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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Arrival of the Psychokinetic Girl!"



Better late than never I guess.
Edit after seeing the episode: That was an incredibly fun start, I loved the episode! Hina is adorable as fuck and Nitta is cool as well. Looking forward to more of this (hopefully on time next time?)!

Yeah, I went in pretty much completely blind and enjoyed it a lot. I've always kind of ignored those animes that focus on a child and it's parental figure but after this I might give some a try.
In Portugal they'll keep releasing at this time (not sure about the rest of the world).

If you end up still thinking that, try Usagi Drop

Feels weird to see no Norway jokes.
Man the animation is really nice. And they seem to understand the humor. And that ED perfectly sums up what Hinamatsuri is about

I also think its so weird seeing salmon roe referred to as ikura. I mean i know this is a japanese show, but I've internalized it as salmon roe OTL.

When you go to Sushi restaurants even in the US they call it "ikura".

Loved it, if they can make Hina likable when she first arrives I am sure people will adore Anzu.

Don't start the daughteru wars quite yet.

No worries, that will happen naturally.

2:30am, CR please.
Totally worth the wait, Hina is adorable, and this is her VAs first main role, I like her voice a lot, reminds me of Kanna. There is some excellent comedic timing of the jokes between Hina and Nitta. Overall a really great start.

Can we also talk about the animation and artstyle?? It's pretty different from the manga, but Feel did a great job adapting it to an anime style.
NINJA EDIT FOR THOSE SEEING THIS: There's an after-credits scene!

speaking of the after credits bit, i wonder if they'll have to go back and change that later, normally anime aren't quite so blunt about parodying copyrighted works.
e - to explain further, japan doesn't technically have a fair use law. in practice they do (in the sense that lawyers can, and will, argue for the fair use of copyrighted works) but there's not an actual law that covers it. generally it's just easier to censor shit than go to court over it.

Given the existence of Pop Team Epic, I doubt they'll have anything to worry about.

Osomatsu-san had to remove it's first episode due excessive parodying. You need to be cautious what you do.

Norfucking way!

one of the only times the TL jokes were worth it

"TL: 0 Japanese Yen is approximately equal to 0 Norwegian Krone"


For some reason Hina is a lot cuter here than in the manga, might be the soothing voice.
We covered multiple chapters. Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and one scene of Chapter 3, which is pretty quick pacing, given that Hinamatsuri is a monthly manga that has twice the pages that weekly manga commonly have.
They changed the order of some events too. In the manga, Hina asks to go to school after she takes out the rival gang, while she here gets in before that. That and the tree part also happen after that. It's missing a part of chapter 2, but that might be part of the next episode, so I am not going into detail there.
I am relieved of seeing the scene at the beginning of the episode since I've seen her in the PV. The girl, Mao, is only appearing in the manga very deep in and I was afraid they might rush and skip over many good parts to get there. But I might have just been a flashforward.

It's definetly the voice. Hina seemed more of a brat early on in the manga for me.
I think they are understandably speedings some stuff up and changing up events so they can introduce the cast. But hopefully they don't speed it up too much.

Yea, the Mao flashforward just seems like a way to put a hype sakuga moment in the trailer.
Anyways, I always found Hina to be pretty cute in a bratty kind of way even in the manga, but the show does a really good job of highlighting her charms.
Also I'd say they did a really good job restructuring the manga, fleshing out some jokes more, and adding other additional ones.
Overall I'm really pleased with how well-produced and directed the show is so far. Can't wait to get into that skipped portion of chapter 2 and other even better content as we go along!!

Yeah, the changes are pretty reasonable so far. Anime shy away from structural changes like that or drive against the wall like Centaur's Worries. But this seems to be a good way to streamline without missing important beats.

It's like the alternate Mob Psycho I never knew I wanted.

Hina Psycho 100

Poor Nitta, his biggest mistake was pushing that button, now he is Hina's slave for life.

On the other hand, without her he'd be running from the yakuza for the rest of his (potentially very short) life.

On yet another hand, it was her fault he ended up getting into their bad books for a while there in the first place...

How was it her fault?

she (Literally) twisted his arms to make him let her tag along instead of going home.

Wow. That was simply delightful! An intriguing premise, two very likable and flawed leads with great chemistry, consistently entertaining and lighthearted tone, and top notch comedic timing. I loved everything about this episode!

I really enjoyed this. It feels a bit rushed compared to the manga and I feel like this show would greatly benefit from being two cour. Regardless, they did well for the first episode so far. Can't wait to see more of best girl Hitomi!!
Also that terminator gag after the credits!

Man what a fun first episode. The relationship between Hina and the MC was really good. Though I do feel bad for the MC for having all his stuff broken. Also that scene after the ED was really funny. I can't wait till next week episode.


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