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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 2 impressions [Legend of the Galactic Heroes]

Episode 2
"The Battle of Astarte "

I actually got goosebumps watching this episode, haven’t enjoyed an anime like this for a while.

When the ships started circling around I got a few chills. Didn't expect to find a space battle that exciting.

When Reinhard commented and looked insulted by how stupid the formation looked made me laugh and made me realize I'm going to love this show.

Reinhard is a fantastic character. You'll love him a lot because he speaks his mind a lot, especially to his best friend

I love the fact that he admits it was dumb, and calls it quits. I was getting really tired of the incompetent leaders, so I can't wait to see more of Reinhard and Yang fighting each other intelligently.

That's not fun without more incompetents getting in the way! He still needs to claw his way up one incompetent leader at a time. And then there's the politicians...

To give a sense of scale for this battle in terms of human lives lost, I'll leave a quote from the novel:
On the side of the empire, 2,448,600 personnel participated in combat; the alliance fielded 4,065,900. The empire deployed over twenty thousand vessels, and the alliance more than forty thousand. Deaths on the side of the empire numbered over 153,400; for the alliance that number exceeded 1,508,900. Over 2,200 Imperial ships were either lost or destroyed, while the alliance lost more than 22,600.
This was a crushing defeat for the Alliance, no matter how anyone sees it. And Reinhard gets his well-deserved promotion to Imperial Admiral.
Note that in the books/OVA Lao wasn't an idiot who dropped death flags before a battle.

Kinda disappointing that they left out the actual numbers. Sure, saying 10-11 times gives a rough sense of ratio between the two sides but hearing/reading the numbers gives it a completely different sense scale.

Yup, that's one of the major differences between the LOGH ova and other media about war, where there are actually numbers provided and it truly feels like history is being told to the audience. We might hear the actual numbers in a later episode however, so who knows.

God I have missed the old space opera battles of anime long past.
Mechs are cool too, but man, spaceships are my thing.

I feel you, I love the tension of waiting for reports
Just imagine giving orders to reformate and having to wait hours till you know if it worked out as intended
Also the fact that each explosion of a ship is killing thousands. It looks so unimportant on the grand scale but personally its pure drama and horror.
Thats my jam, really hope they gonna keep adapting and wont stop at the 12 ep. cause this anime deserves it

I take back all the negative criticism I had for the first episode, this episode and the first combined to made a really good opening to the re-adaptation. The battles, the visuals, the characters even the dialogue were amazing. I especially like the introduction of the Alliance characters Paetta, Lao and Fisher and of course our hero Yang, the non nonchalant and laid back officer.
Lets not forget though a tribute to the fallen

I completely agree, the presentation has been stellar and the story beats are being hit quite well. Something like Lapp's death is of lower impact because they didn't spend a full episode's worth of runtime building you up with the feels, but it completely makes sense that it was cut for the sake of conciseness and the main story being told.

I'm pretty sure Yang saying "your excellency" is a translation mistake.

I was surprised too, but he was saying, and was called by Lao at one point, Kakka(閣下), which does translate to "your excellency" (or if you are Finnish, poop). Odd that the FPA is using the term though, I wonder if the original novel had more of this kind of language that was changed for the OVA?

In the english translation of the novel he says "Commander."

Might seem sort of weird in context with the FPA at first but apparently that's just the way it is in Japanese:
Kakka (閣下) means "Excellency", and is used for heads of state (except those addressed by Heika or Denka), heads of government including the Prime Minister of Japan, cabinet ministers, ambassadors and other high-rank officials such as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, or for generals in an army. It can be used by itself or attached to a specific title like other royal titles.
Source: Wikipedia

Honestly, I have the same feeling with Episode 2 as i did with episode 1. Surprisingly enjoyable.
Staying true to, "their style". I know some people don't like the random piano jamming in the middle and would prefer the old overtures, but I like the pace it sets for this series and the more modern feeling. Whose to say the overtures won't come back?
I think we should be grateful how the space battles are handled, as much as we love to put on nostalgia goggles and say how great the past OVA is, if we had floating bricks in space, people would go mad.
I know it's not the OVA series, and I've come to terms with enjoying this in it's own right. The score has already started increasing on MAL from 6.9-7.4 now, so I think others are allowing this too.

