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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"The Protector"

Patrick of the week

I like that they’re already meeting the champion. Kyoya’s final attack was pretty cool

He's appearing every week. xD

I swear I've seen that move before...was it in Trailblazer's movie? Quanta? Or was it full swords version.

Basically me after seeing the C H A M P in action again
What's the bet Sarah is a bug?

I have a feeling she's from Arian, same place that Reiji is from. She looks similar to Aila and their daughter.

Wait, is Build Divers related to Build Fighters?

No it's not. The current theory is that this takes place in the Gunpla Builders universe.

So these bugs would not exist if the game would implement a good anti-cheat system...
But hey good episode though.

I bet that the Sarah chick has something to do with it too.

Pretty sure she's a full blown AI born from the bugs.
Like that "daughter" of the MC in SAO.

Making people play as a Haro is the perfect kind of dick move. Irl it definitely would have been the only f2p option, with the rest behind a paywall.

Overall i'm not really happy with just how serious they're taking the game. Mass Divers, bugs, probably some shady group judging by the ninja, and especially the civilians running from the danger thing that makes no sense in a game. GBF mostly derived it's tension from the passion put into the game, and that worked fine. I hope they go down that route rather than a "protect GBN" or "there's a conspiracy" plots. It's just silly considering the context.

Rommel and Kyoya are pretty great though. I hope we get more fighters with interesting characters that come back later on the way GBF used most of it's cast.

Also the fact that masks are common items is pretty funny. I can see how half of the players would end up looking like a char clone.

I don’t think so. A haro is basically the franchise mascot. Also, Momoka was on a guest terminal. In comparison it to the MMOs I played it’s basically akin to Reddit’s throwaway accounts.
By properly registering you get to unlock the basic human appearance, just like how Rikku and Yuki did it.

≫Making people play as a Haro is the perfect kind of dick move. Irl it definitely would have been the only f2p option, with the rest behind a paywall.
This game would do terribly IRL. This plus having to wait to repair/resupply(even mid mission) is a good way to loose players fast. As well as all your equipment pretty much having to be bought with real life money. And then manually built and implemented in your mobile suit. It's a microtransaction which would make even EA seem like a decent company in comparison.

A game that seems free to play. That has arbitrary wait times. And one with a lot of outfits and perks that you can slowly grind points for.
GBN is pretty much a current era F2P game, but they're just not showing all the microtransactions. I bet they can speed up that repair with just one easy payment.

If I have one complaint about the show, then its definitely the mysterious girl trope that Sarah is currently playing. It's been three episodes in and we barely know anything about her except for the fact that she can sense the mobile suit's emotion, even something as simple as giving us a hint towards her motivation for being in the game would really help. Then again it's still pretty early on into the series and aside from Sarah I do like the general feel of the show about how Riku and friends keep discovering new stuff about the game with each episode.

If my theory is correct in that Sarah is a sentient AI from the game, then this mysterious girl trope isn't going to be resolved any time soon. She'll likely play a key part in solving the whole mass diver issue and bugs within the system, possibly being the cause of it herself.

My alternate theory for that is somehow she interfaced with the GBN world. Like her soul got got stuck there via the plavsky stuff or something. That’s if Divers takes place in the same universe and timeline as Build Fighters

Yeah best ninja girl made her appearance

That got me the most hype
the fact she was in the Bird-type gundam made me go "Thats sooooooo koool!"

Heh, so Mass-Divers are basically hackers. Git Gud or go offline scrubs.

this game made it so that you gotta be a good builder and a good pilot
so yeah, git gud is mandatory for this game since there no easy cheese like going for GN-base unit and just Trans Am-ing every fight

Yeah...I'm starting to heavily doubt this will ever have a tournament aspect. Unless this whole Mass-Diver plot is resolved within the next few episodes, I'm pretty sure this will simply be a VR MMO adventure with mechs instead of tournament like the prologue teased.

If it never gets to tournament stuff it doesn't really make sense why the prologue even exists. There is a lot to unpack and explore with the new setting so I'm fine with the series taking its time to do what it wants for 12 episodes. We need time for Riku and team to skill-up and get serious about GBN before any tournament action can start so I wouldn't rule it out just yet.

To simply introduce setting and universe, as well as making people who liked GBF watch Diver expecting more tournament?

The intro conversation between Kyoya and Rommel this episode sets further expectations for serious competitive battles and Riku's dialogue from the prologue implies that he's going to get good enough to fight with the big boys. Add in Ogre, Magee, the wolf guy, the ninja girl, and the dude with the tail and you can see they're setting up some rivalries between high-ranked characters that are likely to play out eventually.

It doesn't have to be all tournament or all VRMMO adventure and I think a mix like this is totally possible:

 Meet the rest of the cast -> group together to stop the mass divers -> defeat episode 12 boss -> 1v1 tournament arc -> interrupted by mass diver bullshit -> Riku wins
I guess we'll just have to wait and see though.

I wonder if anyone ever tried scanning something like the Trans-Am Raiser into the game. Wondering if it will be in a permanent state of Trans-Am

Now I'm wondering how those clear special edition kits would be in this game..

I dont know shit about Gundam i only ever watched IBO all the Build series and SEED.
Where is the Devil Gundam from?
Also Ninja Girl hype

≫Where is the Devil Gundam from?
You’ll want Mobile Fighter G Gundam for that, but be warned that it’s a bit...different from the other Gundam works.

Ah yes i heard that series is a bit....hardcore lol

I'm really enjoying a different MC this go around with Riku having above average skill using his gunpla than other beginners but his building skills are average for a beginner. I'm enjoying seeing Riku and Yuki getting better and building and upgrading their gunpla. Can't wait to see what the final product is going to look like.

On this episode of Gundam Build Divers: -Jotaro- Kujo Kyoya fingers a furry in a bar after they just fought, Momoka joins and becomes a ball of -joy- still annoyingness, Not-Kujo Kyoya manages to fit Age II DH looking parts on top of his Age II Magnum which in and of itself is a great feat, Patrick Colasour yet again appears in the show, the Tequila gundam graces us with its WTFness, and finally, Riku and Yuuki becomes friends with THE World Champion of GBN and If that happened to me, I would die.
Ey so did anyone else see the 0083 easter egg?
Oh and Kyoya went Super robot/Tryon 3 on us during his fight with the Devil Gundam.
Next episode: The gang encounters a furry in the wild.

Still debating on which one is Best Girl


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