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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2

That thumb punch was too good
Edit: now the pencil trick? I haven't done that since elementary school lol
this is a comedy anime isn't it? After that scene of Sugimoto and his prisoner experiencing near death, it can't be anything but comedy. That shit was hilarious.

It's an everything series. It's got the insanity of Jojo, the cooking scenes of Shokugeki, the comedy of Gintama and the violent action of berserk. I couldn't rate the manga higher if I tried.

Well shit thats a wonderful blend. I enjoyed that comedy scene a lot and the cooking portion was fantastic. Learning about the Ainu is lovely

It kind of switches between 3 different genres.

There's the drama bits like in the first episode and the action scenes in this episode. These parts are still the main driving force behind the show and mostly come into play when the show decides to focus on the convicts.

There's parts where they talk about Ainu culture and wildlife, mainly it's exposition from Asirpa talking about tracking something down or how the "hinna" parts of an animal (I honestly thought they just said hinna in the manga when they taste something good, completely forgot why the actually say it).

And then there's the comedy bits, which are usually to break up some of the tension in certain areas or interspersed in the previous moments mentioned.

Kind of something for everyone here.

This is the reason why this manga is very popular in Japan

Heh, I wonder if they have-
≫Hijikata Toshizou
Don’t worry guys, just lure him into one of those wire traps with some mayo and you’re good.

oh you're gonna love this hijikata

One of the greatest action grandpa in the history of manga.

His remembering the old days moments will probably have twice as much impact to Gintama fans.

Am Gintama fan, can confirm. The most recent chapters made me feel nostalgic on his behalf.

Its a cooking show!!

We Shokugeki now.

With a dash of Yuru Camp for good measure.

Nah, Yuru Camp is mainstream 21st century camping. Golden Kamuy is hardcore 19th century survivalist. It's more like Bear Grylls, or even Dances with Wolves than it is a show about moe camping

Oh I fully agree, definitely has the Dances with Wolves aspect going for it. It was mostly the educational narration and comedic timing of the fire-starting bit that made Yuru pop into mind. Still looking forward to ep 3!


Sugimoto and Escape King's ordeal at the end was funny as shit, did not expect it to go like that :D

"People don't die when they're not killed" -Sugimoto

coming from an immortal guy, that sounds pretty legit

I liked that OP, specially the song.
This show has been great so far, it definitely has me hooked

The ending was great too.
It had more of a supernatural feel to it, which came out well.


I love Asripa's "What sorcery is this!?" reaction to the pencil trick XD
・We're a cooking anime now?
Hinna! Hinna! Asripa is such a cutie
The Escape King guy is pretty cool. I hope we see more of him.
Hijikata eh? Lure him out with Mayo and then get him to talk about the gold!

Jokes aside though this was still a pretty good episode. Still a strong chemistry between Asripa and Sugimoto and I like that we're learning bit by bit more about the Ainu people. It looks like this is going to be a rough hunt for the gold though, since not only they'll be up against the remaining prisoners but they're also going against the 7th Division.
Without the CG bear to distract everyone I hope that we'll actually get an ACTUAL discussion this time.

The Escape King is in the ED, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him again.

≫Asripa is such a cutie
She certainly is

What pencil trick? I have never seen that trick ever, why was the pencil so wobbly? I didn't get that bit...

Hold one end of a pencil and wiggle it up and down real fast. It'll make it look like the pencil is made of rubber and wobbly

What's with the mayo reference?

Gintama's Hijikata Toshiro is a mayonnaise fanatic

I was eating right as the squirrel dinner part came up... RIP my appetite.That pencil-waving scene was pretty funny though. Asirpa has some great reactions.

The manga feels more animated than the anime. Action was great there. The anime felt more stilted. However, the voice actors are on point.
To all anime watchers, go read the manga. It has one of the most beautiful art I've ever seen. How the story was presented is extremely well. It's definitely a 10/10 for me.

Voice acting in this show is top notch.

I'm so excited to see the Ainu girl's forehead.

I'm calling the police.

aw, the faces in the anime aren’t as dramatic as they were in the manga (sugimoto eating the brain), but it’s still a good adaptation! so excited to see more of shiraishi

I really like that this has comedy elements too it. Didn't think I'd look forward to it but it's got just the right amount of goofiness for me.

I'm really liking this show so far. The animation/visuals feel a little rough at times, but the characters and the story more than makes up for it. Definitely sticking with this show and will probably read the manga!

Man I love Asirpa's design, she's so elegant.
Isn't the narrator Kaiji's narrator? Sounds like it.
I'm totally using hinna hinna now.

Wow. This episode was an experience.
I'm gonna look forward to Mondays every week now.


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