It might be blasphemy around here, but I didn't enjoy the OVA series all that much, the story is great and all, but the visuals and sound were very unsatisfying for me, this new series is knocking it out of the park in those departments, I'm enjoying it a great deal.

While I give it a 10/10 now, my first time watching I found myself bored with some of the plot lines and not sure why it was beloved to that extent. On my re watch and now reading of the books (waiting on 6) I’ve fallen absolutely in love with it, but I understand people’s lack of interest full heartedly . I’m glad you’re liking the new series

There's a post-credits scene, do remember to catch it! Reinhard looks cool af walking up towards the throne.

Gonna say, they continue to have an epic scale in the space battles, pretty cool to look at.
Yang was able to withstand from an inferior position due to his mindset of not necessarily wanting to win and made it a stalemate.

I haven’t seen the old series, but so far I’m loving this. I’m surprised at the negative reaction to it.
I suppose it’s because I haven’t seen the old OVAs.

It's doomed to being forever compared to what is often hailed as a masterpiece, but I think the overall reception from people who have watched the older adaptation is more or less positive! Just some nitpicks here and there.

Boy this sure turned into my show of the season fast. I didn't know I needed a fresh take on LotGH in my life, but I am completely back in there now and it feels good

Loved how the kept the commentary and narrations. Gives context while sometimes foreshadowing what's to come. That way it really does feel like we are being told this grand tale looking back upon history, the show just wouldn't be the same without hearing "Imperial year" and "Space year" every opening phase either.
Side note, love how Suzumura Kenichi is doing Yang's voice. Obviously a different voice actor but he really gets the feel and tone of the OVA. Reinhard's on the other hand is a bit of change, will probably take a few more episodes to get used to.

Well, I must say, this was really good. I have never seen the original, but the episode was great, and besides for one moment I found weird, I really liked everything.

Bonus points goes to the 3D representation of the battle. It really helped to sell the moment and the unexpected feel that Reinhard had when they landed on that formation.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering: Wouldn't have been possible to, in that formation, accelerate a couple of ships from the large formation, put them parallel to the leading ships within the inner circle, and thus the barrage would've been more effective and faster, in theory, in killing the rear ships of the enemy navy?

I don't know any of this, I don't have experience and I'm well aware that the enemy navy could just do the same, but I don't feel that the battle needed to end right there. I can kinda see why it ended there though, so I'm just wondering to myself.

≫Out of curiosity, I was wondering: Wouldn't have been possible to, in that formation, accelerate a couple of ships from the large formation, put them parallel to the leading ships within the inner circle, and thus the barrage would've been more effective and faster, in theory, in killing the rear ships of the enemy navy?
It's not perfectly shown, but this was more or less what happened. Each fleet was destroying the ships at the rear of the opposing fleet. This is why Reinhard said it's just a battle of attrition. Eventually one side would win, but having lost large parts of their fleet in the progress.

Yang's back and still his old self! That opening scene was such a contrast to last week. I'm still getting used to his new look, but his character was captured well.
Visuals were still excellent ofcourse. My only complaints here are that goddamn Piano and no Jean death scene, though I guess I'll accept there'll be less focus on Jean and Jessica due to this version's greater novel accuracy.
Jessica looks really different, not that I mind.
No Dusty, but Yang has Lao instead which is iirc same as the novel.
Reinhard looked great in that final scene, that outfit design was good. CGI background characters there, but what can you do...
Overall I'm very pleased like last week.

I like this adaptation. At the very least we get to see some of the battles in higher definition. I still recommend anyone who really likes this show to watch the OVA. They are going to have to cut out some parts that made the OVA's story-telling so strong.

Gotta be honest, the more I watch the OP, the more I like it. It's really fitting in my opinion.

I liked how they showed a bit of the alliance from earlier in the battle.
The beginning of a great rivalry in this episode.


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