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[Comic Girls] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Scuffling Wildly Rendezvous"

"Then I have nothing to worry about, except everything!"
Wow. Story of my life, right there.
I love the timing of this anime and how everything flows so smoothly. That line is a great example of it.
"Are you a PC-ist?"
Wants to erase parts that went outside the line, wipes screen with cloth

Ruki, stop. Your adorkable-ness is off the charts
This episode turned out to be a touching and sweet story about Ruki and her realisation that she should be proud of what she does and she has fans who truly resonated with her work. Such a nice episode
This show is such a nice surprise. It masquerades as a cliche moe-blob but under the surface it's a well written and executed show with a lot of heart and genuinely lovable cast.
It's shaping up to be a real hidden gem in this season.
From the start, it showed that it was well written and executed. It never masqueraded as a cliche moe-blob show. If it tricked the audience I'd agree, but I think this is just a case of you assuming it'd be generic before fully taking it in.
I agree, but the source material is exactly that, a generic moe blob 4koma with a mangaka theme attached to it. And, this is coming from someone who is a huge fan of this genre. I expected nothing but fluff when I heard this was being adapted and I'm sure many others did as well. It's a fairly saturated genre nowadays.
Nexus did an utterly fantastic job adapting this series. I think every character, particuarly Kaos, was made better in some way or another though their art design, voice acting, and or writing. There is a LOT of extra content in the anime not seen in the manga, and all of it has been really well-done and probably better than what the original story could've come up with.
Yuru Camp and Non Non Biyori are some of the best moe blob shows, but those had the advantage of having great source material to work with. So far, Comic Girls is the gold standard in how to adapt a generic work into something far better. Almost on par with KyoAni's adaptation of K-ON, but that became an anime phenomena and sort of kickstarted the whole cute girl genre.
Idk if being scolded for this by your gym teacher is a good or a bad thing...
Tsubasa, you're not fooling anyone.
I'm happy to meet you, my sweet, little bunnies!
We should do an over/under on the amount of times Kaos gets bullied per episode. Poor girl cant catch a break.
Look, it was her decision to be a shy loli in an anime. She has to live with the consequences.
I just want to give her headpats, must protect.
Man this show leaves a big smile on my face!
Nice to see that Ruki has finally come to terms with her being a ecchi manga artist. Yeah she draws ecchi but she draws ecchi with good story that a lot of women love. She may not be making kids happy like she first intended to but she's still making people happy with her current work.
I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed this but the scenes where Ruki was drying her hair and when Ririka was putting make up on her had some really nice animation cuts.
Here is the full hair styling compilation.
I really felt her emotion in that scene.
That scene of Ruki doing her hair really caught me by surprise. The linework of her hair, the facial expressions and body movement, its so incredibly detailed and carefully animated. This show nails the goofy character animation and the subtle character acting so well. This has been one hell of a year for great CGDCT shows.
This show just gets better every week.

Hidden behind all that mushy feel good cuteness is some great character development. In the space of one episode, we now learn a lot more about Ruki's motivations and insecurities she faces in her career.

Trivia: Ruki is named after mangaka Ichikawa Ruki, who also specializes in ecchi manga for adult female readers. Ichikawa also contributes to the art for Ruki's manga in this show.

And yes, Ruki's computer illiteracy is an accurate portrayal of Japanese schoolkids her age, despite Japan being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

Digital whiz kids like Kaos are the exception rather than the rule for girls her age.
Man, since New Game finished I've been waiting for a new Cute girls do working things show. This is certainly filling the void well.
I thought slow start was pretty good last season, too
≫Cute girls do working things show
Slow Start was great, but there weren't really any "working things" being done in it.
Poor Ruki. My solution would have just been having Kaos-chan sit next to her to use as a stress ball to calm her down anytime she needed it during the signing.

This show is still consistently making me laugh. The first half of this episode had some great stuff.

Tsubasa needing to be MORE embarrassed, and Ruki's knowledge of a computer being worse than your grandparents. Good stuff.
I had the same thought but it still probably would have ended up looking like this.
Koyume's an M confirmed
Ruki, eromangakas like you are amazing, thank you for everything
Her new name can be "A cup sensei"...
There's some decent depth to this CGDCT show and feels a lot more industry savy than some shows about manga authors. I've seen a few author bonus panels in manga where they talk about their first signing event and this episode seemed to ring very true to those emotions.

Also some really nice animation during the getting ready scenes. Along with cool camera effects like a turning pan and changes in the focal depth, which you don't see too often in this genre.
A Ruki episode, awesome
I would totally read her hentai
How great is the production here?! It definitely is the strong point of this series.
The characters are endearing, the focus of Ruki was great here. I got super attached to her here.
That whole scene with her in front of the mirror was just like ''wow''.
One of the greatest episodes of the season so far.
It was nice to see Kaos be actually good at something for once.
This look of satisfaction she gave when she finally got to flaunt her skills was great.
This is getting better and better with every episode, and this is the best so far, if not the best Spring episode. The scene with Ruki drying her hair was absolutely gorgeous. The animation and her expressions left me speechless so bad that I had to look at it several times. Kaos is cute beyond imagination, seeing her trying to not to look to the lewd scenes of Ruki's manga was the best thing that happened to me this week, please, her innocence must be protected.

I wasn't expecting pretty much when I saw the PV honesly but somehow, Comic Girls is slowly but surely turning in one of the best shows of the season.
The animation in this show is simply superb! Best animation in a cute girls anime in quite a while I’d say?
I love Kaos more with each and every week! Best girl?


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