Friday, April 6, 2018

Highest Rated Winter 2018 Anime in Japan according to Anikore

Anikore uses a combination of ratings and popularity to compute for a final score. Rankings as of 4 April 2018

Top Winter 2018 TV Anime
  1. A Place Further than the Universe (74.9)
  2. Yuru Camp (71.3)
  3. Violet Evergarden (68.6)
  4. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (64.4)
  5. Ryuuou no Oshigoto! (63.5)
  6. After the Rain (63.1)
  7. Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion The Animation (62.3)
  8. Overlord Season 2 (62.2)
  9. Slow Start (61.3)
  10. Gakuen Babysitters (61.1)
  11. Hakuei to Mikochi (60.9)
  12. Darling in the Franxx (60.7)
  13. Mitsuboshi Colors (60.7)
  14. Citrus (60.5)
  15. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 (60.5)

Good to see Sora Yori is as popular in home country as here. This anime represents everything good about the medium (original, completed story, high quality production and original twist at idea) and I sincerely hope it'll be beginning of new trend in this industry.
Yuru Camp being as high is pleasant news too!
I'm surprised how low is DarliFra. Personally I think it's mediocre, but considering how wildly popular this show and 02 are I expected it to be much higher

franxx isn't really all that surprising, it's much more beloved in the west than it is in japan and isn't expected to sell especially well (3139). the manga is way more popular.

≫the manga is way more popular
Yeah I wonder why...

For real though, why? I think I'm out of the loop.
E: ty all, it makes sense now

Because I believe the mangaka used to do H stuff and has drawn fully uncensored stuff of even the Franxx girls.

Yuru Camp sold a metric fuck ton of dvd/bd, so not too shocking to see it so high on the list.

≫Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 (60.5)
Where is the first season placed? Looks very low to me, but maybe is the popularity factor since its a sequel.

The first season is 6th in Summer 2016 (with a score of 70.2) and yeah there is a large disparity in popularity between the two seasons.

So happy that SoraYori gets all the praise and attention it deserves, even in Japan. It’s nice that Yuru Camp and Takagi-san are also faring very well

But no love for San-gatsu no Lion? Booo

This just confirms what we have all been thinking. When it comes to shogi, the most important factor is lolis. At least that works for ryuouu no oshigoto

I wish Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens had done better. In any case, I hope that 1,2, and 4 (SoraYori, Yuru Camp, and Takagi-san) get new seasons, along with Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens!
How likely is it for top 5 anime in Japan (winter season) to get new seasons normally? I’m still fairly new here.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens was just a great show. Yuru Camp and Sora Yuri were cute/fun/emotional stories, but HTR felt like there's so much more they could do with it.
It's like John Wick with a wider variety of fun characters. Everyone is a hitman and that's just the way it is.

I wonder why Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens didn’t do as well. It was really good, it just didn’t reach many people, and it’s too bad. I really like anime like this and Bungou Stray Dogs.
I still need to watch the BSD movie (Unfortunately, near me, there’s only cinema playing it, and it’s still 2.5hs away), but I can’t wait. I should find it on the high seas soon if I can’t see it in the cinemas.
I hope「天狼 Sirius the Jaeger 」is as good as it looks as well. It looks pretty promising!

Hell yeah, Gakuen Babysitters made Top 10! Honestly surprised it even made it past #20.
Praise be to Evil Devil Queen Midori.

I really enjoyed Gakuen Babysitters so I'm happy too.

The show was soo cute...It was perfect to watch while eating a late Sunday morning breakfast. Kotaro might be the best little brother ever.

There are some shows that didn´t finish yet so the score might change .
It´s no surprise to see Sora Yori and Yuru Camp at the top though, pretty good shows overall.

They have surprisingly good taste.

It's so good to see Hakumei to Mikochi this high on the rank. This show was really underwatched on the west.

hakumei to mikochi had so much going for it that it's a mystery it went so unnoticed. gorgeous art, fantastic characters, and a beautiful ost every bit as impressive as evan call's other score from this season, violet evergarden.* it even had aoi yuki playing a stuck up songstress, with a brilliant oujo-sama laugh. what more could you ask for than that?
* well, not quite as good, but that's hardly a slight when considering how incredible the veg ost is.

While I'm so glad that Yuru and Sorayori get the praise they richly deserve, I'm really glad that Mitsboshi colours scored as high as Franxx and outdid Citrus. It had some really garbage animation and obviously a shoestring budget but it had such charm.

Not surprised that Yuru Camp is in second place (although I am still glad that it is being really well received).
Saying that, though, I am surprised (and happy) that Gakuen Babysitters is at the top 10! I really didn't expect this.

I'm shocked to see Ryuuou no Oshigoto at 5. Whilst I enjoyed the show, it had a lot of flaws and was probably the second weakest thing I watched last season.
On the other hand, this explains all of the Ginko art that has been popping up recently.

Wow takagi-san is on the list!


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