Sunday, April 8, 2018

[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"The Beast and the Prince"

Can't this episode just be five minutes longer? I can't wait another week.

"And the story of a reunion"

Doesn't this mean that technically, Zero Two is a childhood friend?
The childhood friend will win this time!

childhood friend and he made a promise.


Except Ichigo was the childhood friend before Zero Two, if we go chronologically. Zero Two was the childhood crush.

Yes, there really isn't any doubt. The love that he had when is was young, who then moved to France or whatever, and then came back but he had forgotten her.
Complete victory.

Idk man....
I have a feeling something terrible will come our way if not next week the week after. Especially because of what that book is hinting towards..
I'm freaking out dude.

≫I have a feeling something terrible will come our way if not next week the week after
dammit, you jinxed. now we'll get 2 recap episodes.

2 beach episodes with Loli Two ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

I need more loli oni Zero Two

You're doomed to keep watching this for the rest of your life.

It felt like 002's caretaker really wanted to treat her like a person but giving her the picture book got her in trouble.

That's definitely what they were implying. I wonder if we'll ever get to see that caretaker as an actual character.

So many questions were answered in this episode but a different perspective would be welcome. It would be interesting to learn more about the societal stucture of their world, the motivations of the adults and whether there are dissenting opinions among the masses.

pretty sure the big thing they've only hinted at so far is that the kids aren't actually born normally, but manufactured, and as a result can't become adults

I understood that they can't become adults because of those injections, the yellow cells being what allows them to pilot the Franxx but also what will kill them all eventually.


I'm a bit surprised about Dr. Franxx. I thought they were setting him up to be a good guy going against the messed up traditions of APE, but he is fucking terrible I pretty much hate his guts now.

Franxx looks like a chaotic neutral character. Looks like he cares as less about the APE getting destroyed as he does care about the well-being of the kids.

I'd argue that he is a Neutral Evil character.
He seems to care only about himself and his research. Evil characters can be decent people (Depending on your interpretation of D&D morality) but they have selfish goals and care about themselves before others, no matter what.
As an example, a Good player would save the world because it's the right thing to do, a Neutral player would save the world because they live there, and an Evil player would save the world because it's their world.
So basically morality is usually about motivations rather than actions alone. Although personally I find D&D morality overly simplified and nobody can agree on what morality to use.
If FranXX manages to save the human race through his torture of 002, you could argue Utilitarianism for that making it morally wrong to stop him if there were no other way.

Holy crap. So all of Zero two's mannerisms are literally from Hiro. His say "ahh" part is why she always feeds him!!!!

Holy shit. This is why 02 fucking licks people all the time, because Hiro licked her wound.

Yeah I found that one the most funny one.

"This is the taste of a wounded person, Hiro Hiorno!"

You know when the OP doesn't play that you're in for a ride. And what a ride it is, from Zero Two suffering to cute interactions between Hiro and Zero Two.
It was so cute seeing how Hiro's actions shaped Zero Two's character (liking sweets because of the candy for one).
My face when the ending scene is played along with the ED (absolutely beautiful how the picture book is shown).
What an episode, would replay again. Can't wait for more small Hiro and Zero Two art.
Edit: HNGGGGGGG. I hope I don't die from diabetes this week.

The callbacks tho

Shit, I wonder if that's why she just immediately dropped the subject afterwards. She was testing to see if he was her darling, but since he didn't remember, she decided it wasn't him.

And now we have to wait an entire week to see how she reacts learning that it WAS him.

The real pain of this weeks episode.

I went to this episode wanting to see cute Oni Zero Two
But all i've got was a bunch of feels.
also, this moment warmed my heart
lots of details from past episodes. This shows why 02 behaves like she does. Very cute too.

Child Hiro is such a vastly different character compared to his present self. He was proud, lively, charismatic and yet full of compassion and empathy. Until recently, his older self was more doubtful and despondent. Until he was reuinited with Zero Two, he was unmotivated and had a grim outlook on life. In a way, the adults broke him and Zero Two mended the pieces back into shape. Now, the analogy and symbolism with the birds forming a pair and depending on each other holds much more weight.



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