Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[Golden Kamuy] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"Kamuy Mosir"

This shit-eating grin was brilliant
hinna hinna

Asirpa's name too OP for demon warding
Watching Sugimoto interact with the Ainu people was nice. Huci shipping Sugmioto and Asirpa was also cute!

Grandfather's Asshole-chan for best girl of the season!
And how about the guy fighting by using the girl she was having sex with as a throwable weapon?

Hijikata: A boy always loves swinging around a katana, right?
Ushiyama: I think you mean a girl

That better be her name in polls. And she really is; Badass and more to her character than like 70% of other female characters. Also has one of my all time favorite character designs.

Another episode of Shokugeki no Asirpa. That chitatap looks really good! I'm really loving the different reaction faces of each character, and the animation looks better compared to the first two episodes. The highlight for me though is how they tried to present the Ainu culture to the audience. That alone makes this show special.

You missed the chance to use Shokugeki no Osoma.
No chitatap for you tonight.

I was thinking more Yuru Camp. They're winter camping in a tent, cooking together. Grandfather's Asshole even looks a little like Rin with that shoulder blanket. She has a strong affinity for dogs too, and a deadpan serious manner about her. They spend a lot of time explaining details about a particular way of life too.

Asirpa's deadpan face while the soldier held her up in the air killed me.
Retar and CGBear-chan kicking some ass.


Asirpa is adorable, she will make for a great wife in the future.

The Manga outright shown the bear ripping out his face.

you mean the bear using

heavens door

I'm just disappointed we didn't get to see the scene where one of the soldiers tries to talk down the bear before stabbing the fuck out of it. But the first half was as brutal as I had hoped it would be.
Really loving the voice work, as well as getting to see Ushiyama's "Throw-A-Ho" technique animated.
aw really? That was my favourite moment in the chapter. Really showed how super badass even the nameless mooks of the 7th division were.
You know what ? i'm not even gonna talk shit about the bears or the animation for the rest of the serie
this will definitly be a fun ride, i'm just gonna enjoy it
1) God dammit I love the guys from the 7, they are badass and still seem human (except that guy who lost his brain)
2) I'm getting the feeling that whenever I hear "I'm immortal sugimoto" I'am about to witness some assblasting
I loved this episode so much but holy shit when they showed that dudes face hanging off I had to pause it and just nope for a second.
Sugimoto hiding the tiny bear cub in his shirt and him being like "I'll be its mommy" was super adorable.
I'm seriously loving this serious and will more than likely be picking up the manga at some point.
Oh boy, if you thought the anime was brutal, the manga is even worse. The anime toned down the gore a lot. Read chapter 10 if you want to see the full thing.
Is it just me or was the animation considerably better than the first two episodes? I noticed it was a little janky and off-model for the first two episodes but this time around I was actually very pleasantly surprised.
Shame about the alterations to the violence in the bear scene, though I'm not surprised, haha
The difference is that last week episode was outsourced and this one was done internally.
That explains why this week's hinna hinna face was so much better.
Seeing that woman getting thrown out of the room near the end was had me in stitches. I didn't expect his show to be as funny as it is, I expected it to be more serious but I'm really enjoying the blend of really good action and comedy the show has right now.
Return of the CGI bear. Although it hadn't really changed from Ep1 I thought it looked better in this episode.
That finger bite
Tsurumi in general is a horrifying man. Everything he does is, at a minimum, concerning.
He literally is missing some bits and pieces of his brain.
This is going to be my anime of the season, I feel it.
Asirpa facial expression are so good! Hope we see more in the anime!
Bear count: 5
Another great episode like last week. We get to see Best Boys Tanagaki and Tsukushima and he Ainu customs parts are a delight to watch. Another thing I like about this series is that even the cannon fodder characters have badass moments.
I'm glad we get a proper introduction to Tsurumi and Hijikata, the two "main villains" of the series. So many great characters and just 12 episodes to explore them.
I love Ushiyama's resourcefulness of countering a samurai with some hoe.
Don’t let the violence fool you, this anime is a fluffy slice of life about giving murderous animals cuddles and eating poop. MINNA MINNA
This is getting better every week, I'm excited. I think this episode captured the essence of Golden Kamuy really well. Really happy to see a bunch of characters too, especially our favorite Matagi.
I really liked the first person view from Tanigaki's perspective when he was thrown around by Retar. Made me feel dizzy watching it.
This OP is so good.
The worldbuilding was just excellent here in particular, the character interactions also work very well for me now, getting into it at this point.
Really cool mix of action and comedy.
Oh damn I had no idea Tsukishima was introduced this early in the story. Dude shot Wada without a thought.
yeah, it was a real shocker seeing him so soon, i didn’t realize at all in the manga
Asirpa's face game is strong in this week's episode
Asirpa is too kind, leaving that super tracker soldier alive is gonna come back to bite them for sure. Learning about the Ainu was very cool, I especially like the meaning behind Asirpa's name.
this show is so precious, i love everything this show puts on the table
Great episode, Asirpa and bears got a spot in my heart.
The comedy is really funny so far, Sugimoto is both a badass and a fun guy.


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