Saturday, March 31, 2018

[Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku] Episode 12 impressions []Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Episode 12
"A Trip to the Underworld That Started With a Death March"

Wait, the dragon god? As in the one he killed at the beginning of the series?

not just the dragon god, it was the strongest god...

.... Tells worlds about how OP Satou really is

He dumped all of those kill_all bombs in the first episode though, it doesn't really say anything about how powerful he is now.

(he got them as spell afterwards)

Weird place to end, if anything after finishing the 200 floors thing would've made more sense as an ending, but I guess with a series like this that doesn't really have proper conflict it doesn't matter too much where it ends.
That being said quite enjoyed this series, wasn't anything ground-breaking but was remarkably cozy, gonna miss the weekly installments of an OP MC that acted at least vaguely normal, hopefully spring will bring something else to fulfill that niche.

Yeah, but since Satou is overpowered as fuck, you're right, there isn't a big conflict for him. Making the Zen-arc less than a few episodes and making the tree climb insanely quick makes it so it doesn't slog on and I think really helped that arc, because in reality most people only care about the final boss fight.

Satou's biggest obstacle is trying to not be a lolicon.

He and Yaichi from Ryuuou no Oshigoto would get along well.

I think Yaichi has given into it by now honestly

That... barely felt like and ending. And the title of the episode had nothing to do with the episode!
Still a pretty enjoyable series, 7/10 from me.

The title was only referring to the story book he was reading xD

Basically a go buy the source material ending.

I'm sensing a massive trend with this in regards to LN series with 8+ volumes that don't sell merchandise. =/

That really is the point of animating LN series; they are mostly funded by the LN publisher as a way to promote the source material.

How you are enjoying a harem without me?
LMAO. that's a new one. Pretty enjoyable series. Hope it gets a season 2.

It's kinda fresh for a girl not to freak out with MC having a harem in the first place, at least this time she wants in on the action with an MC that knows what's going on but just isn't interested

The series really had a good perspective towards sex the entire time. But poor Arisa is going to have to wait 10 years to get a piece of Satou.

An odd spot to leave the series off at in my opinion, but leaving here made it so the rest wasn't insanely rushed (I enjoyed how the pushed through the Zen arc).
I'm a huge isekai sucker, so this made huge impressions on me within the first few weeks to get me to go start reading the WN, this series definitely benefits from Satou's internal monologues but I think the anime was able to convey most of what was needed for it to be an enjoyable anime.
Hopefully this sells well and puts out a season 2! Overall, this show is better than good but not quite phenomenal, so an 8/10 for me. (Again, sucker for isekais)

Surely a season 2 will be made, right? I don't want to add this to the list where Ben-to and Maou-sama are.

Damn. I have Ben-to on my PTW list. But hearing this kinda makes me wonder if it's worth watching. I'm not sure if watching a good anime is worth adding another cliff hanger to the back of your mind

Ben-to is definitely worth watching as a singular series. I don't even remember it having a "Buy the LNs" style ending.

Thank you. This was my main concern. As there's a lot of LN-based anime nowadays, they're all practically an advertisement for the books.

I love how it's just business as usual for Liza.
Nothing to see here.

It seems Satou isn't the only one who acquired the Poker Face skill.

I love how serious Liza is without actually being cold.
She's great.

Standard LN adaptation ending, but sadly I'm already used to those. Also I have no expectations of a season 2, unfortunately.
Anyway, that was a good anime. I expected it to be worse. I also expected it to be different, not an SoL, but I'm glad it was like this, no drama or much conflict, just a relaxing anime of Satou eating different types of food and effortlessly defeating a few enemies once in a while.
I'm giving it an 8/10, even if just barely. The worst for me was the animation, which was quite meh. And this might come as picky but I didn't like the MC's voice either. His normal voice was good but his 15yo voice was weird.

This show did a lot of good things. A lot happened but at the same time nothing actually happened. Just a nice SOL isekai. This and Smartphone really upped the comfiness of Isekais. Thats something I definitely lile. Although ill give it a 7.8/10 not enough Nana


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