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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"The Garden Where It All Began"

Just when I think I'm out these fucks pull me back in! Rough draft, hopefully by the end of the 24 episodes I'll have a nice clean-looking web of love and hate along with pleasing little notes. For now, I just need to plan.
This episode was intense. Zero Two is on a slow moderate RAPID descent into madness and Hiro is getting pulled along for the ride. And she's keenly aware of when others are wary/fearful of her, as shown by her pulling away from Hiro when he notices her enlarged fangs. Hiro getting called fodder a moment after confessing to her was rough. Like "you can pinpoint the exact moment his heart rips in half" rough. There's not a whole lot you can say to mitigate that.
How Zero Two arrived at the conclusion that dead klaxosaurs = becoming human is beyond me. Given what we know about the world, it was probably either a lie fed to her to keep her under their control or a fleeting thought Dr. Franxx mentioned in passing that she took VERY seriously.

Miku and Zorome better stay in their own little seperate chart. We need to at least have one untainted couple in this show.

Miku and Zorome better stay in their own little seperate chart.
They already got a (blond) third wheel, in a way… or maybe that were Ichigo and Goro? Nine Alpha's everywhere.

I wonder how basically no one noticed the two red strings of fate Miku is holding in the ED as opposed to only one that everyone else is holding.

Hopefully Zorome x Miku stays wholesome >.>

I will rate this show a 10/10 if Zorome dies and Miku goes fucking berserk. Or vice versa.
Something will happen. Contrary to what most think, DitF is a very straight forward show. Zorome is Code 666 for a reason.

Episodes 11 and 12 should be renamed to:
Hiro's amnesia fucks everything I and II

I'm calling mind wipe rather than amnesia

The anime implied more a manipulation in parasites minds (and everything...) than an "Oh, I can't remember".
The doubt now is why only Hiro passed through this (if your are correct) mind wipe, since the other kids seems to remember things from their past.

Hiro is probably the only one who got a high enough dose of the YBC injections to mess with his memory. It evidently tampered with his personality too, as stated by Goro. Only Mitsuru and Hiro are known to have gotten the injections, and even then Mitsuru only because he wanted to he just like Hiro since he idolized him.

Did anyone notice how they said how they've only left the facility for 6mos even though there was a thick layer of dust on the desks? And how all of their memories are ONLY that of them as very young children?

Yeaaah. They noticed it was strange but didn't really touch on it.

Especially as we've now seen all four seasons in the show's weather... although the plantation could just be travelling a long distance.

Looks like we are finally getting out of the side character happenings and back into the main plot! Very excited!
This scene with Miku and Zorome about Nine Alpha "looking pretty cute" was easily the funniest part of this episode. They can taint/ swap anyone else, but I hope they keep our comedic duo pure!

Zorome's grunt when he zoomed into the frame was A+.

Zorome is best guy and no one can convince me otherwise.
Goro is best girl

Everything was so much darker this EP, and not just plot-wise or in an implicit manner like Zorome's EP, but it was just there right in front of us. Even the colors seemed much less saturated. I'm glad they at least answered some of our questions for the end of this cour....but left us with much more, specifically about the tests going on in the Garden and, of course, Zero Two.
Also this line here seems suspicious, her use of the word "made" just seems really off

Vat Grown? I knew Naomi wouldn’t be there but it will be interesting where they go from here. If they start doubting papa.

Oh definitely, but it still seems like they trust Papa enough. Sure, they seemed suspicious about the garden itself but I don’t recall them saying anything about Papa having deceived them. Maybe it’ll just take time before they do start thinking like that.

So I'm guessing Hiro had his memories erased from when he met Zero-Two under the mistletoe tree when they were young. Idk what she meant by "Darling from back then" Is she talking about boy-Hiro or someone else?

Hiro must have been the one to teach her about kissing in the first place.

Who taught her on what cones next..

Picture books=porno mags

O h

Blue Oni theory is back on the menu. Also can't wait for Hiro and 02's past to be revealed.
Edit: 02 wants to become human for her darling from before (which is most likely Hiro) and Hiro is slowly becoming a dino because of 02, that's some dynamic right there.
Just for anyone unfamiliar with it.

Another common folk tale involves the blue oni sacrificing himself so that the red oni can be accepted by humans. Let's hope it's not too foreshadowing.

So it seems like 02 wants to be human to meet her original Darling, but obviously doesn't realize it was Hiro. I can't wait for next episode. Things are going to drastically change, I can feel it.
Also, seems like the Blue Oni Theory is still slightly alive. LittleHype

“I am human. Huuuuman. Run you clever boy and remember me.”

Nine Alpha saying "I'd love to be part of your squad sometime" is 100% foreshadowing.

And his interest in Ichigo doesn't look good for Goro's future.

I mean Goro's future is already riddled with death flags. What's another one on the pile?

I think the difference here is that it isn't just any old death flag, it's a perfect setup for paving the way forward post Goro death. Before there was the question of what would happen to Ichigo should Goro die. Now they have introduced a character that says "I'd love to be part of your squad sometime" and has already begun building a relationship with Ichigo. Furthermore he's also a character that 'knows things' (about 02 and the larger world) so him being introduced to the main squad would also serve as a good way to advance the plot in several areas making it more likely.
I hope I'm wrong because I like GoBro as a character but this seems very ominous for him.

Zero two doesn't even realize that the darling shes with is the darling shes searching for. When the realization comes itll be some shit. Especially if she ends up driving away Hiro in the meantime.

I think Zero two already knows its him. But Hiro has memory loss and and doesn't remember.
I bet Zero Two actually caused the memory loss when they were children. She was able to do it when they first rode together in ep1.
Since then she has been trying to get Hiro to remember.

I’m guessing the 2nd cour will be heavily focused on 02 and Hiro. Doubt we will be having as many slice of life esque/ world building episodes as we did in the past 6 or so episodes. Interested in seeing how the plot moves forward

This was the last episode with the "Beautiful World" ending, so yeah, no more slice-of-life for at least 5-6 episodes.


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