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[Devils' Line] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"Safe House"

Tsukasa should've glassed this guy instead of slamming the mug onto the window.

Just when I was about to give him props for sedating himself so nothing would happen with him and Tsukasa, he goes on and sniffs her hair while she sleeps. Come on Anzai! We're slowly getting into Twilight territory here.

Well at least he doesn't sparkle and he's actually terrifying n his vampire form. Those aren't your regular sexy vampire fangs! Those are Nosferatu tusks!

What I do found interesting is that this is NOT like Tokyo Ghoul at all. It looks like the vampires/oni are being protected and kept secret by the government. They're not treated as vermin to be eradicated but as citizens too but with tighter regulations. Also they say Oni, not specifically Vampire. I'm guessing there aren't just vampires out there?

I wonder if we are ever going to get any Anzai point of view. The fact we don't know what he is thinking in the anime makes his creepiness like 10x worse.

Also, I missed it in the manga, but now that it's animated and there's sound, it was pretty clear what Anzai did after he lost control and licked that blood off of his hand. T_T

≫Tsukasa should've glassed this guy instead of slamming the mug onto the window
thats not what happend, she tried to hit him with it but he forced her hand away and into the window

-first 30 seconds we get a bloody sex scene
-me almost choking up during the sad moment LOL
-sex legal between devil and human okay (yes, im on board baby)
-attempted rape
-hot devil dude jerking it to MC's blood
-hot devil dude breaking into MC's house, not to mention just straight up stalking her
-sniff into moan combo
I fucking love this shit wtf my taste is trash LOL

I know what you mean. It’s so unabashed that I can’t help but dig this ridiculous trash lol

≫I fucking love this shit wtf my taste is trash LOL

saaaame! Watched the first episode like "ok this is horrible, huh.. I guess I'll watch this for the train wreck!!", episode 2 "oh god what is wrong with me I actually enjoyed this episode"
anime is trash and so am I!

I am so conflicted about this series. I guess I felt conflicted when I read the manga too. But seeing it animated made it worse.

I kind of wiped the professor assault part out of my mind, but when I went back to re-read the manga there it was again and they were basically animating that scene word by word. The professor actually (cringe-worthily) said "I assumed your silence means yes." even though Tsukasa kept saying no multiple times.

I am glad she was willing to report the issue and the professor got disciplined for what he did though.

Anzai was also being ultra creepy with his stalking, but again, this was also in the manga, so I can't fault the animator for his stalking. Also the smelling thing when he got his scarf was also quite creepy (but also in the manga). I forgot how much of a creep he was in the beginning of the series after like 50 chapters. I am just glad to know he gets progressively less creepy as we know more about him.

I hope they do more Anzai point of view soon, because I think that's what's really missing.

And then there's Tsukasa and her feelings toward Anzai (lust?), well I am glad at least she felt conflicted about her feelings for him, because I sure am uncomfortable about her attraction at the moment.

PS. I think the voice actors were pretty good but whoever did the sound mixing should be fired.

PPS. Characters actually look better in the anime than the manga, so I find it funny when people complain about the character design.

There is no right or wrong as to if the characters look better in the manga or the anime, it's just all preference.

I liked the part where Anzai chewed out the woman for not teaching her husband the truth: "What part of that is being careful?"
It's nice that the vampires and bloodlust are actually dangerous in this show.

I wonder where you are, Anzai-san.
opens curtains.

Apparently, trend of the season is deadpan humor (both this and Hinamatsuri).

This series' mood swings are absolutely bizzare. Episode 1 was all dark and edgy, episode 2 suddenly starts with shoujo rom-com and ends with disturbingly realistic rape attempt (the guy pretending that she's consenting, and that the whole situation is business as usual, yeah, that happens). Also, the first episode had funny moments that looked completely unintentional, but now i don't even know anymore, maybe they were intentional? Which makes them even worse, cause you aren't supposed to violate your story's tone like that. This series already works great as "so bad, it's good" show.

I'm still optimistic that it'll just be good in the end. The plotlines of vampires trying and failing to live a normal life are super compelling. Anzai pointing out to yandere waifu she wasn't "being careful" for shit was harsh.

Side notes:
Blood splattering on a "camera lens" was a nice touch. Completely gratuitous, but nice effect.
Ah, sniffing hair, the most romantic and totally not disturbing expression of feelings.

This series (both manga and anime) has very weird and abrupt tone switches. I think those moments that are funny that seem unintentional is probably intentional given what I have seen in the manga (those are the spots where in the manga the characters break into weird expressions, e.g., when she opens her blinds and see Anzai being creepy).

This is definitely one of those series where you feel sightly embarrassed for liking, but like it anyway so you end up watching it in secret. I think deep inside we all want to see how a relationship with a blood addicted vampire can work out without it being a total disaster.

damn, that teacher is scary as hell.
he is not like most rapists in fiction. dude is just normal, looks normal, acts normal, and rapes you with "whatevs" attitude.
shit, that is legit scary O_O

After the 1st episode I had the feeling that I had never seen an anime with that awful of quality and story, but I saw comments under the video saying that the manga is better. I thought that it was a faster way to decide whether to drop it or not, so I checked the manga out.
The first chapter was honestly very bad, the story was rushed af. But the second one... There's such a HUGE difference between the anime and manga, I never saw a rift that big. The characters are EXTREMELY likeable and the comedy is funny. I actually read the manga up to where its at.
The anime however... welp.

Can we take a moment to think about how Anzai jacked off using Tsukasa's blood as lube

I thought he was licking his left hand and jerking with his right

It's open to interpretation I guess

Where the Citrus chart about rape? I think we'll need it here too!

its ok, they are not blood related.

Man, I really don´t know what to expect from this series. I thought the scene with the wife was really strong, it really made me think about their situation, and makes me think the series will have interesting and well developed ideas. But something about the main pair makes me think it can get uncomfortably close to Twilight territory, which would be terrible.

I think the romance between Tsukasa and Anzai is by far the worst part of Devils Line. The themes it probes are super intriguing and I really love some of the supporting characters, but everything feels held back by the author trying to make it work between an honestly unbelievably dumb girl and this half devil.

I don't read the manga but this episode seemed like there were like 10 chapters in it, it's a little rushed
Any manga readers can tell me if it'll be an edgier Twilight with rape fantasies all the way through?

It is the most rushed anime I have ever seen for sure. They skipped as hella lot. The relationship really doesn't make sense in the anime.


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