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[Devils' Line] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3

Glad we heard Anzai's thoughts a few times. I also like how both of them voice so much of what I was thinking (e.g., you haven't known him for long, there's a fairly weak foundation for a relationship, devil and human relationship can't work) but they still kept their relationship going because they can't help what they like.
I also like how Anzai never denied she is his girlfriend. That was a nice subtle acknowledgement. I like how he cried when he transformed and had to do everything in his will power to not hurt her and barely managed.
I know the pacing is awkward, that the animation is not great, and the background music is cheese. I know I should not like this anime but I still like this.
Sorry, not sorry.
Am I the only one who's actually enjoying this show? While the first two episodes were weird I'm really liking the interaction between Anzai and Tsukasa. Also it's just nice to see Matsuoka in a lead romance role where he's not a harem MC.
Also the world building so far has been nice. I like that they're giving us few tidbits of how the vampire society is kept hidden from the public.
That ending though. I'm going to bet Tsukasa follower them and she happens to witness the entire thing and that she will probably try to protect Anzai before Ms. Vampire Hunter can deliver the finishing blow.
≫Am I the only one who's actually enjoying this show?
I'm also enjoying it. Some parts are so bad and I laugh at how cliche it can get, but it's still really entertaining. All the great voice actors also help.
I’m really into it. It has some unfortunate twilight vibes but the vampires aren’t full of magic mike qualities and has some interesting lore and a cool take on the Vampire genres in anime; in the fact that they’re actually terrifying. I think the world building is it’s strong point even though the first two episodes are rough. The romance is a bit forced but it also isn’t unreasonable. Time will really whether it’s worth being central to the plot or not.
Also as for the lack of comments. Who knows. This sub is so unpredictable with series’ popularity for discussions. I mean, god forbid a series tries something different and is a bit rough around the edges before immediately being brushed off as “edgy” or “trash” or something. But eromanga-sensei comes along sexualizing twelve year olds and the sub starts patting itself on the back with the “this anime is trash and so am I” mantra.
I went into this anime expecting absolutely nothing and have been pretty entertained so far. Definitely happy I decided to try it out
Holy shit, that escalated fucking quickly at the end o_O
The romance part was really nice here.
But of course, the sniper missed the shot lol
I enjoy watching this series because it’s very lowkey in the anime fandom but the manga deserves some appreciation.

Tsukasa’s such a flustered’s quite adorable yet slightly annoying but hopefully she gets better eventually. It’s been years since I’ve seen an anime couple with so much sexual tension but the romantic moments were handled well.

At least we’re getting on some vampire action next episode! Left with that cliffhanger with Lee’s introduction was greatly done. Here comes the blood!
This anime is getting pretty interesting tbh
I love watching a super human vampire get flustered over a girl LOL
 ''Aw, this is so sweet. I might actually like this seri-okay spoke too soon.''
- Me nearly at the end of the episode.

It's amazing how in a season packed with great comedies the series that makes me laugh the hardest is what initially looked like an edgy Twilight clone, if only because its jokes appear at completely inappropriate moments. At least in this episode jokes are accompanied by a proper comedic soundtracks, so the series finally decided the comedy is intentional.
 Also, the existence of vampiresdevils is actually a completely open knowledge, not limited to authorities. This should've been established in the first episode, not third.
It's like, for the first few chapters mangaka hasn't actually decided wtf is he writing, and scriptwriters of the adaptation chose to preserve the spirit of the original by never reading any chapters beyond what is necessary for the next episode.
At least, looks like the overarching plot finally kicked in, with Punisher-chan and vampire Makishima Shougo(?). I'm extremely hyped for this glorious traiwreck.    

Tsukasa is legit insane. She has no self-preservation instinct when in comes to blatantly dangerous males. It's pure luck she managed to not get raped/murdered by a maniac up until now. And this is what actually makes her a plausible girlfriend material for "don't-you-see-I'm-a-big-bad-wolf-get-away-from-me" Anzai.
Juliana Lloyd. Lost her romantic interest to a protagonist. Uses sexual teasing as a form of revenge. Ye, I bet it took them exactly two seconds to figure out she should be voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki.
Punisher-chan has an eyepatch despite normal eyes. At this point I expect it to be a case of chuunibyou.

To the people that have a problem with the romance.....I have a theory about why it makes sense and why it isn't forced but I doubt in the anime it's going to amount to anything more than some cliched bad writing early on.

You ever hear that tip? On your first date you should go on to an amusement park? Well, people suggest that because we often misatribute feelings of thrill and fear with those of attraction and arousal. Your hearts pumping like crazy because of a roller coaster and you associate that feeling with your partner instead. The monogatari series (sort of) explores this in the Onimonogatari/shinobi time arc.

So what's happening with our MC is basically that....on roids. Think about it her closest friend who confessed to her turns out to be a serial killing vampire, who did said killings for her and was on the verge of killing her too. She is then saved by someone who she's suspected of having been keeping an eye on her for a while, taken home by him and in a twist of events had first kiss taken from her as she realises that the person doing so is a vampire too. That too only minutes after another life changingly thrilling experience. I think there is also this idea that we tend to fall in love with our saviors, happens in hospitals all the time, so there's that too.

I think we have some evidence of this too, her wierd dreams of making out/ getting sexual with anzai as her blood drips from her lips. It's almost like her love is PTSD of sorts.

As for Anzai being into our MC....well I'm honestly not too sure about that one.I guess it's part he feels some sort of obligation to protect her, part lusting after her blood and a whole lot of THE PLOT NEEDS IT TO HAPPEN. Maybe we'll understand his motivations as time passes.

So my conclusion's not forced but it's not entirely healthy and organic either. Kudos on the show if it can play with that.
My thoughts on Anzai's interest in Tsukasa is that she is not afraid of him even after he had almost given in to his bloodlust and killed and the general fear of devils. The show established this episode with Meow-kun that he was sad the restaurant girl died because she treated Meow-kun normally. So Anzai likes her because she treats him normal in a world where it isn't easy to find someone like that.

That doesn't explain why he stuck around in the first place though because iirc there is no way he could've known Tsukasa would be ok around him.

If it is some sort of need to protect, why would Anzai feel that way? I honestly feel like her life is in danger whenever they are together. It is a literally ticking time bomb before he can't hold back anymore and hurts her.
Here I was thinking to myself "This isn't bad, it's a comfy romance with a demon/vampire theme on the side, I'm quite fine with these small moments between Tsukasa & Ansai". And then the moment of the confession came up...

That definitely takes the cake in confession cockblocks.

Well, this new girl sure increased my interest on the subplot.
I like the romance. I think it's hot in fantasies when a woman holds the control of a powerful man or monster in her hands. Their use of sexual need driven by blood adds a great tension. There are very few anime that I think are sexy but this is one.
Though eww, how many Kleenex is that guy going to go through lying on his girlfriend's bed?
I think that's one aspect that I found a little interesting when I saw the first ep. It seemed like such a cringey fanfic written by a woman like the twilight author (sorry ladies! I know, not all of you!) that a studio decided to animate! So I was surprised to learn that the author is male! <-- (Not sure if this would be considered a spoiler...)
Then again, kinks are not specific to certain genders lol...
because i am impatient and cant wait a week, this anime got me started on reading the manga. i wont spoil anything from of it here, but i am enjoying this series more than i was expecting. And while there have been quite a few details missed here and there, i think the adaption is actually not that bad.

I'll probably keep watching this anime, and i was only expecting to watch maybe two series this entire season.


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