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[Fate/Extra: Last Encore] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Unlimited――― ― Unlimited/ Raise・Dead ―"


Huh, a "choose who must die" trope where someone actually dies. Sorry, Hakuno. You tried.
Also, does this mean that Rin is an honest-to-goodness, bonafide, real, live, living, breathing, human being?

Depends if you consider a soul uploaded into a supercomputer a honest-to-goodness, bonafide, real, live, living, breathing, human being.
Her real body on Earth is probably dead, it's been 1000 years after all.

I would say yes because our minds/souls make us to people while the body is just a shell (if you believe in the concept of a soul, if not just ignore my comment then). So as long her mind is still alive in that computer she's a real person.

But is your mind uploaded to a computer really "you" or just an imitation of "you"? Brains don't run on 1s and 0s. We have a whole nervous system that feeds information to our brain and some of our body's functions don't involve the brain at all. Our nervous system is constantly feeding our brains various amount of chemicals to use as data, which is about as far as you can get from 1s and 0s as possible. Our brains use every number between 1 and 0 just as easily as it uses the integers themselves. And by that I mean "not very easy" since our brains fuck up all the time.
Which I guess begs the question: can an approximation of a human mind have a soul?

That's actually a really good question. I think in this case the answer would be yes because the MoonCell is not like normal computers and much superior to any technology human beings created. That's why it can easily upload the real soul without creating a copy of it. I personally think the human mind does have a soul and the brain is more like a translator of the soul but that's just me.

I always choice rin in the game anyway

This show in a nutshell

At least they don't deny it

Will Season 2 make more sense or less sense?

Remember, episodes 11-13 don't air until July. No gorilla  for three months. See y'all then lol.

Why did they split it up like that ?

no official word from them, but it's looking like they had some kind of delay in the initial production so they aired too late in the season to keep the timeslot going into the spring schedule.

Shaft has a weird tradition of doing that. They did it to Bakemonogatari as well back in the day

I'm assuming production issues. This series start like 3 weeks later then rest one's with some random Carnival Phantasm episodes getting screened instead. High chance that they decided that it's better to split it and pushed premiere later, than release rushed work.

Production issues most probably. Nasu described it as a "troublesome project".

probably nasu wanted to stuff in even more weird shit, shaft wanted more head tilts and exposition while girls do sexy poses

Sad to see Rani go but I'd have made the same decision...
That punch from Rin felt so nostalgic, like the Rin from UBW <3
Sucks we don't get to see Lancer in this :(

I thought he didn't make a choice but decided to save both of them, and it only didn't work out because Rani's body is weird? Since the choice would have been which one to kill?

That's what I figured happened. Although, I'm not sure how he would have gotten the ladder down if he had succeeded.

Wow, MAL really hates this show. I know ratings shouldn't matter, but seeing that 6.72 kinda hurts and it's probably going to go down even more. Definitely way different than every other Fate entry out there, so I guess it's not too surprising. Waiting until July for next ep hurts even more.
This episode was much better animated than previous ones, and the fights were better choreographed this time. I think this ep also explains how Rin and Rani manage to be in the higher floors if the lower ones were destroyed and the two of them weren't depicted going up every time.
Also, thanks for the subs, OP!

I'm also really disappointed it's rated so low on MAL (scoring lower than Apoc really twists the knife further). Even though Extra x Monogatari is my ideal anime, in all fairness Last Encore deserves at least an 8.
I know that I can't give an unbiased judgement, but some of the reviews are a mess. People complaining that this isn't "OG FSN with (Blue) Saber"/saberfaces in general, people complaining and calling Nero fanservice milking, people hating Shaft, people hating on the psychological aspect/lack of focus on fights, people hating on people (irony here). It's just so infuriating. One guy said he hit his balls with a hammer because he thought it was so boring. I'm so mad that I hope he actually did.

Tbh, for a last episode of the season, this feels too anticlimatic.
I still feel lukewarm toward the series and the fact that the climax is 3 months away doesn't help.
At least this puts to rest the Tamamo theory, as disappointing that it may be to some.
That being said, thanks Kooritsukai! I hope you'll be back with us come July!

I liked the quiet conclusion to the first part. I'm excited for the final episodes in July.

Can someone explain it? Why was Rani the one that died?

Rani's a homunculus so it seems like her composition wasn't something Hakuno was able to heal.

Dammit Shaft, you just had to force Hakuno to choose between Rin and Rani again, hadn't you?
And just like Shaft's style to put the series on hiatus and return with 3 more episodes a few months later. Years of watching Monogatari has taught us to accept that this is "normal".
Hopefully we shall learn more about who and what on earth is Amari (the pink hair girl) all about, as she's a completely original character not seen in the game. And perhaps a cameo by Fox Girl Servant.
Furthermore, much like how the BD for Monogatari is the complete version. If you want to be a completionist for this series, wait for the BD.
Until then, see you all in three months.

This episode was awesomesauce. There is no denying that Last Encore is the magnum opus of the fate franchise. Hakuno is also prob the best MC in this franchise as he fits into the greater themes of Extra through finding his own identity and by moving away from the murderous nature of the Dead face to trying to save lives. What a truly complex and sympathetic hero.

I say, Shirou would be the best MC of Fate with CCC Hakuno/n being in 2nd place and LE Hakuno being in 3rd. Although i havent read Strange Fake or Prototype.

Ohh! An actual choice with an actual consequence! I love it!
Man this is gonna suck since we have to wait for 3 months. Then again this is Shaft and Nasu so whatever they will put out it will definitely be something that's polished.


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