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[Comic Girls] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"I Got the Worst Results on the Survey?!"

That was pretty good! Likable characters, solid animation, and that very comfy and bubbly artstyle. I also really enjoy how each character's mindplace/internal monologue is reflective of their manga artstyle. A really nice touch.

・Two girls move into a new dorm. One is blonde and hyperactive and the other is a petite shy mess.
・They have two Senpai who they can rely on.
・Drawing/art is a main focus of the show.
・Also has bath scenes.
Maybe it's because I watched Hidamari Sketch series past 2 weeks, but damn it felt like I was watching it again.

I got Hidamari Sketch vibes from this show too. Am expecting a great ride :D
Can't wait till Nori and Nazuna move in

I got Hidamari sketch vibes and I haven't even got around to watching Hidamari sketch yet.
I also got Sakurasou vibes from all the artist angst.

Ponytail, glasses, mature, cute and draws hentai... I think I found best girl.
Anime is also adorable, fun and gay, I think I'll enjoy it :D

Yeah she's currently my fave <3

I'm glad we're on the same page on best girl and somehow end up using the same screenshot for Ruki :/

The fact that shes an A cup actually surprised me, considering how most glasses girls are depicted. I expected her to be a generic oneesan type. I just wished that she wore glasses permanently

Well this is interesting! So we have:
  • A 4-Koma mangaka that can draw moe characters but wants to draw characters with realistic proportions.
  • A Shoujo mangaka that can draw amazingly beautiful girls but sucks at drawing guys.
  • An Ecchi/Hentai mangaka that initially wanted to make children's manga but for some reason was referred to an adult manga publisher.
  • And an insanely talented Shounen mangaka that basically talks and acts as if she's from a shounen manga
Welp I'm sold! As the first second CGDCT of this season this one certainly looks promising!

≫A Shoujo mangaka that can draw amazingly beautiful girls but sucks at drawing guys
I can relate to this so much. Guys are so hard to draw lol

≫but for some reason was referred to an adult manga publisher.
She draws way too sexy girls.

≫Welp I'm sold! As the first CGDCT of this season this one certainly looks promising!
You forgot the horse girls one that already aired 2 episodes.

Horse Girls is a sports show.

'cute things' still includes 'cute sports' as far as I know.

The place is called "文芳社" which is a parody for "芳文社" (Houbunsha, the publisher of the manga). Being a Houbunsha-publication-based anime they could directly write "芳文" if they wanted, but somehow chose not to.
In New Game "芳文社" was actually used as the name of the company that uses the lower levels of the office building Eagle Jump was in.

Brings to mind the fact that Sae's works in Hidamari are published in a magazine called Kirara.

Every character in this anime reminds me of Urara Meirochou.
Tsubasa even gave me a Megumin vibe.

Well they do share Rie Takahashi as the VA.

We don't deserve chuuni Takahashi.

Ruki + ponytail looks great!
Pretty good start. Characters are fun and they bounce off each other nicely. Also quite a few notable VAs in this show, Takahashi Rie, Saori Oonishi and Hondo Kaeda who did Hikari in Demi-chan. She even reminds me of Hikari a bit, looks and vibe wise

Well, this was pretty cute. The Slow Start of the season?
"Here let me read to you all the worst things readers say about your manga" .... "This girl is too easily hurt."
Just how many manga artists get serialized while they're still in high school anyway?
From other manga shows, I thought pros were always supposed to have assistants to do the inking, shading, backgrounds, etc? Or is that only the high end mangakas, and others just use their friends when they're around?
Rie Takashi's character's great.

≫Just how many manga artists get serialized while they're still in high school anyway?
The author of Comic Girls got serialized in middle school (in a shojo manga magazine Ribon). Another mangaka in Kirara MAX was a high schooler until she graduated this year.

≫Just how many manga artists get serialized while they're still in high school anyway?
I read a mini-series a few days ago by an author who was about to give up and finished finding a salaried job, when she finaly got green lighted for publication. That sounds so horrible, I wish they start scouting them in middle school before it becomes life screwing decisions.

there was a lot to like about that first episode. director had a strong sense of comedic timing (impressive for a debut), character designs were really nice (also a debut, also impressive), animation was strong and blended well with the cg, there was a real sense of depth to the visuals thanks to some clever layering of assets, photography was good and the use of light in the show felt very natural as a result.
the score was pretty standard for this type of series, the writing had plenty of good jokes and adequately foreshadowed future plots, but it wasn't "oh my god i can't wait for the next episode" good, although that's kind of a harsh criticism, to be fair.
odd choice to not explain the manga basics like 'beta' and 'tone', were it not for having watched gekkan shoujo i imagine i would have been a little lost during that scene.

This might be stretching it a little bit but maybe the director wanted to put us in Moeta's shoes and then have us be surprised when Koyome started speaking in Mangaka geek. I think what she said wansnt as important as how detailed it sounded and how she just extracted that from a simple phrase

yeah, if that's the cast it'd make sense since she does mostly digital.

That was probably the surprise of the season so far for me.
Noticed a lot of different styled scenes for comedic stuff, was pretty cool how it was done with lot of variety.
The characters all with their different traits, nothing new but they are likable.
Good one :D

What surprised me most is animation quality. For example, time to write a will joke scene(my fav one). I don't think every episode will have this animation quality, but even half of this is more then most.

Now I know I need to watch this show.


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