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[Caligula] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"Anxiety, Irritation, and Other Such Negative Emotions Spread to Others."

"Sorry, the matrix only goes so far"
OP was really solid, and this show has so much potential, I'm really excited.

Reminds me of The 13th Floor.

That is what they all say!!!!
This is pretty interesting but also something that could easily fall flat, let's hope it doesn't happen!

I've already fallen in love with this anime, I hope it doesn't turn to shit
The characters are cool, the music is gorgeous (the OP is particular) and the story has been interesting
This could easily become an underrated gem of the season

It's based off a video game, I think for either the ps4 or vita

vita, PS4 comes out this year, I believe in may, so this animes almost like an advertisement.

The chibi fairy has me really worried, but the fact that she was paired up with the brooding delinquent is funny enough to me to let it slide for now.

Well at least we know it was that idol is the one responsible for those transformation and it looks like what happened to the MC is some sort of awakening. Still not sure what's going on though. Hopefully the MC decides to meet with the gun dude and fairy girl and maybe we can finally get some explanations here.

The whole setting seems so creepy then there is this fairy girl singing around , feels so odd.

This anime's purpose is likely to build up hype for the upcoming PS4 remake of Caligula, Caligula Overdose, due this May 17 2018.
Programmed with the Unreal 4 engine, it comes with new endings, improved gameplay, a female player avatar voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki, and other extras.

But. Does it come out the 17th in japan only?

Yes. No words on Western release so far. I expect it will come out in English next year. Most likely PS4/PC release for the West.

Ohhhhh that preview video was awesome. I REALLY like the character designs, they have this cool dark goth look you don't see that often in imports.

This premise is off the walls and I'm loving it. Our MC seems less pretentious and more legitimately on spectrum (trouble with social cues, is reactive differently to sensory stimulation, such as the end of ep 1 where he was frozen during the chaos while everyone else was running, psychology seems very much like a special interest for him, he infodumps HARD on it and seems legitimately curious about it, while everyone else kind of tunes it out. he even branches out into other related stuff which is v SI to do, completely dropping context when initiating a conversation).
The actual character designs are great, and honestly MC? That hair? hot as hell

The art direction is fun and there's some great storyboards. The only issue for me is that the actual production is kind of a mess.
This will probably end in flames, but honestly I'm interested in this series. Let's hope I'm not burned!

Wow, that's one dumb MC. Sure, just walk away from people trying to explain to you what's going on and who already saved your ass twice. I can already see what will happen next: he changes his mind, goes to the music room, gets ambushed on the way and saved by the gunguy once again.

I actually liked the fact that he walked away. He had no reason to trust them and they were doing a shitty job of explaining the situation.

yet that dude was the only person in the entire world who even recognizes wtf is going on, and he doesn't even give him the time of day? That was just stupid.

He did give home the time of day. The guy was just really bad at explaining himself.

Huh, they're still on the prologue. I wonder if the game's main plot will be rushed. I guess most of what I saw was gameplay padding and the story itself isn't too long though.

It's a shame the game didn't spend much time on the discovery of the nature of this world, so I like how the anime is handling it. It's a way better adaptation than Persona 5 since they have room to expand on everything rather than rushing through the plot beats, and there's no temptation to stick to the game's aesthetics.

The original had JRPG combat bullshit because it was a JRPG, but the anime's appeal seems more cerebral thus far, so I'm honestly not sure the monsters and combat are still an asset. Not like they could get rid of it though.

Suzuna and Aria are cuties! Aha, now I see the reason behind the repetitive dialogue with the bookstore owner and others from the first episode. I liked seeing the protagonist think through his situation, that was pretty smart. I'm interested to see how Shogo will work with the curious blogger!

"Matrix: The Animation" confirmed.

Things look to be picking up from here and I'm definitely excited. This episode to me was better than the first. I like the character designs and art style as well the music, plus the OP was a banger imo with some cool visuals.

Ready for the next episode!

This show is wild, man. Every twist and turn is pulled off to the absolute best of sci-fi YA thriller. Between it's dark walls, incredible music and brilliant design, it's a dystopia with enough real to be paranoia exemplified. The sound mixing could use a bit of a touch up (that chase where the music simply got quieter was a bit of a cockblock), but otherwise this show is firing on all cylinders.

I haven't played the original game (I heard it was shit), but I know the soundtrack is amazing. Even if this anime goes trainwreck, at the very least, it'll be
This episode takes "We are living in a simulation" too literally.
Are we getting new ED every episode? Hell yeah!
Will the preview always be drawn by Pop Team Epic artist (or at least looks like one)? I was expecting to have different artists, though.

It looks pretty and the music is awesome. Characters are interesting and the battle scenes are well animated. Let’s hope the story is good and this might be more then your typical dystopia world anime

Nice, I'm really liking the pieces presented so far. A number of things have been explained already. Like why that girl's mom completely changed after µ mysteriously appeared in front of her last episode. My guess is that there are a number of real people trapped in the Matrix (Mobius) that µ thinks she's taking care of, but actually something more nefarious is going on.

Well can't wait to see what happens next in Hatsune Miku's matrix. I also really like µ's songs. The song that played at the end of the first episode in particular caught my attention haha, the lyrics were so chuuni but charming in a way.

The OP looks awesome, but the OST sounds way better.
I'll be sure to be back to next week's episode of "Hatsune Miku takes over the Matrix"

I like it so far but I honestly don’t understand what’s going on lol

Glasses girl from the OP reminds me of hachikuji

The potential is there! I'll believe in it. I'm excited for this series.


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