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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 14 impressions

Episode 14
"Sakura, the Shrine and the Zoo"

That hug scene reminded me of this.
Sooo the bears are related to the big secret. I think with syaoran bear at the table with the board almost confirms it. And the orb thing is the Time card.
And I wonder what the deal was that Syaoran wasn’t effected by the animal shenanigans. Haven’t seen anyone mention that yet.
Hnyaaaaaaaaa. Syaoran’s hand on the back of her head was so intimate for them. I wish my middle school boyfriend had been as amazing as him. Gosh. I’m almost 30 and still have it bad as hell for him.
Also ugh next episode more of Kaito. I hate him. Blarh.
≫And I wonder what the deal was that Syaoran wasn’t effected by the animal shenanigans.
Maybe Sakura assumes it's because he has magic so it doesn't affect him? Not sure.
≫Hnyaaaaaaaaa. Syaoran’s hand on the back of her head was so intimate for them.
From barely interacting to that hug... ugh my shipper heart died and went to heaven
≫And I wonder what the deal was that Syaoran wasn’t effected by the animal shenanigans. Haven’t seen anyone mention that yet.
In relation to that, I wonder why Kero was affected when the Time Card was in effect? Is he growing weaker (he did say he lost consciousness when they went back to the real world)?
I think Syaoran did the new kind of magic back there, that's why the little sphere seemed like a crystal. Still weak though, and that's probably why he's pushing himself hard and why he isn't affected and was able to get into the card's "realm".
My observations/thoughts:
- Kero having a bigger breakfast bowl than Meiling and Sakura!
- Bubble pants? Only Sakura could get away with that outfit.
- The Time Card? The first card that went to Syaoran in the original CCS. I'm not sure why it would be with him though.
- OMG that hug. Such an innocuous gesture but sends me into squealing mode and having fits of giggle.
- I'm really buying into that theory that the 'card of the day' is somehow linked to Sakura's thoughts and wishes... which leads me to think that Sakura would have a still-unexplained link with someone (Akiho) who has another someone (Kaito?) who can make the cards 'wake up' so Sakura would have to fight and capture them. (My apologies if it's confusing, I'm a non-manga reader and haven't watched the original anime in years so I'm not really well-versed in CCS magic!)
≫Bubble pants? Only Sakura could get away with that outfit.
She kinda looks like Annie Hall in that outfit!
I get the feel the cards Sakura is creating are her subconscious perception of magic. that would explain why they are simaler to clow cards, but not the same. also that would explain why clow's reancarnation is forbidding Syaoran from telling her what is going on.
I feel like this too. In other words, they're like her dreams. Just rewatch staff's incantation with this in mind and it feels very likely. Plus the countless other references to dreams. The stopwatch is like an alarm clock , and Momo's eyes are always closed and the mysterious shared dream. Plus all the other cards that feel like they came from her subconscious too. And Akiho's book that has the events of what ended up happening written in it. (edit: Bedtime story?)
Syaoran being sworn to secrecy is like how if someone realizes they're dreaming they wake up.
But if this is true I think this has tragedy in her future because she must miss her mother. Maybe Akiho is Sakura's dream of her desire to be with her mother. The stopwatch motif is very worrying too. It evokes feelings of a countdown and limited time, or even death, which is linked to Sakura's mother's untimely passing.
but then there's Kaito who presumably has a role in all of this that we don't know what it is yet and he says something in the manga that relates to all of this so it seems there's also some outside force behind the Clear Cards' creation, too because Kaito, Akiho, and Momo aren't showing up for no reason.
Oh, how long have we been waiting for an embrace like that?!
I love that it started with Sakura simply catching a falling Syaoran. Syaoran drops his sword to support her before she even verbally expresses fear. Syaoran collapses in her arms - the magic fades, the tree burns and her friends scream - and Sakura didn't even flinch. Simply overwhelms it with her own magic and "I want to return with everyone - and Syaoran!" Bad. Ass.
They have both grown up :')
The whole scene is so beautifully drawn and animated. Chills down my spine.
Shout-out to Meiling for deftly covering for them, and for Tomoyo for listening to the things Sakura can't tell Syaoran! :) (Syaoran plz if u don't tell Sakura u think she looks good, she'll never know!)
I got chills when time stopped, because I knew Syaoran had done it and the immediate thought was "Did he use the Time Card?"
Aaaaah. That scene between the two of them when he embraced her was everything I've ever wanted.
we need more Sakura x Syaoran moments. I really hope they kiss at some point...
Sakura, I love you, but as soon as shenanigans start happening you should really jump to the conclusion that there's a card nearby.
To be fair, the whole Eriol arc had shenanigans without cards and thats probably fresh in her memory...
"It just feels like every time I try to talk lately, I get interrupted"
Poor guy can't try to sell bullshit anymore.
Loved Chiharu’s sass. They’re so adorable together.
Married couple already in middle school!
If they're like their manga counterparts, they've pretty much been together since Kindergarten. Together longer than a lot of my married friends :O!
Another amazing episode. What happened this episode is falling more in line with my theory about the orbs within the Rashinban.
Syaoran definitely used The Time, one of the Sakura Cards. I feel like she reacted to it’s presence the moment Syaoran striked the orb. I’m surprised she didn’t suspect his time magic being similar in effects as The Time.
But otherwise, next week we’re finally going to see the second movie’s play! After five references about the play, they’re actually going to show a recreation of the moment! Here’s hoping The Nothing card is mentioned... the title of the episode seems to revolve entirely around the play.
Hm, I wonder about him using "The Time". Syaoran was the one who originally captured it. Maybe that's allowing him to use its power?
He used The Firey in episode 12. I think at the state of the Sakura Cards are in, they are basically Clow Cards without Clow’s name on them, meaning anyone can use them as long as you have magical powers.
