Friday, April 27, 2018

Have you rewatched an anime that changed your opinion the second time you watched it?

I was recently rewatching Airgear after watching it 5 years ago, this was my shit back then, but now the anime feels generic af and some of the characters are annoying as hell. Has any of your opinions changed after rewatching an anime in a negative or positive way?

Rewatching the Monogatari Series made me like Hanekawa a lot more, I think I just didn't understand her story the first time I watched it.

The rebinge I did the other week made me love Shinobu and Hachikuji more. I think maybe the first time I didn't pay them as much attention because, well, lolis, and I had just gotten back into anime.

I had the same experience. I found her horribly irritating in bakemonogatari, but after having seen all the Kizu films and the rest of her development, she was my favorite character in bake.

Angel beats was my shit in high school. I dont know how

Made In Abyss has dropped a couple of points from my excited "10/10!" after three rewatches.

For a positive one, I found Fate/Zero S1 super boring the first time and really liked it in the second watch.

If we include dropped series, there are various ones like Kill la Kill, Shirobako, New Game or Hanasaku Iroha which I dropped on the first two episodes since I couldn't get into them but I had a nice time with them in a second try.

For negative ones... I can only think of K-On S2, the first season has always been "just good" in the three times I watched it, but S2 became one of my favorites when I watched it and is what really got me to watch CGDCT series, but on a second watch it dropped to the level of S1, outside of the few emotional parts at the end that make it a bit better it didn't stand out in comparison, no idea what made the difference that big back then.

I also liked Fate/Zero S1 a lot better on the second watch. I read the VN in between so I felt a lot more involved in the story. It wasn't just some random hunger games with summoned fighters and I enjoyed connecting the events between F/Z and F/UBW.

The more I watch FLCL the more entranced by it I become. It's a masterpiece in every sense of the word. I dropped it 3 (!) times before finishing it.

Rewatching Ace of Diamond made me push it up to a 10/10 for both seasons. I just love the large cast, and how it developed so many characters besides the MC on his own team and the opponents during the tournaments. I wish baseball was this fun to watch in real life (It's so boring to watch on TV, at the actual stadium it's pretty fun, but that's true for almost any team sport). I was a little worried I only enjoyed it so much because it was the first sports anime i watched all the way through, but I was hooked again pretty much by the end of ep. 2. I wish it got a little more attention but it has tough competition in the baseball anime department (One Outs, Major). Still, I think any shonen fan should be able to enjoy it even if there not a fan of baseball.

I remember catching some episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka and Monster on tv when I was young and thought they were shit because there weren't any fights with super-powers in it. I watched Gto some years later (and read Monster) and oh boy did I change my mind.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

On my first run, my primary focus was on the plot, and generally ignored character development and symbolism. Confused the hell out of me by the end like everyone else.

On my second run, I paid a lot more attention to the characters and the little details, which made the series a lot more enjoyable for me.

imo NGE does a shabby job at plot exposition, in exchange for great character development, motifs, symbolism and themes.

The first time I tried to watch Kill La Kill I couldn't get into it. The school stuff didn't interest me. The second time, it went right up there with Gurren Lagann.

The first few times I watched FLCL, I couldn't make heads nor tails of it. I didn't care one bit. Now I find myself longing for Haruko and Naota's reunion.

Re:ZERO is a lesser example. First time I watched it I thought it was a very good, albeit kind of cliche, show. Now it's graduated to an all-time favorite and I've started collecting light novels to eventually continue the story.

Gundam Wing was my jam back in the day. I couldn't get past episode 2 trying to rewatch it last year. I'm afraid of watching Trigun for fear of the same thing happening there.

I absolutely loved Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt the first time around, but rewatching it 4 years later left me a bit disappointed. Some of the episodes are still tons of fun but there's also a number of weak ones that I had forgotten about.

i fucking HATED Evangelion the first time i watched it, i thought EoE was fucking bullshit. I rewatched it like 3 or 4 years later and I enjoyed it a lot more.

Mujin Wakusei Survive

I couldn't get over Howard as a character so I dropped it after 5 episodes. But, the next time I watched I just accepted his reason for being to create trouble in the beginning. The story turned out pretty great once I stuck with it. All of the other characters were amazing.

Natsu no Arashi!

Yasaka is the epitome of a 13 year old boy so much that I cringed from realizing how I cringey I used to be. I dropped the first episode. Then, I gave it another chance and both seasons culminated into this great coming of age story along with a rare perspective of Japan during the war with gags that became hilarious with self-aware satire.


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