Wednesday, April 25, 2018

[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Tigerwolf of the Sacred Mountain"

Seeing the Kapool here brings back Turn A memories.

Gonna put a leg out there and bet that Kapool was either designed by Nanami's acquaintance or that mysterious hooded guy before he designed break decals.

I wonder how long until she gets her own version. As much as I love the Kapool the thought of it flailing and falling around like in Turn A feels like a disservice to how good Momo might be at Gunpla Control

So i'm finally getting into it. The direction of GBD was a bit iffy so far, but they're clearly just having fun with the concept now. There's absolutely no reason why martial arts should be a feature in this game, but that doesn't really matter.

Tigerwolf is pretty great, and his training method that first makes fun of typical martial arts training but then turns out to have a different use is actually interesting. Does make me wonder why there's several dozen dudes dressing up like monks and using their spare time to work out instead of doing mobile suit fights in the mobile suit fighting game. The show seems to just ignore that actual games need to avoid wasting the players' limited irl time, and with how silly this episode was I don't even care.

Also they actually used the Tequila Gundam. Did not expect to see that thing used for anything other than a quick cameo, but why the hell not?

If we keep going like this GBD might be fun after all. I just hope we won't see too much of that "protect this world" stuff, because that's going to get exponentially more obnoxious.

≫Does make me wonder why there's several dozen dudes dressing up like monks and using their spare time to work out instead of doing mobile suit fights in the mobile suit fighting game.'
It's called 'immersion', lad. They took their roleplay too seriously.

Pilot was voiced by the guy who voiced KFC Kayneth Fried Chicken, I think.

Ninjagirl, best girl.
I wonder if there are super sized gundams or fortress-types as pilotable.

S1 allowed Mobile Armours as long as they used multiple pilots and not just one person, so I imagine if/when we get to clan battles, they'll be allowed there.

That’s S2, actually. MAs need to be piloted by all 3 team members.
S1 lets individual players pilot MAs in the competition, like Carlos and Reiner.

Tigerwolf used Rejection! Riku got rejected!
Girl Combo uses Beg! It's super effective!

So the training is basically trying to assimilate their senses into the Diver, learn the differences and take advantage of it...why does this looks like Sekai's training, again?
Also the last gundam vs diver looks just outta Xenogears. Next episode we'll finally see the ninja girl and Leon, somehow wandering from Rune Factory to Gundam world.

Can we get that Tequila Gundam as an actual kit in 1/144 scale? It’s so goofy but cool, I just want the coffin for posing.

The 'coffin' part can be taken from Kyrios/Harute, particularly the tail unit with some modifications at the bottom and a chain added.

Welp, I know what kit to look for now, thanks.

Hope we get to see Shinobi girl in action soon.

Tigerwolf seems like a cool character and I liked how they explored the idea of fighting in GBN. Interested in seeing what Riku and Yukki's special moves are, it seems like a nice addition to the system

Oh, she'll dramatically betray her patron, and join their side fairly quickly, I'm sure...

Damn girl, who actually wants kapool as their first gunpla Jk nice choice seems that kapool has something special in it before turn into momo ver.
That altron was sick
Go tiger/wolf heads

When are we going to see that Barbatos in the OP?

That's no Barbatos boy. It's a Galbaldy Rebake.

Damnit I thought it was a Barbatos or a Gusion base.

It's a combo of the Galbaldy and the Gusion Rebake

Ugh ok Tigerwolf.

The Capule returns! They even Gave Sochie and Miashei a shout out.

Loved how they timed their attacks with the reloading of the Leo. Then when it was time to attack the Desperado they did the same thing but added a feint, also note that they went for the guns since they new they wouldn't destroy the unit at their level!

They even quoted Sun Tzu. I hope we can continue with the basic tactics even when they get the special moves they've been building up.

Man was it cool to see both the Mandala Gundam and Tequila Gundam make an appearance. I was half expecting tigerwolf gundam to be based on the Dragon Gundam. Also got appreciate the shinning and burning finger reference at the end.

This is definitely a fun show. Can't wait for ninja girl to show up next episode.

This was literally a G Gundam episode and I don’t know how I feel about it (granted I never watched it) but a lot of people seem to love it.

This show is great, also I love hearing Junichi Suawabe's voice, and of course he is playing a muscular badass. Also next episode we hopefully get to see the creation side of gunpla, would dig if Riku and Yuuki get a crash course on gunpla building.

Patrick showed up really early this episode.
I like looking for his weekly cameo.

Also, the Tigerwolf's ultimate is essentially Hanzo with the cosmetic.
This show is not bad.
But I'm still waiting for it to get good.


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