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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 15 impressions

Episode 15
"Sakura's Nostalgic Viewing Party"

Tomoyo continues to be a constant delight

Sonomi too; I absolutely loved the whole "Afternoon Tea" bit. The entire Daidouji family is just a joy to watch.
Edit: Missed a word

The Daidouji's are Sakura's biggest fans. :D

at this point i will not surprised if they have secret room where they put sakura pictures, hell i even sure they put some cctv in sakura house

Finally! We finally got some details revolving around the second movie... kinda (but baby steps though).

One thing is for certain, we at least know the presence of The Nothing card is still lingering around.

And it seems that CLAMP is doing something mysterious about this timeline oddity and contradictions. There’s a reason why they use the play as a recurring subject, because it’s deeply tied to the second movie’s plot. The Nothing still interrupts the play, as shown in this latest Clear Card episode, and Yamazaki’s injuries were the result of Sakura using The Sleep card in order to prevent everyone from seeing The Nothing card. And The Nothing was only activated after Eriol’s house was torn down.

I like this callback episode. It seems like we’re going to encounter a Clear Card counterpart of The Fight card, and perhaps an Earthy Card alternative. We’ll see!

PS I was hoping they would shed some more light about the pink teddy, that she supposedly made after the movie.
Edit: The amusement park existed! It’s shown in tonight’s episode! Here is proof.

So did you guys notice that they lied and said an earthquake interrupted the play, and then an earthquake card appeared?

Depressed Tomoyo is hilarious LMAO

Her reactions were THE BEST this episode! Tomoyo should just make a jetpack or something so she can follow Sakura around.

In the meantime, will we see the fruits of Kero's training or will Kero experience the true wrath of the Daidouji family?

Best girl is just so best!

Her complete indifference to anything that isn't Sakura is great

"It's not that interesting"
TOMOYO! Have some self esteem!

Honestly, that bunny needs to just move already. Also, Kaito needs to reign in his suspiciousness - even Akiho thought he was being weird.

This episode was totally fanservice and I'm not complaining. :D Thank goodness for Meiling. Sakura and Syaoran have gone through way too much to be embarrassed talking on the phone with each other...

Sakura dying from embarrassment gave me second-hand embarrassment but it was so cute! Also, Tomoyo you are my kindred spirit... unseen SakuSyao footage?! THE BEST

I guess the second movie is canon in the anime? Not sure how much it will differ from the manga.

≫Honestly, that bunny needs to just move already.
Forreals I kept waiting for the stupid thing to open its eyes

I haven't read ahead or anything but her waking up and the bunny just playing dead makes me believe maybe it isn't currently alive or something. Just have to wait and see

We're being put in Toya's shoes here from the original. He knew that damn yellow plushie was alive but it managed to stay still every time he cared to look at it.

Anyone else think that there was some foreshadowing in Sakura’s lines from the play?: “It would be better for the magic stone to disappear rather than belong in anyone’s hands.” They repeated that line twice, which is what caught my attention.

I’m thinking that in order to maintain peace in Tomoeda and to keep everyone safe, Sakura may have to face the decision to sacrifice either the clear cards, Sakura cards, or both.

OR maybe this is why the Sakura cards “disappeared” suddenly, in order to keep them safe and hidden (from Yuna).

Kaito is definitely a theif. I mean, it's literally his name and a huge part of Alice in Wonderland. ( Tart theif )

You may have hit the nail on the head. Akiho said in her dream someone had something she wanted (I'm guessing she's the cloaked figure looking at Sakura). So maybe Sakura will have to sacrifice the cards to prevent a conflict over them between her and Akiho.

Sakura and Syaoran dancing, it's too pure. It's so perfect that you wish you could relive your childhood just for the chance to experience a moment like that, but you can't.

I finally understand what Tomoyo's doing; preserving the most pure, concentrated moments of love to ever exist, for future generations to witness.

Well said. I teared up at that and still haven't stopped. Actually I think I'm crying more now lol. I have a lot of major health issues so I never got to have much of a childhood or friends. But I used to watch things like Card Captors as an escape. As an adult it's just lonely, uncertain and bleak. My issues have been so bad and painful the last 2 years. I rewatched S1 and S2 last year and fell in love with the show again. Iam so happy it's back now so I can escape eith it again. I'm gay in a small town so I never got to have experiences with young love for that reason too, and Yukito and Sakura's brother was so touching. I read Clamp wanted to add marginalized people and I appreciate it so much. Sakura's mom is so lucky she was able to start a family before she passed prematurely. 

