Tuesday, April 10, 2018

[Devils' Line] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Dark Side"

Sees Blood
Rape mode activated
Thought he had more self control than that lmao.

It certainly sells "overpowering drug-addiction" angle.

I don't know what it is, but the design of the main girl's best friend (the girl one), is really annoying and aggravating.

It's definitely the eyes. She's drawn in a way that's usually used to represent a character being scared, or uncomfortable, or unhinged, except that's just her normal expression. The disconnect between how she behaves and how her emotional state is actually drawn is so disconnected that it just looks wrong.

Also her forehead is really big .

God those eyes are creepy af, and whats even worse she doesnt blink at all.

character designs do look inconsistent overall. couple that with the lackluster animation and that means the story is the only thing that would keep me interested unless the studio pulls their act together.

That was some horrendous sound editing.
Also that kiss at end , lol melting away

The voices, what the hell was wrong with the voices? The acting was standard, but it’s like they recorded at their basement or something

Did anyone else start laughing at the sudden rape after he sees her blood for like 2 seconds? I expected him to look like he was struggling to control himself and then run away, but nope. Immediate Citrus.

oh god i hope she won't fall in love with him.

Oh come now, you've seen anime before, right? This already had some Twilight vibes as it is (minus the gore).

So, you took my vampire boy, who keep his lust for me in check for years already, and at the first sigh of my blood you rape me... you better take responsibility!

LOL, I could just imagine her saying that in a RomCom alternative version of this anime.

2 minutes in and the color palette looks like it's from the 80's.

Well, by the end of the episode I'm not entirely convinced this isn't some secret society anime set in Lost Boys universe.

I found the animation super gross (I don't know, hard on my eyes), but I got a very Tokyo Ghoul vibe from this! I'll probably keep my eye on this.

lol wtf was that he arrested that one guy for raping and murdering a girl then jumps her bones the minute he's out of the picture lmao

new tokyo ghoul looking ok i guess.
and lol going from rape to 'softly melting away'.

Sawashiro Miyuki as a badass Vampire Police? I'm in!

That "WTF!?" Ending aside, I thought it was pretty good! I love the misdirection that they did to make us think that Anzai is the killer on the loose but it was actually Akimura and Anzai is part of a special vampire hunting police unit. I know there's suppose to be romance in this anime anime but I REALLY wish they used a different music for that final scene. That was NOT a romantic scene.
Also anyone else getting a bit of Tokyo Ghoul vibe from the show? Just replace Ghouls with Vampires.

Ghouls have pretty much been the new age version of Vampires for a while. It goes back to original feeling of danger in the relationship with one side's hunger threatening to harm the other. Vampires don't really have the same feeling anymore since you could just throw a blood pack at them and you'd be fine whereas you can't really do the same with human flesh and ghouls.

The animation was lacklusture. Too fast for my taste. The story has me intrigued though. Its like Tokyo Ghoul but with Vampires instead of Ghouls. Might continue to watch it.

So, it adapted the first chapter really well adding things to make the turn more impactful. The week waiting for the next episode is gonna be tough.

This has so many unintentionally goofy moments. Color palette in the prologue. Corny opening song. Gratuitous english. Main girls and her friends faces bordering on uncanny valley (eye sizes are just wrong). Sawashiro Miyuki delivering Super Inazuma Kick. 100% maximum friendzone. That transition into "softly melting away".
But all of it gets easily excused for the struggle of a friendzoned vampire plotline. For something so short it was a very compelling story. And the whole premise of vampirism as antisocial disorder/drug-addiction and police employing vampires to hunt vampires reminded me of Psycho Pass of all things, rather than other vampire stories.
Compared to Manga cover page, main guy's design looks disappointing.

Yes! I've read the manga and it definitely has a cyberpunk feel at times. The manga delves into a lot of the moral/ethical dilemmas surrounding vampirism so I hope the anime doesn't skimp on that.

Relevant username :) I also think this series is similar to Psycho-Pass in multiple ways and can't wait to see how far the anime goes, seeing how some characters who show up way later in the manga are already in the first episode.

I dont understand people who are complaining about the animation. I absolutely loved the animation and the audio of this first episode.
I have read the manga and thought this first episode was a great representation of the manga just slightly watered down
Maybe i just really enjoy sick and twisted anime, but i really thought this first episode is off to a great start!


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