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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou -] Episode 1 impressions [Legend of the Galactic Heroes]

Episode 1
”In the Eternal Night”          

Good first episode.
Here is a stitch of the ED for those interested~

I have to be honest too, this first episode pleasantly surprised me.

Same. I was blown away by the design of the imperial tech; they really did a good job leveraging the updated production tech of today to bring their designs to life.

I was really worried that the 3D use would lead to some half-assed scenes, but it was wonderful. They've clearly put a lot of effort and investment in those and my worries vanished. I can't wait to see future battles!

I am a big fan of the original OVA series and I had many doubts going in to this, just like many others.
So, I gotta say, I am pleasantly surprised by this first episode. I assume this will be a chaotic series of discussion threads, for both fans of the classic and newcomers to the franchise, thus let's hope we can keep it calm and intelligent.
First, the general art design is fine to me. Some character designs still seem to look odd, like Schenkopp and Cazelnu, but it's their personalities what matters the most.
Battles were exciting and actually well animated. I can't complain about the CG either and honestly, if you do, you better watch only Astro Boy.
Voice acting seems fine, too.
If the production quality stays consistent and they don't skip too much, this will be my uncontested AotY and I can die happily.

≫Battles were exciting and actually well animated.
Makes you remember the static bricks firing colored lines. Good times.

To people who haven't watched LotGH before: What'd you think of this premiere?
I think that was about as good as we could have reasonably expected, and accurate to the novel. CGI apart from one or two shots was excellent for anime, and the character animation was largely good and detailed with solid work on the expressions (apart from Lapp's commander, forget his name, who looked like a 3D model tbh). Characterisation is off to a solid start.
Aside from Kircheis design which we already knew about going in (though tbf there were some decent softer-looking shots of him) and those of same other characters, my main problem was with how intrusive and out of place that piano track felt in the middle of the episode. Hope that track isn't reused much. Other than that I guess we'll get more of the FPA's side in the next episode.
ETA: Whoever did the subs for Crunchyroll did a really good job on this, captured the old-fashioned and formal way the Imperials have of speaking pretty well imo. Also, the Narrator has his own text colour, don't think I've seen CR do that before.

≫To people who haven't watched LotGH before: What'd you think of this premiere?
I'm already sold the moment those battleships started their first volley of lasers.

Just a friendly suggestion, for LoGH, don't over-analyze the physics and logistics of 50k battleships shooting beams at each other in space. If you consider each ship as a Napoleonic infantry solider shooting muskets in battle lines, and occasionally changing formation to "cavalry charge" under command, you get a more immersive experience.

≫To people who haven't watched LotGH before: What'd you think of this premiere?
Loved it! This is the stuff you literally can't get from western media. Everything new is great if you ask me. :)

≫Whoever did the subs for Crunchyroll did a really good job on this
Kind found the subbing a little awkward and lazy tbh. They can't even agree on the terms Army and Navy, but that's just me. For some reason the original ova subs were spot on in military lingo

Fair enough on the military terms, you seemed a bit of a buff in that area from your post in the LoGH subreddit. But I disagree about the quality of the subs in general, while it does sound awkward for modern ordinary speech but I think that's the point, to get across the quite archaic and formal nature of the Japanese speech.

Can't watch rn but just a reminder that tomorrow (April 4) is Yang Wen-li's birthday. :-)

As someone who grew up watching anime from the late 80s and early 90s I am ashamed to admit that LotGH is one of those shows that I have never seen before. I've heard a lot of good things about it and Space Operas are right up my alley, but I just never had the motivation to watch all 100+ episodes. Maybe I'll go back once I've finished this so I can make comparisons.
As someone who knows nothing about the show or the novel so far this is a pretty epic opening! Huge Fleets and huge Space battles? Space Empires? Grand Strategies? Count me in! And if I'm guessing this right, this is one of those stories where the perspective of the story shifts right? So we'll probably get the Alliance's POV next episode?
Anyway whoever that Wen-Li dude is I'd love to see him wipe the smug off Reinhard's face next episode. I love it when young cocky commanders ends up having the tables turned in their faces. I',m already hyped!

