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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 3 impressions [Legend of the Galactic Heroes]

Episode 3
“An Indomitable Prodigy”

Really enjoying this so far, which is certainly not what I initially expected. The way they captured the relationship between these three and Reinhard's ultimate goal was particularly well done. I also really enjoyed the summary/flashback of the establishment of both the Free Planet Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

One criticism I do have is the confusion regarding military rank thus far. During the end of episode 2 (where Reinhard is promoted to Fleet Admiral), we see other officers wearing the same uniform with the red x on the shoulder pads as well. We see that same scene in the beginning of episode 3 and those officers no longer have the red x.

Episode 2:
Episode 3:

I assumed the red x was to signify the rank of the 3 chiefs (which is above Fleet Admiral) since Gregor Von Muckerberg has it (and he's the Chief Fleet Commander), but then Reinhard has them on his uniform as well later in the episode. He's a Fleet Admiral and also the Vice Commander, which is certainly below a full Chief. Or maybe all Fleet Admirals have the red x and the episode 3 shot was just an animation mistake, but IIRC, wasn't there only 3 other Fleet Admirals in the original series at this point excluding Reinhard (the 3 Chiefs)?

That just seems like a continuity error that might be fixed in the BDs.

I was really impressed by this episode. I really felt they captured the essence of the relationship between these three and how that shapes destiny.

Oh, so they're putting the backstory that was the first chapter of the novel at the start of this episode. Quite a good idea as new viewers will be curious about the history of the two opposing sides, and also provides some context for what Reinhard wants, especially the final scene. It was lacking in detail (the novel had like 20+ pages of backstory), though I won't pass judgement on that yet since it's still early and they can fill in further details later.

The childhood flashback was well done, both of them looked really cute and innocent as kids which is a nice contrast to the present. In the OVA, Reinhard attacked a single bully and was about to beat him with a stone when Kircheis intervenes. In this version, several bullies lure him into a trap, and Reinhard beats all of them (also implied to be with a stone, though not shown on screen). Kircheis turns up after looking shocked at what went down. After Annerose leaves the two episodes are very different. The OVA follows young Reinhard as he attacks a nobles' party, meanwhile, DNT has Reinhard appear having already enrolled as a cadet. We then follow the two as they progress through military training.

I think I prefer the OVA's handling of the bullying aspect as the display of violence by Reinhard is quite a shocking moment (though, maybe not showing child violence is part of Japanese broadcasting regulations, or atleast they did it to avoid complaints, I don't know). On the other hand, this version conveyed Reinhard's dislike for the nobility in a clear but more subtle way, and it also had some nice visual touches such as showing terrible poverty alongside the indulgence of the Imperial upper class, and having the statue have a hidden camera watching them as they salute.

Then there's more scenes with the three of them finally getting to spend some time together. Their dynamic was good, the final scenes are also longer so we get more of Annerose' and Kircheis' relationship, notably, Annerose' worries about the path Reinhard as taken.

That final scene, intercut with flashback to teenage Reinhard, was really impactful. His motivation has been set up in a really compelling way for new viewers. Next episode will cover the same content as ep 3 of the OVA, how they handle the subversion of our expectations with the FPA's politics will be interesting.

Annerose definitely sounds similiar to her OVA VA, sounds good.

ETA: Had no idea Suwabe is Oberstein, nice pick. His voice is deeper than the original VA, but fitting.

So after an introduction to the war we are getting presented with the motivations of the key characters. I am really liking how they are making it that both sides of the war are presented to the audience. That last scene really shows how what is happening is just really a cycle, empires rise and empires fall. No matter how noble the intentions initially, somewhere along the line it is inevitable to fall astray. And wow, eugenics. This empire really is nasty.

≫And wow, eugenics. This empire really is nasty.

Rudolf was basically if Hitler wasn't stopped. He gave power to people with Germanic names (making them nobles), severely limited the upward trajectory of non-white people, had those with disabilities/"perversions" (as he viewed them) killed in mass or sterilized, and instituted eugenic programs. By this point, centuries later, the forced sterilization and eugenics no longer happen en mass (though sterilization is used as a punishment for some crimes and families with disabled children are treated poorly). It's also very telling how their military command is all white males. Women aren't allowed to hold power or military rank, and even noble ladies are by-and-large forced to be subservient to the noble men in their families.

Compare that to the Alliance, where we see civil and military leaders of both genders and all races (well, the military is still mostly male, but women can join and rise in rank).

≫Rudolf was basically if Hitler wasn't stopped. He gave power to people with Germanic names (making them nobles), severely limited the upward trajectory of non-white people, had those with disabilities/"perversions" (as he viewed them) killed in mass or sterilized, and instituted eugenic programs.

Ooh, so that's why the Kaiser specifically took a liking to Enrose. Her blonde hair would classify as an Arian. Plus she is obviously smoking

But it's also creepy because the Kaiser was already in 60s while Annerose was 14...

Empire is certainly nasty, but I eagerly wait for your take on the "democracy" next week :)

Oh that is going to be fun.

Oh god. The introduction of Job Trunicht is coming next episode. I really hope they don't change the character given some of his similarities to Donald Trump. The man is the complete antithesis of Yang and the most punchable scummy bastard in anime.

I am so impressed, all of us went into this expecting something mediocre at best but ngl so far this has been a really good remake!

