to life, and I love them for it.

Gosh darn hilarious once again!
Nitta noting how he probably and inadvertently saved the world, Hina and Anzu's whole rock-paper-scissors segment (including Nitta's persuasions), Nitta running away in fear, Hitomi literally becoming a bartender, the girly club scene.
The anime has been quite funny every step of the way while also having its meaningful moments when and where appropriate. So, another very strong episode out of Hinamatsuri. :3

That was very funny! Probably the funniest show this season. The ED is great, but the OP reminds me of Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed.

Best girl Anzu get. That was a bit of a jump. She only appeared in chapter 6 in the manga. The second part of the episode with Hitomi was chapter 4. We skipped over some stories, but they might be included later, so I won't get into detail.
I can't wait for more Anzu and Hitomi, their stories are the most endearing and fun ones.
I am glad that the anime has it's priorities straight and introduced the two best girls a bit earlier. The opening also hit a couple of keynotes (while at the same time being hilariously misleading at some points).

Anzu vs Hina
10/10 moment. Never have I seen such an intense rock paper scissors game in recent years.

Anzu has arrived! Her showdown with Hina was great. I also loved Hina's ikura-activated trash talking.
Unbeknownst to her, Hitomi begins her ascension to world domination. They definitely made Hina a lot more docile in the anime but I think it works just fine.
Next week's episode is going to prove once and for all who is best daughter.

This is like the only show I had expectations for this season and it's meeting all of them. Fantastic.


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