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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 16 impressions

Episode 16
"Sakura and Meiling's Friend"

Gonna miss Meling this was her at her best! The synchro fgihting was a nice touch and was nice to see that Meiling still has it.
Sakura and Syaoran's relationship still bugs me...they need to communicate more :/
≫they need to communicate more :/
It made me realize something. Sayaoran is probably following Eriol's instructions, which means that Eriol is still messing with Sakura's life somehow, again. Poor girl never catches a break.
Gah, I hope Eriol has a DAMN good reason for keeping her in the dark. He's still treating her like a chess piece!
Meiling's my favorite part of Clear Card, and I was surprised to see Sakura being able to fight like that. I don't think "see what I do and copy me" works when you're supposed to do the moves at the same exact time. Unless you're a Copy Ninja.
≫Sakura and Syaoran's relationship still bugs me...they need to communicate more :/

My thoughts exactly. Why didn't she bother to see him before leaving? Also so much silence during that call...

You.. misread that as Meiling and Syaoran. It makes sense for them to still be a little awkward, still. Her not seeing Syaoran just felt like her asserting her independence - y'know, as opposed to how clingy she was when we first see them in the original series.
Yeah I did misread it, probably because there was no Syaoran x Sakura to talk about.

Not seeing him to assert some independence still feels silly and immature to me (in a show where the kids are shockingly mature), and showing her independence in a good conversation would feel much better. She doesn't need to avoid him, they're childhood friends and it'd be natural to keep a friendly relationship, just like Sakura didn't change with Yukito after her failed confession.

You're absolutely right about Sakura and Syaoran btw, I just felt it wasn't very relevant for this episode in particular.
it was SUCH A GOOD EPISODE! beautifully rendered, Sakura and Meiling becoming closer friends, and of course, the fight scene. who could forget that??? sure, the first card capture was anticlimatic, but c’mon, admit it: we needed some Meiling-Sakura fight action. that was probably one of the best episodes this season. (although i am not 100% sure why that needed to be a 2-episode mini-arc.)

Kaito though...ehhhhh. yeah we knew he was a bit of a wildcard, but he seems even more cunning than Eriol. at least Eriol deeply cared for Sakura. Kaito-san seems like...he’s got an agenda. i don’t see any sign that he’s got something great set up for Sakura. the fact that he did what we did...i agree, it seems like pure manipulation. it’s almost dystopian, in a way.

but c’mon...WE NEED MORE EPISODES!!!!!! i have a hard time believing it’ll end that quick...i think we will get another season. there are so many unresolved questions, and so many stories yet left to tell.
I'm hoping for 3 seasons like the original series had..
the manga is already getting close to the end. The next episode covers ch 17 and possibly ch 18 and there's already 22 chapters out plus the upcoming 23rd chapter on May 1st. If Clear Card is only going to have 6 volumes, that's not enough material for another season since the anime's already covered volumes 1-4 in the span of 16 episodes.
I think part of it is that he is a theif. That's why his name is Kait (literally Japanese for theif) and he's prodding Akiho about the books in Sakura's dad's library. Remember Clow Cards are in books. Akiho's past of family traveling to collect books then leaving feels very suspect and relevant , as is whatever's going on with Syaoran.
where are people getting that his name means thief because his name is spelled 海度 which does not mean thief.
We got a Clear Card alternative to The Earthy card rather early than the manga, at least that’s what it appears to be. And we got an early look to Kaito’s magic circle before it was even shown in the manga, though it’s a matter of time until that happens (chapter 23).

So we see Kaito make a mistake by revealing his knowledge about Sakura’s father before Akiho even told Kaito about it, so he reverts time. Now I’m pretty sure this is what he did with Eriol’s house, and everyone close to Sakura was affected by this.

The card, Struggle, is more similar to The Fight card as opposed to The Twin. I’m very positive that Struggle is the Clear Card alternative to The Fight, there might be people against the idea, but it’s a memory/tactic similar to a different card (Spiral + The Watery card event), but the card’s power is similar (Aqua + The Watery). So with this concept: The event is similar to The Twin, but the card’s power is similar to The Fight.
≫Now I’m pretty sure this is what he did with Eriol’s house, and everyone close to Sakura was affected by this.

