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[Comic Girls] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
 "Jiggle Jiggle Bounce"

I just hope that by the end of the series, Kaos-sensei proceeds to write Pop Team Epic.

Kaos is going to make a great pervy old man some day.

Ah yes the god of moe girls blessed upon us.
Just realized that Ruki has the same VA as Vignette, the Best Demon of Gabriel DropOut.
And yes, making inanimate objects anthropomorphic is really popular.

more like the oppai gods but i guess it's more or less the same thing.

with the rate kaos' pervyness has been progressing i wonder how far we'll get. stealing underwear for research? having baths together to practice her jk vernacular? slipping into koyume's bed as she sleeps so she can understand what a jk feels like?

the possibilities are endless.

If I close my eyes I can imagine this having Vigne in it, which makes this show a lot better.
Unfortunately subs are hard to read with your eyes closed.

Tsubasa confirmed JoJo shitposter

best girl just got even better

I felt bad for Moeta but the part where each girl basically systematically ripped her manga apart was hilarious XD

Moeta's reasons why she wears lame clothes and why she has super long hair were both adorable and sad. Someone give her a hug please!

Also that cat is ridiculously adorable <3

≫the part where each girl basically systematically ripped her manga apart was hilarious XD

also kind of begs the question of how she even debuted as a mangaka in the first place... but, eh, whatever, it was probably something simple, like her blackmailing the editor with nudes.

Did she, tho? Wasn't the whole point of her going to the dorm to learn more so she could end up debuting?

She received reader feedback in episode one, so her stuff's gone out to the public. May have just been a one-shot, though.

Being Kaos-chan is self inflicted suffering :(

I'm loving this anime way more than I should.

is there some reason why you shouldn't love it?

Lots of things about Moeta hit a little too close to home (it's a really good show nonetheless)

Kaos chan is like the average male of r/anime She even has a Dakimakura with a posibly lewd print on the other side.

that was my thought as well. She's the average r/anime dude who is stuck in the body of a JK (who is stuck in the body of a JS *hides*)


JS - Joshi Shougakusei (Elementary Schoolgirl)
JC - Joshi Chuugakusei (Middleschool Girl)
JK - Joshikousei (Highschool Girl)
JD - Joshi Daigakusei (College Girl)

Today I learned something

Kaos don't worry, oppai may fill hands but Noppai fills a lolicon's heart.

...Sorry, Tsubasa, I have to disagree with you. Kaos' biggest problem is not her art (although if her art improved it would certainly help). Her biggest problem is that her writing is unengaging and lacking in creativity. A 4-koma can get by with chibi-style and low-quality art, so long as it's funny and interesting. But Kaos doesn't seem to have any idea how to write a story that's funny and interesting.

I think what's most important for her is to run through one of those storywriting workshop type things, to teach her the basics of how to construct a proper story. Maybe a full-on creative writing class.

But that's not really her point. What she said about food looking good and being able to tell characters apart are very good points.

I'm not saying those aren't issues, but she said what Kaos needed to work on most was her art, and I can't agree. Yes, improving the art would be good, but unless she improves her writing skills it won't matter whether her art gets better or not.

Writing is important, but for manga specifically, art is the defining factor. Especially for someone like Moeta wanting to debut, she could be Stephen King level of writer, but if her art is bland and unmemorable chances are readers won't even give it a glance or be too distracted by the poor artwork to care for any substance the story may contain.

Manga is a visual medium first and foremost, and good and or memorable artwork is the first barrier to get readers interested. Even LN's which are largely text based, tend to get carried by great cover and insert art. Gag manga and mangaka like ONE can get away it as they know how to fully utilize their mediocre artwork in their favor, but even than OPM didn't really blow up until it had Murata doing the art.

Now if we're talking about manga longevity, an argument could be made that writing is the most important thing as you have to keep the readers interested and readers will notice over many chapters a lack of ideas and or bland characters. Moeta is not even close to that point, so I agree with Tsubasa that her most fundamental flaw is her artwork. If anything Moeta strongest asset currently IS her writing as she has a unique, albeit strange POV with her characters, but she cannot leverage that with her artwork at all.

Reason to keep watching

This really is just Slow Start dressed up in a Manga-ka skin.
And there's nothing wrong with that.

Well it's slightly more yuri. Apart from that, I have to agree and approve.

Oh my god, I want to give Kaos-chan a hug. Also. S-Send help... My heart can't handle this.

Tiny cats wearing tiny hats (≧∇≦)

This whole episode was a hit. Funny all the way, laughed a lot. :D
Super hard to pick a best girl here (Kaos, Koyume and Ruka are all great).

Why you no mention Tsu-chan?

I am somewhat tired of that chuuni character trope.

Chuuni is my shit tho

This show his a nice balance of a lot of stuff. Gets me caring about the characters, or, at least in this episode's case, Kaos, while still keeping it nice and fun. I genuinely laughed at least a couple times, and you can't go wrong with a little fan service.

It's impressive how quickly the editor can determine what's worth printing and what isn't. As a gatekeeper, they keep the quality high. I think us fans mostly think about the artists but the editors play a key role that is often unacknowledged.

Yeah, editors are a pretty important part of manga and they're a really big part on it along the author. We don't know what they do for most of the times but we have information from editor or authors about different editors influencing the manga that they've been part and it's bad and good depending on it.

Ah yes, another yuri cute-girl show. This one feels more baity than the honestly homosexual cast Slow Start of last season, but I'll take it!

They basically just made an excuse to have big-boobs in underwear for a 3rd of the episode (not that I'm complaining) but it did lead to a great visual gag - Kaos ascending due to her flat chest. Some of these jokes were top-notch, but some felt a bit too in-service of the service.

It's still enjoyable though!

What a great episode! Kaos chan is so damn cute, and all the characters are really lovable. And the caretaker really has an heart of gold. Yuri anime of the season IMO!


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