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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"Damage Control"

This is definitely way darker than the Second Raid and we've only just gotten started.

One of the things that's really exciting is how Chidori is going to have to deal with the reality of violence that Sosuke is a part of.

In the first episode we see her react badly when that white-haired bastard tells her how many people Sosuke has killed. She literally recoils when he tries to touch her. Now, she's seeing it first hand. Civilians injured, property damage, people simply evaporating. The way he's almost excited at people dying (to him only the enemy).

That's going to put one hell of a strain on their relationship, probably at a time when Sosuke might need a morality chain more than ever.

All in all, the first episode was a blast, and this one really turned the tension up to 11 while promising us some heavy consequences for what's upcoming. More then that, it looks like Chidori is going to really have to come to terms with all of this.

≫people simply evaporating

It's bit more bloody in the FMP Sigma manga. With it's 8:30pm air time, they still need to do some censoring.

Sousuke be like

Chidori's reaction to Sosuke's reality of violence brought to mind for me a quote from Jarhead

"A man fires a rifle for many years. And he goes to war. And afterward he turns the rifle in at the armory. And he believes he’s finished with the rifle. But no matter what else he might do with his hands, love a woman, build a house, change his son’s diaper. His hands still remember the rifle."

It seems like struggling to reconcile his identity as a soldier and a civilian will be a big theme of the season.

"If they're nuclear, it will be instantaneous."
Damn I love Tessa.

I forgot how badass she was. Damn, that line was so good.

Honestly, I don’t know that she’s really started to become badass until now. It’s like this Tessa is a culmination of her growth in previous seasons, and now we’re finally getting to see that growth pay off.

Holy Crap Tessa was a badass. The Princess shows her fangs. Also feeling for Chidori. All those dying to get their hands on her literally. And now the school is being held hostage. Her and Sousuke are in a tough spot

I wouldnt want to fight Tessa. She got really scarry.

Her brother is definitely in for one hell of a surprise.

This is making The Second Raid look like Fumoffu in comparison. 
I like that Chidori now has to deal with the repercussions of choosing the high school life knowing what she is. And that Sousuke is a very dangerous person, that people will die to protect her, innocent people will get caught up in the crossfire, and people she cares for will be targeted.

≫This is making The Second Raid look like Fumoffu in comparison.
Aaaaand now we have an official slogan for this season!

Not that the season gets cheery, but don't be too hasty with that slogan.
Depending on how far in the source material this gets, it'll make The Second Raid look like Amagi Brilliant Park.
And that will be the tagline.

Tessa is and always will be the best girl of FMP, brilliant display of leadership!
The animation is fantastic, guess that's what 3-4 years of production time does to an anime

Tessa: Say my name!
Corporal: ....
Corporal: You are Teletha Testarossa. Captain of the Tuatha de Dannan.
Tessa: You're goddamn right!

≫The animation is fantastic

That's one thing that impresses me about FMP. TSR looked fairly good by today's standards despite being from 2005. IV, up until now, has looked outstanding compared to most anime in this season.

I just did a rewatch of TSR last week and it was legit higher quality, than a lot of anime we get theese days.
And then in today's episode I think the CG was handled spectacularly, didn't feel out of place for me (maybe for the car scenes a bit, but otherwise nowhere else during the episode), I think it has to do something with how they use shadows, there is without doubt a lot of work in this.

Surprised to see how fine I am with the CG; I was fine at first since Xebec is doing it (see Fafner Exodus, absolutely excellent CGI) and then I started freaking out after I learned that it was probably in-house CGI and Orange wasn't contracted.

Orange's CG is excellent. Xebec...made Argevollen...

But surprisingly I was very happy with it. In most shots the action is downright excellent, I have to say. Very happy. The show seems to be very well shot...I mean from a cinematography standpoint - it has a really nice brisk pace, shows just enough of the action for it to communicate what you're supposed to see while keeping most drawn-out shots limited so the Cg doesn't start to wear on the eyes. Very dynamic, very much a joy to watch.

I will say there was a dull moment that hurt a little bit in the car chase, where the cars were bumping together for an extended sequence while the camera was stuck in one spot behind that looked a little iffy, but that's my only complaint. Everything else? Awesomely directed episode, the developments are being handled as good as I could hope and I can't wait for more.

I cannot believe I'm watching a full metal panic continuation in 2018. What a time to be alive.