That's really clever actually. I was wondering how they were going to retcon the fact that an amusement park had gone up there in the second movie considering they kept the events from the second movie as canon...

I'm curious how Kaito's magic works. Everyone remembers the play. Tomoyo has video footage of the amusement park. If he reversed time so that Eriol's house wasn't destroyed, what happened to that footage? What happens in everyone's memories after the play when the Void attacked?
If anyone is confused about the swing card... It's due to the Japanese not working out well in English. Shaking makes more sense as an English translation. Here is the Japanese from the card and the translation. 揺動 meaning titubation; shaking; swinging as in during an earthquake the lights were swinging.
Just saw your comment, I was thinking they meant swing as in oscillation, I guess they went for Swing rather than for Shaking in order to have a clock-based theme.
Just gonna copy and paste my thoughts from the CCS sub:

This episode literally made me say eff kaito lmao. He’s using Akiho to get to Sakura and it’s basically confirmed. Seems like Akiho is catching on slowly though, when she goes “what?” Also I feel like momo is hiding for Akiho’s sake, so Yuna won’t suspect it as a guardian. Probably will come to life when the time comes to protect Akiho from Yuna. Poor Akiho I feel so bad for her! She’s so sweet and Yuna is toying with her and her life.

In the end i feel like it will be Yuna vs everyone else because if he’s as strong as he says he is....well then Sakura will need all the help she can get.
He probably won't be outright evil - CCS doesn't tend to go that route - but he'll have to have some pretty good reasons for manipulating Akiho. Makes me wonder how he became her butler.
I'm actually really concerned for Syaoran now. The stuff that Meiling's been saying makes me think he's back in Japan to intentionally sacrifice himself for Sakura's sake.
i really hope not; that stuff might fly over at Tsubasa Reservoir but i much prefer CCS's happy endings to remain unsullied!
We can never forget that CLAMP holds the power to rip out our still-beating hearts at any time. But I'm sure CCS will only have Suffering Lite™ at the very worst.
I have to keep reminding myself this is a SUNDAY MORNING CARTOON. Imagine the traumatized children.
Just like that, Meiling's gone. I was ambivalent to her the first time I watched the old series but I'm rewatching it again and realized she is a bratty but very caring individual. Her spunky attitude and funny one-liners were great. This episode was clearly a send-off to her. She got to showcase her martial arts skills! Sakura is quite agile and athletic but could only evade The Struggle's attacks unlike Meiling who could counterattack. She also helped secure the card as well. As for the other card, I thought it was going to be somewhat related to Earthy, but SWING? WTF CLAMP.

It's frustrating Meiling still has to act as a communications bridge for Sakura and Syaoran. It seemed like Sakura didn't even mention the two cards to Syaoran until Meiling told him. Also, her quote "If you make her cry, you'll regret it." makes me think that it's not because something will happen to him but the result of the eventual reveal that he's been hiding things from her.

As for Kaito, someone who can use time magic that easily without struggle could only spell trouble.
Also, Kero being afraid of Tomoyo serves as a funny sub-plot.

Next episode follows the manga. Sonomi mentioned Sakura's grandfather which also follows the manga plot and would hopefully serve as a huge dose of sugar for us Sakura/Syaoran shippers.
Her 'That's Right!" was so perfectly pronounced it threw me for a loop for a second...
"have I mentioned Sakura's father before?"

I was ready for him to pull out a glock. But damn this is even worse. Yuna is messing with cinnamon buns, it doesn't get lower than that.

I loved the fight scene, which reminded me of Angelic Layer. And Meiling did a freaking Morpheus taunt; I was hoping Sakura would imitate that too, but alas. And I can't believe there's relationship building like this, it's awesome. CLAMP just needs to make Meiling real in the manga, surely they have the power.
 I love the friendship between Sakura and Meiling so much, it's one of the most organic relationships on the show. How they went from (one-sided) rivalry to Meiling calling Sakura by her first name and warning Syaoran against hurting her... Meiling is this series' MVP. The episode was lovely in general, and Kaito is proving himself as super creepy. Sad we didn't get an interaction between Sakura and Syaoran but hopefully she'll bake him something in the next episode!
I cried when Meiling called her Sakura! ;_;


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