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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 14 impressions

Episode 144
"Punishment and Confession"

Damn Zero Two's horns grew tenfold.

They've got them curves now.

Well... The one with the sharpest horns always wins?

Sore ga Daruringu in the FranXXu da.

Punished "Venom" Zero Two, A Pistil forsaken by Squad 13

I actually want Hiro to grow a single blue horn and become a demon, Kaz.

This episode murdered me from start to finish. I have no more words.

This episode was 20 minutes of frustration. Son of a bitch.

When Ichigo cut her finger, I can't be the only one who thought Hiro was going in for the lick right?

I was cringing so hard thinking that he was going for the lick. Breathed a sigh of relief once I saw the bandage.

Doki Doki Literature Club was flashing through my head during that scene.

I mean, I knew that there won't be healing this episode, but separation arc, really? This mean that won't be any healing for a long time.

I said this somewhere else in the thread, but Zero Two has been fighting her transformation for a few episodes now. First her nails and fangs, now her horns have grown. By the time they get reunited, she may be beyond saving and Hiro will go full monster to be with her

When she was young, her form was much more demon-like. Even if she ends up going full demon while fighting in the grand crevasse, she can probably become human again by doing whatever it is she did back then.

GoBro smiles as his love confesses to someone else... and then he's gone.
GoBro is perhaps the purest character I've seen. His internal pain hurts the most of any character.

He smiles as his crush vows to ride another dude so hard

I feel like he is the kinda person who says "Oh I didn't get the girl but she is happy. I will suck up my sadness and be happy for her."
This kinda guys and girls are great but they often are so sad inside.

Fuck off Gobro doesn’t deserve that.

Gobro doesn't deserve Ichigo, he's too pure.

No one deserves to get as good a guy as GoBro. At this point he is so kind and sweet I'm just waiting for him to snap and/or die. If you aren't MC and you are super good you end up dead, or you live to become the villain.

Gobro riding 02 be the final boss of the series /s

GoBro: You thought I was really that nice? You stole Ichigo so I'ma steal Zero Two.

Tch, that which made up my whole episode? I don't even remember it. Best Tsundere. Well besides Zorome and Miku.

This was perhaps the best part of the episode. Not as if that's a hard thing to be, since this was depressing.

That little exchange made me go from a mild dislike of Mitsuru to a mild like.
I hope this trajectory keeps going.

I hated him but when a character turns round I love them more than if I did originally. In this case I thus love both Mitsuru and Zorome t this point.

Poor Goro at the end. Even if he does end up with Ichigo, he'll just feel like a runner up. Which is why I now support the Megane ship

So... Futoshi is doomed to be alone? Or does he get Ichigo in the end?

Futoshi still has his bread. Thicc boi will never be truly alone.

If Hiro is on the team then who is going to sit out? Hiro I guess? Or Goro? Someone has to.

Well we will probably have Drama about that next week. The episode could create a gap between Gobro/Hiro, Gobro/Ichigo, then we could have some same sex FranXX.
I'm not looking foward to that.
But if I had to guess, I would say that Hiro will get new partner that aren't part of the group, and completly wear them down after a single ride (kinda like 02). Unless Naomi come back for a few episodes.

That change to Hiro and Zero Two's partnership was the hardest dotted line I've ever had to draw. Also don't want to jump the gun and say everybody hates Zero Two and Zero Two hates everybody, so I'll leave it at Ichigo for now. Also don't know if Mitsuru is over hating Hiro yet, but he played it cool.
That was a rough episode. Fucking having no healing, they just twisted the knife as deep as it can go for now. Zero Two and Hiro are separated, fucking all of Squad 13 gets shitrocked by an angry Zero Two, Goro sees Ichigo's confession to Hiro. I'd say we can only go up from here but we're probably going down more by the end of this series.

Personally I still think the Blue Oni theory is on the table. We're building up to a "it's okay to be monsters" moment.
Also we know this upcoming operation has the 9s involved, so Hiro will have the chance to see her again soon.

Two points confirmed:
When 02 said "You saw?", it confirms that 02 was not aware of the mind meld, she did not see Hiro's memories, she only gave her own memories to Hiro.
When she asked "Were you my darling back then? If so then what have I been doing?", confirms that she did not know Hiro was her original Darling from the start and she only started to figure out at that moment, and she was using him as fodder unknowingly.
I'm just here trying to support the theory that 02 wasn't aware that Hiro is her original darling and that all the call backs some people kept pointing out were not intentionally done by 02 to make Hiro remember.
Also, I'm just dropping by here to say nobody better be hating on Hiro cause what he did may not be what you wanted to happen (I too wish for the happier times) but all the things he did were pretty reasonable IMO. Plus, it's nice to see him actually call out 02's bad behavior. am here to protecc my boi who has a lot on his plate rn give him a break trigger
All in all, this episode really leaves a bad aftertaste for me cause nothing got resolved and conflict just got more tangled up. I didn't enjoy this episode not cause it was bad, but because bad things kept happening when I just wanted them to be better. I thought it was a nice set up to the journey towards the Grand Crevasse (I wanna see how they'll work alongside the 9's now) but really excruciating to go through. But I'm pretty sure the resolution to all this, esp Hiro2, would be damn satisfying. Hopefully. Please...

Best character this week is GoBro. cool headed, understanding, and understanding.. he's just so pure. he's that type of guy who put friendships first. but also the kind of guy who keep on losing for their friends to win. fuck it hurts bro


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