Wednesday, April 18, 2018

[High School DxD Hero] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"That's Right, Let's go to Kyoto"


Best girl looking cute as always.

This new style did Koneko wonders. She has a completely different feel to me now.

Fluffier maybe. Softer...her face at least definitely is. She's lost that Tsun attitude and angry mask and adopted a softer kinder face which is so much more cute than the old her. And that's from a guy who normally loves the angry tsundere trope.

Koneko not holding back any more. Bedroom arts ;)
Gimme more koneko PLOT.

oh trust me......ur gonna get more......a lot more

Trust me, the best is yet to come.

"There're no senior or juniors in the bedroom. Just man and woman."
--Akeno, 2018
Bedroom arts, byoutiful Koneko.
What a cute kiss at the end
Good start!

Yo and now Rias kissed Issei? I'm absolutely down with having a kiss in each episode to accompany the plot.
And in the middle of all of that they managed to throw in a pretty awesome fight between Issei and Sairaorg and then foreshadow what's to come in Kyoto with the gold/silver temples. High School DxD at its absolute best.

Watching Issei vs Sairaorg was exactly how my mind was thinking when i read it in the LN years back. The actually rating game will honestly blow our mind if its as good as this practice round.
Holy shit yes the ED theme blew me away bro

I really like this new Koneko
Best girl challenger

Trust me she took a total 180 after she chose to embrace her Neko side
and we all love it.

The number you are looking for is 180

One of the things I will like about this season is how the girls are more open with their feelings for Issei, the kiss at the end was great.

This is why i love this series over other harems. Cuz the girls actually admit feelings and dont spin their wheels.
You are in for a lot more nice surprises with the harem. Trust me.

Oh there are no surprises left for me, Im at Vol 24 of the LNs.

My man knows whats up. I see you
i suppose the surprise is seeing everything animated in this lovely new style. The PLOT and action scenes already blow me away

Issei you lucky ass bastard

I was skeptical at first, but I definitely like this art style much more. It makes the characters seem much more polished. Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Honestly i agree only the eyes i had to get used to but holy hell do the girls look a lot more bouncy and vibrant. The colors also pop too.

Yep, it's always surprising what simplified & softer designs can do on a production standpoint.
As sharp & nostalgic looking the old designs were they simply couldn't properly transfer into animation anymore which is why this change is so good.
I really love how expressive both the characters themsevles and their best parts are!

Sairaorg is a top tier bro.
And finally, after 7 freaking years, the stuff in the OP is being animated. So, so close to the wild ride starting. The ED is probably my favorite in song and visuals since the legendary season 1 ED.

I want another pole dance dammit. The character animation was insane.

I'm willing to bet more effort went into that ED than the entire rest of the season combined.

Akeno's heavy tits and Rias' soft tits and ass give me hope. The new artstyle just works better.
That fight scene was fucking fantastic too. TNK couldn't have given us this.

I keep thinking how well animated the boob bounces are. Also the new art style makes them look better too. They should broadcast in 3D.

≫Akeno's heavy tits and Rias' soft tits and ass give me hope.
Seriously! It pays that they found a director that directed hentai too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The way Akeno's tits parted in the eyecatch did awoke something in me.

Issei should be attending his healing sessions without question. Koneko: “Time for healing.” Issei: “Yes.”

Whole episode was so good.

This episode was literally out of the LN and i was just jumping up and down the entire time.
Rias lil Bro putting Issei on the spot sets up a very lovely moment in the future. The Kiss at the train i actually forgot about and i was fangirling so much. The fight with Sairaorg was fucking fantastic he is so damn kool Anime onlys have no idea. The new art style is starting to really grow on me i knew i just needed to get used to the change. everything is so vibrant with the colors.
This season is off to a great start and i can tell this season will be one of the best.

Iron man vs winter soldier, great fight.

Good episode. Something to notice: There were tokens of Le Fay, Ravel and Lady Phenex in the ED.

I hope Sairaorg doesn't have a heel turn, I liked him so much this episode.

I really liked DxD before, now I absolutely love it!
Also, new charadesign is god-tier!

Can I still understand this if I've only watched the anime? (Yes, I'm interested in the plot xD)

As long as you watched episode 0 last week and understand the last 3 or so episodes of Born were retcon'd then you should be fine as an anime only

There is so much plot in this episode, it was great.

"There're no senior or juniors in the bedroom. Just man and woman." Best quote of 2018


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