Tuesday, April 10, 2018

[Golden Kamuy] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1

Weird CGI bear aside, I really liked it! Pretty good adaptation of the manga. Hopefully there won't be any other weird CGI misfits.

don't worry there are only like thirty more bears and hundreds of other assorted furry animals, in the story
you'll barely notice it /s

The CG was bad, but it was bearable.

The CGI didn't really bother me. You get used to it. Still, I liked how the plot was presented, though the gore was a bit lacking, unlike the manga. You could really feel the action there. I just hope they get it right.

There will probably be more gore in the BDs. Hopefully the cooking stuff won't be heavily censored.

Yuru Camp prequel seems great so far

You mean Bearserk 2018

It's animated, it can't be Berserk

Sugimoto looks great. That bear though.
Manga bear punch

Not everyone can be Takamura

In case people were curious about measurements, a monme is .375 grams and a kan is 1000 monme or 3.75 kilograms. At current prices, 20 kan of gold is about $3,250,000. Not bad.
EDIT: For a visual, this is 75 kg or 20 kan of gold (ignoring the extra ten bars the hands are holding).

That's a much more realistic amount then sixty billion double dollars...
Seriously, I'm glad it's not some obscene and ridiculous fortune.

In manga they say "this amount of gold has same value of 8 hundred million JPY in nowadays(2014)" at Summary.

Future of anime guys.

Some Webm of this classic use of CGI:

I’ll say this: the bear itself doesn’t look that bad. It’s even decently animated. But gods does it look so out of place with MC traditionally animated.

Looks like they just slapped a stock fire image on using After Effects.

These don't look that bad, the bear really sticks out though.

I think that I won't be able to go to sleep tonight for another hour or so, I just can't stop laughing. This is so good.

Good episode especially with Sugimoto and Aspiria's character chemistry.
But holy shit, that CGI awful. I hope that won't be a thing for rest of the series.

I hope too because it was terrible. It's a shame, but something like that will obviously throw off people who never read the manga.

It was a good episode overall but, not to being hater or anything, after reading the first two chapters of the manga it felt like the anime failed to capture something that made it feels like ''average'', I guess?
Don't know, it is hard to put into words, but I felt like the panels in the manga felt more lively in spite of not being animated and just black and white. And it isn't only the bear, a lot of other scenes felt like it was ''bland''.
Anyway, hope the quality doesn't drop and the pace stay the by not rushing anything.

"Alright who here can animate the bears?" ... "Seriously... none of you? ..." "I can do a wolf."
Honestly thought the CG wasn't awful for the bears, made them scarier, overall really liked the episode.

Here's the reason why they made the bear Cgi from the interview they did to the director. It has that weird CGI on purpose, to make it feel different from the humans.
Edit: Please don't let a CGI bear stop you from enjoying this series, the manga is there if you prefer and it doesn't have CGI bears.

Fate/Zero's Berzerker is how you introduce CGI in a character to make them seem "wrong" or "different" from everyone else. This is just shit.

≫Fate/Zero's Berzerker
Yeah... but they have a money growing tree, apparently. These guys can make the equivalent of a stop-motion made with a 2002 cell phone camera if they want to keep some money for the rest of their show.

≫Yeah... but they have a money growing tree, apparently.
That's just a meme. Besides, Fate/Zero's TV ver. had tons of stuff they needed to correct later for the BDs and they specifically said in an interview that they didn't think they had enough time and money for it's production.

Translation: "We had an interesting idea, but lacked the talent/budget needed to make it not shit"

I think it's lack of talent rather then budget. You can animate anything by hand you don't need to make a 3D model to make something look detailed there are plenty of examples out there of detailed 2D animation.

Overall a decent adaptation of the manga's first two chapters. The CG bears did throw me off though.

So from the comments i thought id find the CG bears jarring but i honestly got used to it pretty quickly. This was a great first episode and honestly seems really promising, im going to ruin the rest of the anime by reading the manga now though lol

I am gonna read the manga again to hide this pain.

Yuru camp season two is no joke, weh

Asirpa and Saichi are coming off really well. Their teamwork taking down the bear was great. Aside from the elephant bear in the room, the action scene and episode itself was pretty cool

Now I want to read the manga asap. This was a great, intriguing first episode. (aside from the atrocious bear and fire)

this was the new show I was most excited about seeing this spring. I think episode one lived up. Really excited to see where this goes, even though I'm still a little disappointed to only get 12 episodes.

Great first episode, I don't even mind the bear. The adaption is looking nice.


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