≫As someone who grew up watching anime from the late 80s and early 90s I am ashamed to admit that LotGH is one of those shows that I have never seen before.
You shouldn't be... IIRC it wasn't even subbed until like 2006.

Really? The way people who have seen it talk how much they love and adore the show made me think that it was subbed waaaaay earlier than that. XD

Personally I read the novel 16 years ago and have been hyping it since then, only got to see the fully subbed OVA series in 2008 :p

So far pleasantly surprised. The characters kind of look better in motion.
Dearly missing the classical music however. Was hoping they would do their own style of classical music parts but guess not.
CG is real nice though. I missed space battles a lot. Like there has been an empty hole in me for ages and this is filling it.
Interested in how they introduce all the characters

Two of the greatest minds in anime meeting once again in beautiful HD, I'm crying rn.

Considering this is a remake of a well-loved classic, hopefully the threads won't be just fans of the old series dominating the discussion.
Not gonna lie, rather liked this first episode as someone who greatly enjoyed the original. The space battles definitely have more life to them and they added that really nice detail with having the bridge go into the ship when combat mode is engaged.
Reinhard utilizing local superiority to crush the attempted surround with ease isn't anything too fancy, but considering the novels were just a reflection of Napoleonic tactics, don't expect any fancy new theories regarding space combat and you'll be just fine.
Here's to hoping this season turns out well! At the very least, this will bring attention to the original OVAs and get more people to check it out but considering the news regarding how this is supposed to be a faithful adaptation, this series should turn out well barring any unforeseen changes.

≫but considering the novels were just a reflection of Napoleonic tactics, don't expect any fancy new theories regarding space combat and you'll be just fine.
As with most classic sci-fi, just don't think of it as 'space combat' at all, otherwise it will break immersion.
Like there's no such thing as having to get "within optical range" in space, for instance, since you can see pretty much everything for light years as long as your instruments have sufficient resolution (even the Hubble telescope can see almost to the edge of the visible universe), and it's impossible to disguise a spaceship's heat signature. Trying to get closer than a few light-seconds to the enemy before firing would be absolutely pointless and a waste of time.

First time watcher here.

Wow that was a good episode. The pacing was okay and if the production quality stays consistent, this will be one of the top anime of this season, or year even. The end really created hype for the next episode. One of my nitpicks though is that the strategy of Reinhard against the Free Planets forces was not clearly explained.
This clip, which is the reason why I got interested in watching this show, thoroughly defined their advantage against the opposing force.

When watching LoGH, don't get too caught up with analyzing the space battle strategies in terms of physics and technology, treat the fleet battles as Napoleonic infantry battles from the early 19th century in disguise, and you get a richer experience :)

Off-topic: As a Finn, I lose my immersion every time they say "Your excellency" since "kakka" means "poop" (childish version) in Finnish.

In Hungarian and as far as I heard Russian, too.
But I think the word comes from Greek "caca".

caca means shit in spanish

In Italian poop is cacca, and it has the same pronunciation as kakka.

French as well! "caca" is our childish version of poop

As a huge fan of the original, I'm going to enjoy this to the fullest no matter what they throw or what changes they make.
It's not like this can harm the original, so the only option is to sit back and enjoy the short ride
Fight animation was gorgeous, as expected from the PVs. I'm still not the biggest fan of a few designs, but I'm used to most of them by now. I was most skeptical about the newer seiyuu, but honestly it sounds crisp. Reinhard's character was portrayed well. This is about what I had in my mind from the months building up to this premiere.
Already looking forward to next weeks. I assume it will be more Yang focused.

This is the mindset everybody should have. So sad seeing people prematurely calling this shit just because it's a remake of a masterpiece. The two series are independent from each other.


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