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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
 "Zero Hour"

The moment I heard 'Mon dai nai' (No, problem) from Sousuke in this episode, that's the time it sink in to me that Full Metal Panic is actually back. Damn... I'm so missed this series, it's been so long.

There are tears in my eyes. I've waited an entire decade for this. I can't believe I'm actually going to see it concluded.


When she's a tsundere because the MC is legitimately difficult to deal with and it makes sense.

I saw a comment once describing her as a Tsundere with fully justified violent outbursts. Couldn't have agreed more.

Please, sometimes she needs to hit him more. He discharges weapons in a school building.

Are you really a tsundere if you smack someone for trying to blow up a school locker or planting land mines though?

She's violent, and a tsundere, but not a violent tsundere because her violence is justified.

The quality is insanely high.
Animation, Music, Storyboard, Voice Actor
Everything is high quality.
I'll see the whole season.

Perhaps next time it will be a Mecha battle episode, but I'm worried about the quality of 3DCG.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this episode. I was a little scared to see how the new studio would handle it but I'm happy with what we've got. Nice animation, I agree in that I'm also iffy about the CG Arms Slaves, but another thing I liked was its use of silence in stuff like the car scene at the end. I felt that was handled pretty well in some of the older episodes like the famous haircut scene, so it's nice to see here, too.

Considering how much beloved the series is and how Second Raid was handled by KyoAni, Xebec definitely pulled out all the stops for this one.

Sousuke and Kaname holding hands together made me a fanboy of this show all over again.

Man, the romantic buildup between those two is incredibly well done for an action anime. I love it how they actually show they care about eachother with those small gestures even though they (especially Sagara) can't put it in exact words yet. The hair cutting in The Second Raid, was another scene where they showed their feelings for eachother using something as trivial as a haircut.

That scene is one of my favorites. This was the first anime I really got into and I’ve watched the past seasons on a yearly basis. The fact that I get to watch another one as it airs? So pumped.

I love it more that it was Sousuke that initiated the handholding! It shows how much he's grown from the start of the series. And that scene when Kaname was looking for her keys and they basically wouldn't let go of each other's hand for even just a second? So cute! <3

Yes! I'd read the manga so I knew that scene was coming and I figured maybe we'd get there after a few episodes of buildup. Getting to it right away made me giddy.
I've always loved that part. I love Sousuke's matter-of-fact approach, and I love the 'I can't believe we're doing this but now we're in it' tension between the two of them throughout their the walk home. And I loved the part where they immediately held hands after Chidori unlocked the door. Adorbs!

Move over Zero Two, Chidori is best girl.

you misspelled Tessa

The real best girl war begins after almost a decade of peace

Thank god is back, I needed more Tessa in my life

And she still does the cute thing where she plays with her hair when in deep thought.

It's been too long since I've seen that cute face.

This couldn't be prettier if they tried. I'm just waiting for some action scenes with ASs. The Arbalest only showed up for a moment, but it couldn't be prettier. Now ofr the LN details:

For those unaware, this is starting book 7, Continuing On My Own, after skipping book 6. Volume 6 was released in audiodrama form, but the only available version has spanish subs, but you can find a summary of volume 6 here.

Hayshimizu's backstory was never quite given in the anime, but the short of it is, during middle school, he befriended a girl and helped her attend the high school she wanted by tutoring her. One morning, after slepily coming back from an all-nighter with Hayashimizu, she was hit by a car and died. Hayashimizu then decided not to go for the elite schools his parents intended, and decided to attend the school she worked so hard to get in, Jindai High, and enjoy his life by his own objectives.

The first scene of the LN is of a couple of internet forum users discussing about the Jindai students and specially Kaname's repeated involvement with terrorists before a troll comes in and starts disrupting the conversation by directing it towards Kaname's boobs, in true internet fashion. This scene is explained in the car with Kaname near the end of the episode, the LN mentions that Sousuke tried to come up with other solutions that would let Kaname live in peace. He suggested that they would try to get everything that Kaname knew as a Whispered and leaking into the internet for all to see, but Tessa says that they've already tried that and "If you present a small gold nugget to those who are mining gold and say, “This is it. There’s no more”, they wouldn’t throw away their hovels or pickaxes. The Whispered aren't miners who found gold, they are gold". Currently Mithril attempts to hide the Whispered in the internet by using an AI to frequent internet discussion forums to spread misinformation and disrupt discussion. She also says that Mithril is not the only agency to do that and many governments have been long doing the same. FMP was published in 2003 ...

Edit: Also i want to add that, while here it seemed like Amalgam just bombed Mithril's facilities, they've also sent in a convoy of soldiers on foot to invade Mithril's HQ in the middle of Sydney.

