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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"Sakura and Welcome Back, Meiling"

Most adorable monster ever!
Oh right and...


I love how Meiling greeted Syaoran with Cantonese.
Her Cantonese was really hard to understand haha.
I thought the greeting wasn't too bad, but whatever she muttered in Sakura's room, hahaha I've got no clue what that was. Props to Yukana for trying though, Canto is hard.
Good lord, I wonder how they're gonna try to do those parts in the dub.
I feel like we have so many little details to discuss. Oh geez.
  1. Toya is gaining new (and different!) powers.
  2. He is adamant about not telling Yue/Yukito the details of those powers or what he plans.
  3. The OP/ED show Momo is alive (as expected).
  4. Syaoran's family (thus, Clow's family) politics
  5. Akiho's book's stories mirror real life?
  6. Akiho is gradually developing in her ability to read the book.
  7. That is totally Kaito's magic circle in the OP, and it contains both a clock and the phases of the moon.
  8. The OP took on a very Alice in Wonderland aesthetic with Sakura's red/white heart dress, all of the roses, the dark vine aesthetic, etc. (Notably related to Akiho's book given it was "Alice in Clockland" or something I can't remember)
≫Akiho's book is telling a story that is happening in real life?
Maybe not telling, but creating Clear Cards every time she learns a new story. Akiho probably has some unconscious magical ability that Kaito is exploting.
Seriously, what is with everyone keeping secrets from everyone else? I really wish Syaoran and Eriol especially were more up front with what they know.
As great and serious as the scene right after was, I actually burst out laughing when Yukito just started floating around creepily while Touya just maintained his .__. "k..." face.
Has Touya ever broken his "k..." face? Nothing phases the dude.
Two guys sitting on the porch discussing things in cryptic riddles. That scene reminded me way too much of xxxHolic.
Yes! A few times when Yukito and Sakura were in danger - but nothing else phases him for sure, haha.
And you're so right about xxxHolic...
Plot progression but at the same time no plot progression!!!!
  • Sakura isn't as oblivious as people think she is. She noticed Syaoran hiding something. After they DTR, they need to have a chat about opening the communication lines.
  • I miss Suppie so much. I'm going to miss the cute SS + Tomoyo date thing but seeing Suppie get drunk off chocolate kind of makes up for it.
  • Really loving the Chinese/Cantonese details. It makes it more realistic.
  • Syaoran is such a dude with the whole diet comment.
Man after this episode and manga chapter this week I finally feel like we have a story moving forward.
≫Plot progression but at the same time no plot progression!!!!
Definitely agree here, as, outside of the bit at the end that sets up next week's episode, the bits with Sakura and Meiling just feel like filler (and not the good type).
They weren't filler at all. Cardcaptor Sakura has always placed a great deal of importance on relationships, and much of their screentime was cementing the life Syaoran gave up to be with Sakura and revealing that Sakura is aware of Syaoran's secrecy. Those aren't actiony details, but they're still severely important given the running theme of this series. It was also further character development for a character we saw grow all throughout the original anime.
It's also CLAMP making the anime going off in it's own direction again like in the original Cardcaptor Sakura for both Clow Card and Sakura Card Arcs. So I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, and Meiling isn't really filler at this point even though she's not in the manga.
Yay, Meiling is back! Did she really never meet Sakura's dad before?
These kids are so polite. Sakura asking Meiling's leave to answer the phone call from her father, then asking him permission to let Meiling speak with him. Just so alien to my mindset.
"The emoji in her message definitely looked thrilled".
Glad Toya is becoming magicky again, but I worry about his plans on what to do with that power. I wonder if Toya made some kind of deal with Kaito? Maybe he wants Sakura's powers to pass to Akiho so that Sakura can live a normal life?
I liked gyoza cooking segment better than ones from some official cooking anime.
Meiling casually picking Kero up and tossing him out of the way was perfect.
Nekomeiling! What have we done to deserve this happiness?
What was Toya's magic in the original series again?
The only thing we saw him do was see & sense things other people couldn't. He could see through illusions, sense magical power that even Sakura and Lee couldn't, knew that Yuki wasn't human, etc. He'd've been able to see through Momo in an instant. He could also see the ghost of his and Sakura's mother, something Sakura never could.