Tomoyo must have grown up knowing how precious Sakura's mom was to her mom, which is where her interest in film must have blossomed from. I wonder if the creators lost anyone important to them.

This show being 15 years apart from the newest season makes it feel like they captured my childhood like Tomoyo does too. It's more than escape now, it's catharsis to know children will always have a chance to be happy even if they're not yours because you can't have a family or you go early.Stories are as real to us as any experience. Like Akito's book or a dream.

We do live much of our lives through stories, so they are pretty damn real. I can only imagine how tough being gay is in a small town, and it's awesome you connect with the show on such a deep level. I didn't watch the show when I was a kid (I probably would've thought 'ick, a girl's show!'), but it sounds like those scenes were an awesome nostalgia trip for those who did.

I genuinely hope you can find happiness in spite of whatever your health issues are.

Kaito remains shady af haha! I didn't fully get the part about the condensation from the glass and his hand, but they put detail into it and it gave me the creeps

And i kept expecting Momo to suddenly move, when the camera remained on it. Oh well, jump-scare next time maybe...

Aw, Sakura! Get it together, please...surely by now it is obvious the dude would be glad if you asked after him? :)

...they can't just tease their very first school-play and let it die there, yes? The second play is poignant and romantic, but the first was iconic comedy gold xD

(Am i the only one not liking the constant 'Akiho is so much like Sakura!' reminders? The parallel was mysterious and interesting at first, but we hear it multiple times every ep. It also doesn't do Akiho's characterisation any favours; any newly-introduced plot-device-y character will feel like a flat, pale imitation of Sakura, whom we've already watched and grown up with over so many episodes.)

YES, SAKURA, THIS IS WHAT YOUNG LOVE FEELS LIKE XD they so beautifully animated her feelings coming to light/changing upon re-seeing them before, just watching it is a healing experience xD Watch your other half a lil more carefully from now on, Sakura, there might have been a few sweet things about your relationship you missed when you were a kid!


≫(Am i the only one not liking the constant 'Akiho is so much like Sakura!' reminders? The parallel was mysterious and interesting at first, but we hear it multiple times every ep. It also doesn't do Akiho's characterisation any favours; any newly-introduced plot-device-y character will feel like a flat, pale imitation of Sakura, whom we've already watched and grown up with over so many episodes.)

I sort of agree. It's obvious that they are setting up for a reveal about Akiho having similar powers to Sakura, but IMO they are dragging it on too much. Instead of getting big advancements in her character they just keep with the constant "oh, she's just like Sakura!" and her development is entirely dependent on what Sakura is doing.

In contrast, I actually liked the beginning sequence this ep where we saw Akiho independently from Sakura, they still threw some parallels but it wasn't as bad.

oh, definitely agree about the stagnant characterisation! It's kind of a pity; i found Akiho's initial few appearances really interesting.

Like the whole döppelganger thing in Tsubasa was really suspenseful and incredibly well-handled! I hope for more subtlety in future eps haha

Sakura still putting people to sleep in the most dangerous of circumstances >_>

I love that they changed Sakura's uniform into that Queen of Hearts-inspired dress during the staff releasing bit of the opening.

With them talking about the earthquake that stopped the play and then one occurs moments later, I'm still on that theory that Sakura might be unconsciously creating these new cards. It's okay if the one causing it was the Fight card equivalent, having only 1 capture. But 2 cards is better one (because I collector'ss hearts says so) so I really crossing my finger an Earthy and that Fight equivalents will be there next week.

Finally, I hope Flight-san exhibits that peppy personality more of it to Sakura on later episodes. That would be neat _^ one's gonna comment on how nobody noticed the giant ass magic circle underneath Sakura's feet when she activated Snooze behind her back right in front of Sonomi and her bodyguards? Is that magic circle visible only to her because even Akiho didn't seem to notice and that magic circle even brightened up the dark theater for a moment.

also, Akiho and Meiling talking to each other in English is the best.

Sakura seemed older this episode. It's nice to see some honest to goodness love and friendship in this show. So freaking comfy

Geez Time loves to repeat itself to Sakura. This is another parallel episode with this episode matching up with the play episode in the original series.

So I guess the Alice book tells of things that have already happened to Sakura, not things that are going to happen.

The Fight Card is a weird one to get a straight Clear Card equivalent. I hope Meiling is involved in capturing this card too!

Tomoyo had me dying this episode. Sakura becoming embarrassed about the play was so cute.

Wow, this episode made my heart so full! Does anyone know the title of the OST that plays around 15:39 ish when Sakura and Syaoran dance together? It's so mesmerizing!


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