The piano/score was really well done, I agree.
This is also the first glimpse that we see his reasoning behind his actions. It's not just, "I can't wait to be king" but a commentary on the flaws of Absolute Monarchies and the effects it has on the peasants and lesser nobles.

Damn man, I got goosebumps all over. I haven't watched the OVAs, but with just 3 episodes I can tell these two characters are amazing.

Wait for ep 4 with Yang back in spotlight. I always felt ep 3 and 4 in the old ova draw new fans to this series more than opening battles. Logh's true strength of narrative actually lies off the battlefields.

The series is an absolute gold mine for lovable side characters. Also one of the few series (perhaps the only?), where I can say both the dual perspective protagonists are amazing. All the great characters definitely add to the battle sequences, making it both more entertaining to follow and filling it with more tension in certain cases.

Although I've always leaned more towards Reinhard's direction over Yang's. Although Yang is fucking amazing too.

As a first-time viewer, I'm really enjoying the show so far! The first two episodes gave us a feel of the tactical space action the show is renowned for and the third one gave us a good backstory on the (seemingly) protagonists of the show.

Like in the second episode, I'd like to see a backstory in the perspective of the Yang Wen-Li and the Alliance next. I feel, as viewers, we might be inclined to side with them in their fight against the Imperial dictatorship.

The show's OST is brilliant and I'm digging the OP too.

I kinda overlooked the ranks mentioned until now, but is there any merit in knowing exactly how the hierarchy system works? For e.g. where do Navy Captain, Commander, Admiral, etc fit in against each other?

≫is there any merit in knowing exactly how the hierarchy system works

Doesn't hurt to know, I guess? Ranks will keep coming up again and again. The Imperial Fleet's rank progression is something like Ensign < Lt. Junior Grade < Lieutenant < Lt. Commander < Commander < Captain < Commodore < Rear Admiral < Vice Admiral < Admiral < High Admiral < Fleet Admiral.

Reinhard's already reached the top rung, and he's twenty years old.

I'm pretty sure we'll get Yang's backstory in the next episode!

It helps knowing the military ranking structure, which is why Ovlesser was particularly upset with Reinhard's rise because he's already near the pinnacle of the military (Fleet Admiral/Vice Chief) at only 20 years old while older and seasoned veterans like himself and Merkatz are below him in rank. That and they don't believe he's earned it and only got there due to the Kaiser's love for his sister. 
For the Galactic Empire you basically have:
Vice (or Deputy like in the original series) Chief
Fleet Admiral
High Admiral
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral
Most of the ranks below Commander aren't particularly important.

Yo I'm so happy they gave a full episode on the relationship between those two. I was worried stuff like this would be rushed and given a half episode but they did it justice.

Honestly very succinct compared to the OVA and to the point I felt. Loved it. logh without these moments isn't logh and I'm glad the animators understand that

Also while the adult designs are slowly growing on me I honestly quite liked the designs they had as children. Bratty in the right kind of way.

I love love love this episode, eventhough an OVA watcher I stopped caring comparison to the details of old series and just loved the episode.

The childhood days of the two is streamlined so well and the direction and perspective is so powerful more than ova in my vague memory.

Also this is a nice fanservice to ova watcher/novel reader.

My friend who's never seen the OVAs asked me "Why the fuck are they riding an ice cube."
All in good time, my friend.

Was that Maaya Sakamoto as Annerose? God that voice is so angelic <3
So basically Reinhard is taking over the Galaxy because the ways of the current Empire teared away his sister from him but also tearing his family apart? Dayum

Oh so that why everytime she said "Sieg" i suddenly having horrible flashbacks


Oberstein looks like the most obvious villain/traitor ever but I am interested to see more of him and hope there is more to his character than that

Oberstein is probably one of my favorite character in this series.

Oberstein is a wonderful character. Maybe not a wonderful person, but a great character to watch. Even though he looks a bit different, they got the voice perfectly right, as i knew who he was the moment he opened his mouth before stepping on camera.

It's been a while since I watched the OVA, but unless I misremember, I actually found the "childhood" flashback done better here than in the OVA.

I watched it recently and tbh I thought the ova made it a bit more clear on why Reinhard went down the military career. In the remake he just decides to go to cadet school randomly and later decides to "make the universe his" whereas in the original, he has that discussion as kids with Sieg. He wants power to get his sister back and then decides to go into a military career. Other than that, the remake condensed the flashback pretty nicely.

He explains that he wants to "become a real man faster" to get his sister back, which makes it pretty clear. Although of course, there is a lot of meaning in that single sentence, so you'd better not miss it.

That was great. Coming off of the space battles, I was curious what direction this was going to go, but this episode was really good. It did a great job of both balancing out the human sides of Reinhard and Kircheis while also showing the brutality of the dictatorship. I like that dichotomy and how it grew these two. Excited to see the Free planets side with Yang.

One thing I wish we got more of is exactly how Rudolf became emperor. I get that some things had to be glossed over in the face of time for their relationship, but that narration in the beginning felt too fast.

There is a full on "documentary" episode in the ova about Rudolf's rise. It would be highly recommended to check it out afterward - one of the best "filler" episodes I have seen in anime medium.

It's safe to say this has become my most looked forward to weekly anime of the season. I might cave in and watch the original OVAs either after the end of season, or even before that. And man, both the OP and ED are SO GOOD.

3 episodes done, and I now have to admit that this remake has potential to be better than the original.


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