Heya, I remember your post from a while back :)
Whenever Sakura secures a Clear Card, one of the Sakura Card remnants is transferred to Syaoran’s Rashinban due to the pink teddy’s power. It was likely released once the counterpart was captured.
Hm, I thought the cards were being recovered at the same time as their Clear Card counterparts. So what is The Time's equivalent in the Clear Cards?
Anyhow, I find it suspect that Syaoran converted The Time when it was going to be useful later. But I guess it's just a minor point to further the plot along.
This scene was frikken weird, bros.
I love not knowing what's going on, lol. It makes me feel like a kid watching season 1 again.
Loved Meiling smoothly stepping out of the way and presenting Sakura's new hairstyle to Li.
Happy for Yamazaki, finally being able to tell his tall tails to Li during the picnic.
"Mirage"? More like "Mangekyou Sharingan".
The cookies look exactly like
The cookie lady must be the mastermind behind all this!
i'm still kinda sad that the op/ed kinda spoiled the momo thing... but that episode where momo was in the room with kero and kero came flying downstairs to see what happened, she would have seen that and told akiho...
My first thought is that, in the original CCS, Sakura's "invincible spell" was "Zettai daijobu daiyo" ("Everything will definitely be alright") but in this episode she seems to have lost some of that childhood optimism/confidence from the first series...maybe because she's a teen now?
I think it's lovely that Syaoran helped her through her panic attack by telling her to take a deep breath. Sometimes my bf tells me the same thing when I'm trying to decide what to order on the dinner menu.
I know everyone's theorizing about what Syaoran's doing, but anyone a bit concerned about Kero? He seems to be getting weaker...
I noticed that too! He's been shown eating and sleeping a lot lately, I'm a bit worried.
Also in this episode, after the time resumed and he saw Sakura, he seemed to realize something and closed his eyes right before he disappear, and after that Sakura's magic circle seemed to grow. Makes me wonder if he actually helped Sakura there with his power and that's what made him fainted. I wonder if he just didn't want to make Sakura worried about him so he told Sakura that he's fine..
My initial thought was similar to yours but I rewatched the episode again. Sakura wished hard for everything to be back to normal/for everyone to go back to the real world with her and Syaoran. Her magic circle appeared and soon after the transformed gang vanished right before the burning tree would have hit them and Kero disappeared too. I take it to mean that Sakura was able to transport them back to the real world.
Kero does seem to be growing weaker though but nobody has caught up to it yet.
Wow, we got slice of life, Syaoran/Sakura moments, plot development and a non trivial capture all in one episode! Great showing CLAMP!
Episode starts out strong with their gags to bring the lighthearted atmosphere but quickly we get more of a glimps towards whats happening with Syaora. It seems he's performing rituals routinely to get more of Sakuras old powers, but why, and how does he know how to do this?
Transitioning to the shrine, I can't believe they doing my boy Yamazaki like this, put some respect on his name! As Syaoran arrives, we get to see his reaction to Sakuras new hairstyle, and its cute, I love how CLAMP can realistically portray crushes at that age. As the card starts to make a move, we see everyone pretty much turn into a furry. Syaoran wasn't affected (probably due to his magical abilities) but in that case, why was Akiho affected? Furthermore, if the card affected Kero, why didn't it also "teleport" Momo (who we know is alive due to the OP and ED).
Sakura acted a bit dumb during the whole fiasco, could have used gravity to catch up, or aqua to put out the flames or whatever. But it's most likely that Sakura, as Syaoran said, was scared and couldn't think straight. Also, Syaoran you bad-ass, stopping time, flirting with your GF and getting back Sakuras powers, all in a days work.
As for the embrace scene... Wow, that scene made the episode for me. We got full on Syaoran/Sakura moments right there and I loved it.
Conspiracy/Theory section:
1) Saw the teddy bear on the table as Syaoran was getting the time orb. Is it possible that he's using the bear as a link to Sakuras powers and thus being able to replicate them? Furthermore, how did Syaoran know that he would need that specific power that day? It seems like he can't really "Create" those powers over longer periods of time (otherwise, why wait till now to get the time orb, one of the most OP cards IMO) so it's a bit suspect that he knew that he needed it that day.
2) I really get this bad feeling that the Sakura/Syaoran relationship is going to take another hiatus. Last episode Meiling pointed out how the Li family didn't wan't Syaoran to go back to Japan and that he still needs to complete his training to take the mantle as head of the clan. Meiling again mentions this episode how everything Syaoran is doing is for Sakuras sake and I can't help but feel that once the trouble is over Syaoran is going to have to complete his training and thus leave Japan again...
3) Akiho is going to Tomoyos house next episode (as seen in the preview), some fans believe that Akiho looks similar to Nadeshiko in some ways, if anyone can confirm this it's Sonomi, so lookout next episode to see if she comments anything on Akiho.
Damm. Sakura appeared on the card, that makes me 3/14. Next episode seems focused on Sakuras play, the obvious guess would be Sakura, but imma throw a curve ball and say it's Akiho.
I wasn't too fond of the art style change at first (after bingeing the original series for so long) but now I really like it. Sakura is way too gosh dang cute.
This was one of the best episodes of the series so far. I feel like for the first time in a long time this episode has recaptured the "soul" of the original series. Also, that SakuraxShaoran moment was everything. They both care for and trust each other so deeply, it's beautiful. Shaoran definitely used the Time card, there's no doubt about it. This means somehow he right now is in the possession of the Sakura cards, which is obviously causing him a lot of guilt.
As for the 2nd movie, if anyone hasn't watch it now's the time to do so before the next episode. Also I love the hugging scene and Meiling's continued support to Syaoran and Sakura!
Great episode. It feels like we're just at the edge of learning something important. Can't wait for next week now!


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