≫FMP was published in 2003 ...
I've always thought that Gatoh Shoji was incredibly well-informed (Especially in a global/international sense) and innovative in all his writings. FMP was actually the first series I watched that used English nearly perfectly (And I believe that also is a credit to the source material). The series could've been released today and be just as relevant in terms of the topics it covers!

≫Gatoh Shoji was incredibly well-informed
Oh yes he is. It's one reasons why FMP is one of my favourite series along with one of the best selling LN series ever.
You can often infer stuff from passing lines in the books with enough research, like the exact ship which the TDD-1 was built from, the exact route Mao, Kurz, and Sousuke took in Italy in TSR, submarine combat tactics, Marduka's backstory, and Sousuke's exact mujahideen group. I had a lot of fun during researching those during the recent rewatch.
It's specially nice to read the afterword on the books where he sometimes talks about traveling for research, like visiting Hong Kong for vol 5 and for TSR, and going on a cruise ship for vol 6. Except for Hasuna Isekura(Spice and Wolf), i don't recall any LN author dedicating themselves so much to research.
Edit: There's also that entire part where Gauron channeled the Riddler in TSR. Check out the first paragraph here.

I loved that last conversation between Kaname and Sosuke in the car. It seems that Kaname will have to be forced to come to terms with the fact that she can no longer live a normal life. As she grows older and her Whispered abilities become greater, it will become increasingly impossible for her to hide her true nature and lead an ordinary existence. She has already crossed the point of no return. Throughout the events of the previous series, Kaname has often tended to downplay or deny that she was special or extraordinary. Now she can no longer continue to avoid the heavy burden she bears; the curse of being a Whispered.

This carries on nicely from the themes of the Second Raid, which in its meta-commentary dismantles the premise of the show by pointing out just how unconventional, absurd and impractical Sosuke's double life of high school student bodyguard and Mithril soldier really is. With this ruthless new assault by Amalgam, it looks like those dream-like days may be forced to come to an end.

≫It seems that Kaname will have to be forced to come to terms with the fact that she can no longer live a normal life.
It also carries on from her self-denial about Sousuke's life as a mercenary. In TSR, Leonard mentions to her that Sousuke is just as violent as anyone in Amalgam, and now that she's close to losing her normality, she's partly terrified of him.

I was almost squealing half the episode. Not just because of this whole part (that was awkwardly adorable, btw) but also just because of watching all the characters again. I hadn't realised I'd be so nostalgic about this till I actually watched the episode!
Can't wait to watch the rest! I really want to see some action, especially since this episode looked great!

At last, we have been graced with more Full Metal Panic!
It's beautiful!
Absolutely loved it, next week simply cannot come soon enough.

That's a damn fucking good opening scene.
The Arbalest is back and looking great! Also Tessa <3 Best girl right there.

Love it, the thing that stands out to me most is how much more mature Souske is now, we saw him going through that in the second raid but now he's come to grip with his emotions.

The first time I watch an anime without really focusing in the subtitle. My eyes wanders around the screen for details and nostalgia feelings. It's like 13 years last a fraction of time when the episode fall back seamlessly.
I mean I tried to recall what's wrong with the episode and although I found a few they're negligible at best (like Kyoko sounds more restrain than normal, or the outlines too clean and not much dynamic in thickness.. Lol but that's really really really nitpicking though..). Overall there's no complain. I think majority of FMP fans (hardcore or not) around the world will be pleased. Even the color pallette and effect composite are accurate to the minute.
It's really really a wonderful first episodes. Hope every episodes will be like this and not fall into shambles like gonzo did in later 1st season.
Thank you Xebec... And in your face Kyoani!!

A wonderful first episode. After 13 years FMP is finally back! Such a welcome return, picking up right after The Second Raid it feels like the show never left. The animation quality is outstanding and it's wonderful to hear the returning seiyuu cast reprising their roles! I'm expecting great things from this season.

I can't imagine how the people who watched Second Raid 13 years ago feel. Luckily it's only been a year for me, but really happy to see more FMP, and this episode was great

Holy shit that was an amazing first episode! You can clearly tell that Xebec put a lot of effort on this one. They didn't even put an OP and an ED just so that could use every minute of that 23 minute run time. That was definitely a great decision since no single minute was wasted.
I was half expecting that Invisible Victory will start with an SoL episode to get people to acquainted with the characters then get serious at the end but I love that they didn't waste anytime and they jumped straight in to the meat of the plot. I'm already hyped for next week's episode!
And OH MY GOD the production is just great! It feels, sounds, and looks like FMP but with updated everything! I'm seriously just gushing right now because Xebec did an amazing job and I feel like it's partly because they some massive shoes to fill since they had to take over from KyoAni who also did an amazing job with Second Raid.
Spring 2018 is definitely the start of the new Golden Age of anime!

Badass Sagara and Captain Cute are back!!..... oh and Kaname (JK shes kool too lol)
As if this season is already my most fave ever i get another reason



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