Wednesday, April 4, 2018

[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Welcome to GBN"

Shiiet, forgot that the MC uses a 00 variant. Awesome. The Exia/00 line is by far my favorite.

Everything that spawned from the 00 series, especially the Exia line, is so slick, I love them all.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Strike Freeeeedum. So sexy.

Good taste buuuuuuuuuut, they used Freedom & Justice as a commercial.
I'm still salty about it.

Off to a promising start. The dive system is pretty cool, and the two MCs are likeable.
Riku’s Gunpla is also pretty agile, the sliding manoeuvre was nice
The Kira shirt and Patrick are nice references

Oh my god, it's Patrick Colasour the Indestructible!

Right beside him is Athrun and the girl's Lunamaria loool

wait is the girl next to kira shirt supposed to be Meer? Or someone from seed? That hat and tshirt combi looks very familiar...

It's Lunamaria Hawke from GSD.

Just a dumb reckless boy and a dumb enabling girl
Also, When your best friend falls for that bullshit

The sliding manoeuvre is from Gundam Iron Blood Orphans when Mikazuki was fighting the Mobile Armour!

and it was just as slick!

And we have another sexy onee-san type that sells gunpla! Its a good day.

I see you are a man of culture as well. Good taste bruh.

Very likeable characters. I love how non-awkward the interaction between Riko and the girl is.
All the Gundam references still go over my head, sometimes, like in the display, I understand that there is a reference, but I don't know any of them. I wonder if it was just the first episode of if this series more than GBF makes jokes and references to Gundam series.

Pretty sure this has less Gundam references than the first one had by it's first episode. Not counting mech designs, only one I saw was Patrick from 00 and something about dark history(from Turn A) being written on one of the display boards.

Then maybe less subtle ones? Putting aside that the Gundams are from previous Gundam series, I rarely had the direct feeling that GBF was speaking to me in a way I couldn't understand. I haven't seen a single mainline Gundam series yet, so I can't really tell, I can only say how it feels as someone who doesn't know all that much about the various Gundam series.

≫I rarely had the direct feeling that GBF was speaking to me in a way I couldn't understand
Well, Sei's every second line was pretty much some Gundam reference xD

I really liked the first ep. I thought the... uhh how do I phrase this.."questionable sexuality" person was not too annoying. I wouldn't mind seeing him in future eps. He seems like a really cool dude. He's like a mix of Kiraran and Wing Fenice dude. I bet he's gonna have a badass battle in one episode since he is the 23rd highest ranked player. Oh and new Aina which is what I'll call our ice haired loli for now looks really really really young. I am scared what the doujin community will do to her. Oh and WAS THAT A FUCKING IBO-STYLE GUNDAM IN THE OP? THE ONE WITH THE HAMMER IN THE DESERT? IT HAS TO BE RIGHT? I MEAN, I REPLAYED THE CLIP TO LOOK IF IT HAD THE PISTON AND THE THIN STOMACH BUT IT LOOKS TOO DAMN AWESOME TO NOT BE AN IBO VARIANT. GAAH I'M HYPED

Damn that OP was catchy

I agree it reminds me of Kokuko opening theme from last season. It hooks you in

WOOHOO! It's a proper launch sequence! Too bad they didn't do that in Ready Player One...
00 again...they are literally so many other gunpla to use(Wing, Musha, an original design...); It just seems like such a writer's crutch to rely on Trans-Am again after the previous two seasons...

I don't know why are you complaining about repetition. 00 wasn't even allowed for most of GBF and Try only really overused it for 1 team (even then it was mostly Qan [T] and Exia).

Can I watch this if I have never seen a Gundam anime before?

Yes but I'd recommend starting at least with Gundam Build Fighters because it's a legitimately very well done battle shounen tournament arc and we don't know how Build Divers will compare by the end. Also note that the Build series is mainly for kids (to get them to buy model kits) and existing fans of the series (for fanservice references and to also buy model kits) so you might like to start off with a more serious Gundam series like 00, IBO, or the original 1979 series

Alot of cool revamped designs, really interested in the Altron and Gusion? custom suits, also the SD Ninja Unicorn Gundam looked cool.
Action was pretty nice and there was some strategy to Riku's win. Maybe the fights won't end up like they did in try. Don't really care about the mysterious white haired girl but everyone else was enjoyable.

As a sucker for Ninjas I got feels down below when i saw the Ninja Gundam and the accurately dress female pilot and she seems to be a member of the main cast since she was on the last screen of the opening theme.

Enjoying it, but from this first episode I got more a "SAO with mechs" feeling than GBF from it. Which disappoints me a little. But it's only the first episode, so it could be they only introduce characters now and later comes the tournament(especially since the prologue seems to have happened sometimes after the current episode)


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