Edit: It was mentioned once or twice that he had a lot of magic power. I think the reason he didn't use it for anything other that second sight is because that's a passive ability that just came to him, while anything more he'd need to actively train or be taught to do. And he was never interested in trying to learn by himself or looking for a teacher. He was satisfied with a normal life. He probably could've been a pretty strong mage with some guidance.
≫These kids are so polite. Sakura asking Meiling's leave to answer the phone call from her father, then asking him permission to let Meiling speak with him. Just so alien to my mindset.
are you western? cause its so normal on asia lifestyle 
≫I wonder if Toya made some kind of deal with Kaito? Maybe he wants Sakura's powers to pass to Akiho so that Sakura can live a normal life? 
is it even mentioned somewhre? i dont think toya met kaito before or even made such kind a deal. i mean if we have normal sakura possibly he cant met yukito again cause thats mean yue and kero have no job there anymore.
Momo moved in the new opening!! 
I fucking knew that fucking bunny wasn't just a fucking stuffed bunny! i knew it 
And even more in the ending! Super cute! 
I prefered Clear, but the new song is also really great. We knew the Alicia thing was a strong theme in this series with the book, but woah, now they pushed it hard with the new opening. They focused a lot in Yuna's watch, both in the opening and at the end of the episode. (Is he a White Rabbit equivalent?)
I wonder if the fact some of the clips in both openings being doubled is a relevant thing. In the first Opening we saw Sakura running through white flowers, and then it reflects into roses in the opposite direction. Now we saw her looking at her back, again, in both directions. (Two Alices? Or just her being the marionette of Akiho's story?)
Anyway, so happy to see Meiling again. Also Toya, being more relevant.
Syaoran's look in that next episode preview could kill - I feel sorry for whoever's trying to harm Sakura.
83 episodes and 2 movies later and I'm finally caught up with this series!
Cute episode. Kind of sad the OP and ED changed... especially the ED. I really freakin loved the previous ED
That's a lot of work to able to watch a seasonal show. But then again, it's cardcaptor Sakura
I was getting so paranoid about that Rabbit. Thank God. I fuckin knew it had to be a thing. But like, we never see it so maybe, I thought, maybe it's a red herring.
I didn't like Meiling at first, but by the end of my second watch of CCS she was one of my favourites. I was so happy to finally see her again! The entire episode was a delight.
A little unhappy about the rabbit doll moving in the OP and ED though. We all knew it, but I would have preferred it happened first in an episode.
I kinda like they made her move, its pretty obvious they arent fooling anyone so might as well show it.
Very nice episode after the hiatus.
CCS has always had an outstanding soundtrack, but I really liked how it was used here. The track that played when they got home and talked to Sakura’s dad on the phone, the track that played when they were talking before they went to bed, and the track that played when Meiling had her cat ears and tail were all very awesome.
Also excited to see Touya talk to Yue. I wish he and Kero had a talk too lol.
How To Make Gyoza 101 with Meiling!
Syaoran wasn't shown a lot in the episode but it's heartwarming to hear things about him (from Meiling's POV) anyway. And Sakura knows he's hiding something but still couldn't put a finger on it!
i love touya, and i love him even more when he is with yukito, they seem so good for each other. but even loving him, i cannot help to be reaaally pissed that he's not saying the freaking things he knows about what it's going on!!!! meiling is the coolest, and the nekomimi thing was hilarious. but to the important thing: THAT MOMO BUNNY IN THE NEW OP AND ED!!!!! WE ALL KNEW THAT BUNNY WAS SHADY!!!!!!!
Very cute episode, and I love the new OP! Will definitely miss the first ED though. I forgot how much I actually like Meiling. As a kid, I was kind of indifferent to her but when I rewatched the series a few years back the character really grew on me and I'm happy she's back!
Now that we have confirmation from the OP (and ED) that Momo is not just another stuffed animal, I wonder when she'll be officially introduced in the show. Akiho still seems innocent in whatever it is that's going on around Sakura, but Yuna definitely knows what's up.


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