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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 4 impressions [Legend of the Galactic Heroes]

Episode 4
"The Unbeatable Magician "

This episode went by fast. I love all the differences between Yang and Reinhards worlds. The architecture, clothes, culture, personality and goals. It makes it feel like I've watched two different shows in last couple of episodes.

And both soceities have their fair share of dirty laundries (the FPA side will get expanded on next week), so it really puts into context of the kind of conflict our heroes on both sides are locked in. Both of them having wonderful things they cherish and want to protect, at the same time they loath the dark sides of their own societies. As the author Tanaka sensei put it in the novel, "there were rarely fights between pure good vs. pure evil in history, for it's always one kind of (perceived) good pitted aganist another."

First off, I'd like to point out an error in the CR subs: that's supposed to be Lieutenant Commander. No one gets double promoted from sublieutenant to real admiral..

Right then. Yang's backstory! They knocked this one out of the park IMO. While Overture to a New War covers Yang, Jessica and Jean's relationship the best, this did a pretty fine job. I appreciate that the show didn't spell out Yang's feelings for Jessica too loudly - just the scene where Jessica asks "What is it you're looking at?" while Yang looks at Jessica is enough. And kid Yang looks so much better here than in the Gaiden series - where he just looked like a smaller version of his adult self.

And oh, the battle simulation. I was really looking forward to what they would do with it, and they did. not. disappoint.

≫No one gets double promoted from sublieutenant to real admiral..
If I remember the Novel correctly he got two single promtions in one day, because they don't do double promotions for living people.

Yep. That's what Cazerne tells Yang in this episode too. They sidestepped that rule for him.
I was just poking fun at the fact that going from Sub Lt. to Rear Admiral would be a huge jump. Some.. six ranks? Silly subbing error there.

oh wow i had never realised how fucked up that military orphan law was before, they are essentially forcing them into the military, although i don't know if this was really in the original, i mean the law existed there, but i think they added the bit about the military. And i see they composed a new fpa anthem, i hope they sing it but i doubt it will happen, in the original the anthem is the setup for a very cool moment

≫they are essentially forcing them into the military,

It seems to be more of an extension of "Citizen Service" some countries today have. Where people are required to serve in the Government, normally the military, in order to receive benefits when leaving the service.
I'm going to assume the FPA doesn't want to have a required military service that makes them look just as bad as the Empire, but don't have the population to maintain a large standing military. So, they found a loop hole that makes them look good, because everyone wants to help orphans. Streamlining the adoption process for military families keeps orphans out of getting stuck in the system and giving them at home.
Its close to forcing, but its more of heavily encouraged because of this giant loan.

I'm not surprised that the FPA has this system. Republican nations always have some form of mass conscription (the reasoning being that rights from the collective imply reciprocal duties to the collective, and vice versa).

The more inegalitarian and undemocratic a society is, the more likely it is to have a professional military caste instead.

I really like Yang's backstory. He doesn't have grand plans or any sort of high ambition. He's a just a broke guy that wants some higher learning. Unfortunately for him he's a talented strategist, which while good for the military, is bad for him since all he wants is to study history.

It's the contrast. In one side you have all this drama, and plots, revenge and so on... And in the other side, you have this guy who just wants to do his job and go back home and sleep peacefully.

That's why I love Yang, I sympathize completely with him.

I love how the ED goes from right to left in this Yang-centric ep, starting with him and then ending with Reinhard. Genius.

I think next week will be the first time they break this formula. The title of the next episode is "the birth of the 13th fleet", which is still Yang focused. It will revert back to the imperial side afterward.

I really liked how Jessica, Jean, and Yang represented the Future, Present, and Past, respectively, in their college days. Unfortunately, with Jean's death in episode 1, the present is very uncertain for them. Also, Jessica already feels a lot more human/fleshed out in this version, which I'm a huge fan of.

And next week looks to be more Yang, based on the title, which is exciting. Guess this series won't just alternate sides each episode. Here's hoping Julian is more like in the books and less annoying than in the original.

How awesome is it to see how stylish the FPA is. Not that the Empire isn't , they just tend to stay mostly in military clothes while FPA seems so chill , shirts under sweaters , rolled up casual pants , sneakers.Hell we even saw a jacket with a hoodie with Jean wearing it.Awesome!

As a first time viewer I’m loving this show so much. I’m also greatly comforted by the fact that the experienced fans continue to point out that this show is a faithful adaption of the novels.

Edit: I thought some of these VAs sounded familiar. No idea the leads also voiced Okito Sougo (Gintama) and Yagami Light (Death Note)! This is the crossover battle I never knew I needed.

Initially the general worry from old fans was that it would be super rushed and stray from the source due to its limited episode count; what turns out is that DNT is actually more faithful to the novel than the original OVA. The pace is actually quite steady, giving fans some confidence that the director and studio probably has plans to adapt beyond the currently announced 12 episodes and 3 movies. The anime team looks quite seriously in for the long haul.

Staying more faithful to the source material has its pros and cons, but I think the general reaction from new audience has been positive so far? Since the novel of LoGH was very solid, it should have no problem carrying this new series forward.

Well Jessica seems pretty cool, doubt the current ship sails though...

They're getting engaged when he gets back? Well, his survival chances just bounced off the floor.

err, didn't he already die back in episode 2? i know they didn't specifically say so but it sounded like the fleet he was a part of got wiped out.

Yes, Jean died in episode 2 (and ep 1 too - they killed him twice), though it's not as obvious as the OVA since it was off-screen.

It's not often we get to see slices of life down on the planets, and I'm oddly captivated.

It seems so normal and similar to us, that you sorta forget that we've been watching giant fleets of spaceships tear away at each other above.

If anything this makes me want a Slice of Life spinoff of all our favorite characters just chilling on the likes of Heinessen or Odin. It also emphasizes the difference between Reinhard and Yang, and the fact that such different men are made equals in the battlefield of space is awesome.

I really appreciate that the story explores Yang’s backstory early in this remake compared to the OVAs. This will definitely benefit as the story continues to move forward. Frederica’s appearance was a delight and I cant wait for her to appear again in the future.
I think I’m going to purchase more of the light novels haha.

I really like how they covered Yang's backstory too. It's a little awkward that Jean's getting characterisation so late (his death in Ep 1/2 didn't carry much weight), but otherwise everything was well done.

What a relaxing episode. Yang just wants to study history after all he’s been through. I want to reach that kind of success.

This show has so many great characters that picking only one is a sin. I still can't decide if I'm Reinhart or Yang, though I tend to be more of Reinhart side, they have so many relatable ideals even considering them opposites. Not to mention their personalities, past and character.

And they haven't even introduced half the characters yet. There are major major players who haven't even been introduced

Free Plants Fleet is my favourite military

I like how he has a last name and a family name instead of having a first name. Truly an enigmatic "cadert". Or is it cadeat? A and R look the same in that font.

In Japan, the given name comes last rather than first as in the west, so that's probably why they call Wen-li his last name.

Sure, but then they should stick to one format. Either family name and given name or last name and first name. Having a last name and family name doesn't make much sense, especially considering the international/interplanetary nature of the fleet.

This episode was actually pretty relaxing, which I believe is what they are going for Yangs Personality to be. I really hope that they can take these characters now and make them shine is some space battles.
Also the OP/ED only get better every episode

The opening song to this show is great. They've nailed it so far, other than Kircheiss' hair.


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