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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3

I really liked that both of them are starting to be more open with each other.
I just wished this season had began in a more relaxed way before trowing us into all this tension.
I think that's the biggest takeaway from this bit - that the two of them have matured like crazy.
Go back even one season and we'd have one - or both - freaking out about emotions, ending in either violence (Chidori) or Sousuke being Sousuke.
Instead, like adults, they talked it out, dealt with the reality of the situation and agreed to work together. Which is another big thing, especially since TSR established that Chidori is smart enough, not just book-smarts/math, but canny enough to evade not just Ghost , but that other assassin.
I'm not exactly sure whose responsible for taking the school and Chidori's friend hostage (in regards to his name), but with Chidori and Sousuke working together, he's about to have a VERY bad day.
Great action sequences. Nice tension raiser with the Tuatha de Danaan only being partially fueled, people dropping like flies. Having them outsmart at least one or two of the Behemoth's was really cool - Lambda Drivers often seemed a touch overpowered, and introducing these limitations makes them look much more thought out, well-crafted, than just a superpower MacGuffin.
Chidori has always been mature since TSR. After all, she single-handedly made it to Hong-Kong just to punch some common sense into Sagara and pretty much cured him of his PTSD in a single conversation.
I don't get why people think that Chidori is or was an immature character. Sure, she is a Tsundere at the core, but it's not like her violent outbursts are unjustified. Sagara IS hard to deal with, after all.
For her age, she always performed very well considering the situation she was in. The few situations that she didn't act responsible or over-reacted on something (like the infamous car chase phone conversation) were played for comic relief and can't be taken seriously. She always knew that Sagara was a cold-blooded killer when life depends on it. And even now that she sees it first-hand, she still doesn't have the mandatory mental breakdown of any female sidekick in most modern anime.
For sure she's always been relatively mature in regards to the other characters. I simply feel it's been taken up a notch here.

The fact she's willing to be honest/open in regards to her conflicting feelings for Sousuke is something she, rarely, has been able to properly express without using violence, or resorting to it immediately afterwards out of discomfort.

It's a sign, at least to me.

From what I have heard this season is going to be heavy and in episode 3 we have some established characters biting the dust and I have a feeling they won't be the last.
≫this season is going to be heavy
That is correct. Some people felt the despair on TSR, but books 7-9 make TSR look like Fumoffu.

Between this show, Academia, and S;G0 I'm beginning to think there might actually be something wrong with the Earth's gravitational pull. This season is just too heavy.
I know we're already at episode 3 but I still can't believe there's a new season.
Luckily for me, I only had to wait about six or seven years since I got into the show then and not during the original run.
Just wish the budget was better. I'd love it if someone like Netflix rebooted the show with a large sack of money to adapt the LN/manga.
Some top tier arm slave combat this episode. Can't wait to see Sousuke let loose for the first time. The animation is excellent
I'm not perfectly sold on the animations in this episode. All drawn scenes were great, but the CGI was hit or miss. Some scenes looked and felt amazing, but in general, I would prefer faster cuts to mask the unnaturally smooth CGI movement. Some action scenes had ridiculously long shots that clearly displayed the budget limitations. I hope they can also improve on the lighting a bit in the Blueray version.
Not that I care much, though. I love FMP and this new season is like a dream come true so far.
I have not seen a single anime that's done CGI perfectly well. They are still learning. I am ok with how they're handling it in these few episodes (the car chase was pretty cheesy).
I would also prefer the regular animation, but they have to try using CGI to learn how to use it effectively sooner or later.
They used the fake A team theme, hah!
Pretty sure they've been using that theme since the earlier seasons. Was quite nostalgic tbh. Though it was a bit too optimistic for the tone of this current season.
Damn. You guys weren't kidding when you said this season is going to be dark. It's only Episode 3 and I'm already feeling despair. So far they've only managed to take down just one Behemoth at the cost of 2 pilots and a bunch of training units. And now a landing party has arrived to invade a severely battered and injured Mithril base. Fuck. Amalgam is totally going all out on them. >_<

This is a surprise though. I honesty thought it will take some convincing from Chidori to make Sousuke save Kyouko and the rest but for him to initiate it? This is no longer the Sousuke from Season 1 and TSR. And I love that they took their time to actually talk with each other.
I wouldn't say it's surprising for Sagara. After all, he has been friends with Kyouko for just as long as he knows Chidori. And for Chidori, Kyouko is the kryptonite that changes everything. Kyouko being best girl and all. Also, we had 3 seasons of character development for Sagara and it clearly shows. And there's going to be even more in the current arc.
The best arc, plot twist and best grill are coming soon. It is never too late to revert to weeb.
All hail best grill.

The CG in this episode was handled so much better than the previous episodes. There were a few choppy M9 animations, but the rest was really well done.
I am very, very excited for Nami.
Please use the spoiler function to talk about stuff that hasn't happened in the anime yet.
This season is like Infinity War. It's just nonstop action all the way through. And I love it.
That ending scene with Chidori and Sousuke was great. That was definitely the highlight of the episode for me.
I love to see them smiling towards each other and be open towards each other.
Really want to protect their smiles.
I absolutely love how heavy this series feels.
Straight into it, it's tense and there's action and it feels very real.
I think I forgot how much I missed the 'warfare' aspect of mecha shows, since a few of the recent ones have been more light-hearted.
Also, why did Reddit change and why does the new layout suck?

≫Also, why did Reddit change and why does the new layout suck?
Cuz Reddit. Also you can opt back into the old layout!

That was so good. Given the amount of episodes they have to adapt COMO, they are doing a great job. I am presently surprised of the high quality CGI of the mechs for a tv show. Re:Creators and Aldnoah:zero come to mind with pretty bad cg mechs. Was kind of disappointing they didn't portray Kaname as more hopeless and resentful like the manga but I understand why they didn't. Also the title of the episode "One Big Percent" was supposed to be a callback to a conversation Kaname and Souske have where Kaname calculates the percent chance it would take to Save her, Kyouko, and all the students. Overall I am very pleased with what we are getting with the 4 episode per novel constraint.

Have you seen knights and magic? Sure it's a feel-good power fantasy, but the CG was pretty fluid. Bad CG nowadays is typically because of the users, not the software.

Am I the only one disappointed with the temple scene with Chidori and Sousuke? Totally different from the novel. Where is the tension?? It was kinda cheesy to me 😑

I was thinking the same thing. I think it was due to the constraint of only having 4 episodes per LN. they are going to have to axe something’s and that was probably one.

You may be right and I didn't think of that. Everyone keeps commenting on how dark this season is. It's not dark enough! Lol

I'm so happy we are getting this season. As the others said as well, my only gripe is the use of 3DCG. Some quicker cuts when it comes to it would make it look much more dynamic, but overall, the AS models are great, and are animated with weight to them in most cuts - so I can't really complain too much.


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