100% agree with you on the CGI. Those helicopters? The Arbalest? So smooth. The car scene could have used a little tweaking from a cinematography perspective, but everything else was a great example of modern CGI used exactly right.

≫I cannot believe I'm watching a full metal panic continuation in 2018. What a time to be alive.
People who will witness the first Mars landing will never understand the feeling of finally getting a FMP continuation.

Really enjoyed that they're making Chidori witness the human cost of what's going on around her. The scene with the guy with the shrapnel in his leg and having Sousuke pull her away was pretty good.

God, I love Tessa.

The captain of best girls.

That Tessa scene was so great! Gah she's so cool.
This season's so heavy right off the bat. Like almost nothing is going right and it's just so hard to watch at times :(

I am crying. This anime is beautiful. I can't remember when I watched TSR, but this is everything that I expect from the series. Badass action scenes, gray morality, occasional jokes and ofc drama.

Chidori coming to face to face with all the violence that's happening on her behalf is great. In addition to Leonard's remarks in episode 1, the injured civilian, people getting deleted by machine gun fire, and Sousuke's businesslike attitude, and just general trauma seem to be really fucking her up mentally. Things are going to reach a boiling point and I expect it to be very tough on both Chidori and Sousuke.

I'll go against the grain and say I wasn't overly impressed by Tessa's speech. Of course it was needed to showcase Tessa's role as a serious military leader despite her cutesy appearance, but it wasn't executed well IMO. I didn't buy the intimidation part at all, especially threatening to kill anyone with mutinous thoughts when it would be unwise kill your own troops given the dire circumstances (which is likely why she didn't kill the guy with mutinous thoughts). Threats that everyone knows you won't follow through with don't have any weight.

I thought the same thing about Tessa's speech.
≫Threats that everyone knows you won't follow through with don't have any weight.
Which is why I honestly thought that she would put a bullet through his head just to convince everyone around that treason against Mithril is a death-sentence anyway and they might aswell fight Amalgam with all they have if they want to have a chance of survival. Especially since all that treason BS happened before during Gauron's takeover of the TDD-1, resulting in the deaths of McAllen and Lian which took a heavy toll on her. Tessa out of all people shouldn't have shown any mercy!

And then they all just laugh it off... IT WAS JUST A PRANK HAHA sigh

The CG during the car chase was so bad I was totally expecting a bear to drive one of those car. That whole scene was so poorly directed it was awkward. All those empty streets and pavements... I couldn't enjoy it one bit... It looked way better in the forest and the part in the base during the attack was well done in my opinion. Although Tessa playing a bad girl didn't convince me at all.

Where's my Fumoffu level fluffiness?

It's gone haha, everything gets darker from here on out. Most likely the reason why this has taken so long to be green-lit. And even still probably didn't receive the craziest of budget. This even being released is a miracle.

My week of waiting was rewarded. Now, this was another excellent episode.

The new opening looks amazing, even though it's already showing some spoilers from the next arc it was a great trip through memory lane.

I love how they are portraying Chidori and how she is witnessing her world being torn apart, this will not only help her character to develope but also I think this will help to digest what's to happen in the aftermath.

Also... Would anybody say Tessa isn't best girl after this episode? To remain as composed as she is in the middle of a havoc really shows she fills the shoes of a captain, not only because of confronting her sub but also because she was capable to order everybody on the island as to what to do.

Another 10/10 episode for me.

Great drama, crazy action, and MECHS!

I like how they added in parts about civilians and soldiers getting hurt/killed. I think most commonly action shows tend to gloss over those aspects.

Tessa is such a boss. How she handled that punk was perfection. I was fully expecting her to actually shoot him, and I bet she would. Perfect leader. This show is living up to my hype. Animation is still good despite what everyone is saying. I've never at one point thought that the animation was bad in any respect. I already cannot wait for ep3.

It's easy to forget that everyone in Mithril is a bunch of mercenaries. Sure it was mentioned every so often and the traitors in the submarine in season 1 had very "mercenary" reasons for betraying Mithril but I didn't really feel the weight of it until after Tessa left and threatened Speck.

Seeing everyone, especially Mao and Kurz, just laugh it off sent a shiver down my spine. They really are all guns for hire. Mao even said, "Just don't say it out loud."

Man I love this show.


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