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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 15 impressions

Episode 15

OF course each core is a human body - they where humans a long, even more clear that if it was any doubt that the papa will for sure be the end boss and probably created this mess to begin with, the city they just attacked seems to be an old plantation of transformed human / klaxxoures mechas who are defending themself or the planet I suppose from the evil papacy.

I'm pretty sure at this point that Dr. Franxx created the Klaxos.
He's mad like that.

Dr.Frannx seems to be 100% aware of all the shet but dont care for domination etc he just wants to experiment and "invent" stuff.

My guess is that a long time ago when the "whatever power papa and the others are harvesting" was discovered, there was a civil war between the humans who wanted to use it (current day papa), and those who didn't (current day klaxx). That, or the klaxx are the result of the first attempts of using something the humans shouldn't have, that cause part of their race to turn into monsters.

Holy shit am I so glad that they did the "play the OP and get hype" trope. I needed that so much here.
Also, the fuck.

It never fails to be awesome.
My favourite trope.

That was the icing on the cake. Fucking awesome to see Strelizia's new form emerging while the OP was playing! HYPE!

Based Trigger saves anime with the greatest anime trope yet again

At this point...I just want Miku and Zorome to be happy

Only couple without a mess of strings attached. No one else wants to put up with their Tsundereness, but they thrive off each others. It's beautiful.

The part where their franxx was holding Goro and they said something in unison definitely was a great moment for them

It's interesting how the some of the 9s have males as the pistils, but the stamen were female. Guessing this means it doesn't matter which sex takes which role, so long as there's one of each. Unless the 9s aren't similar to humans sexually or are just a special case.     

We've got to talk this out   
Watch as one man solves anime.
That ending is giving me Shinsekai Yori vibes...

Goro is a legendary bro he is up there with broskandar

Goro now ascends to the throne of bros.

Ep13: Wow that was such a amazing and feelgood ending
Ep15: Hold my beer

Ep14: Everybody hates me

Episode 14 was necessary though. The payoff in 15 means nothing without 14.

Remember that insane amount of salt last week?
Nah, me neither.

The solution we've been waiting for this whole time

≫The solution we've been waiting

the solution romance anime in general has been waiting for, for like, forever
Is... is trigger saving anime again?

Trigger and A1 combined Gurren Lagann style and did a Giga Drill Breaker to all the stupid tropes of anime.

Female pilot, male human-klaxosaur pariing??

That caught me off guard as well. And notice that the dudes have YELLOW HORNS. Is this the result of Dr. Franxx experiments on Zero Two?

Some time back I read speculations that the 9's are actually all human-klaxosaurs (or at least the bottom personnel). Seems like this speculation may have truth.

The 9's machines looks like mass produced versions of Strelitzia and the bottom/mecha personnel are all seen to be having horns.

Looks like all or at least some of the boys are in a reverse position for squad 9.

These horns are probably related to Klauxosaur blood. But what are Klaxosaur exactly when they have these cores that look like they contain humans?

I feel that next episode we may start the hinted rebellion. Look at how easy and cold complete plantations were sacrificed. This has to bring the people from squad to start thinking some is very wrong.

No episode next week fyi, so if this episode doesn't tame the embers of the war then we have to wait a whole two weeks. Source:
Edit: Holy shit what a fucking episode, the two weeks won't be as painful now.

I'll just re-watch it next week lmao
And in an hour

Crying Zero Two makes me want to hug her.
And that reconciliation with Hiro was really touching. (That kiss scene is so sweet as if all the pain from EP 13 and 14 suddenly vanished into nothing.)
Also I find it a bit funny that her horns in her rampant state makes her look like a deer. Dunno.

I chuckled after realizing her horns ended up uneven
But yeah, much needed reconciliation and love after all the suffering of the past couple episodes...

I just want that smile back. 
Good luck, bro.
Dammit Goro why are you so cool.
"We've got to talk it out!"

Obviously the Hiro/Zero Two resolution was amazing, but i thought the most intriguing part of this episode was the 9's pistil/stamen arrangements.
"Alpha" in the pistil doggystyle position was kinda funny too haha

Goro, you are so goddamn perfect, it hurts
i hope now he got a chance with ichigo

Hands down BEST episode so far.

I honestly thought they can't top Episode 13. Boy was I wrong. Plus they even manage to bait people with Episode 14 into thinking that everything will start going downhill.

can't fully appreciate an emotional peak without an emotional low. it was definitely the best choice to get people freaked out last week.

I knew I was in for a good episode when it skipped the intro, but i never knew I was going to be in for an OP song moment.

Zero Twooooooooooo
I didn't find this surprising but I'm glad they're going with this route again. These two stand out much more as a pair. Wtf is with that giant hand at the end...


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