Tuesday, April 10, 2018

[Caligula] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"When you lose your composure, you cannot reach the truth or reality"

≫Someone explain this please
When MC knows what the audience is thinking

No fucking idea on what's going on, but I actually loved this first episode.
I'm so fucking clueless of what happened I'm watching ep. 2, that's for sure.

You guys weren't kidding, Jesus.
Strangely with the advent of Jordan Peterson, and the reading list he supplied, I feel at least somewhat equipped for an anime that is legitimately quoting Aristotle.

...what the fuck is going on?

hand waves
Game adaptation things.

I was surprised to see that this is an adaptation of a genuine videogame; when I hear "game adaptation" I think "mobile game cashgrab". The game apparently kinda sucks, so I wonder if it translates well to anime.

It's the game mechanics that suck the most though and they won't be a problem since it's an anime. There's also a remake coming soon which makes changes to the story and adds a whole new route, so they might incorporate some of the new stuff into adaptation.

The ED/OP was dope!

A strange show but has an interesting premise. Going to keep follow but damn, this can easily be a hit or miss.

≫A strange show but has an interesting premise
You pretty much described the game with that sentence. Hopefully this turns out better (and the ps4 remake turns out even better-er!)

Guys no jokes during one of the first few glitches (I think the help me one) my phone crashed and I lost my shit.
DDLC flashbacks intensifies

This is the world in which everyone can be an idol that Honoka wanted in Love Live. Distraught about the dissolution of muse, she created a world in which everyone will be stuck in idol hell.

This world is what happens when so many people play too much School Idol Festival Faito dayo!

Basically the audience this entire episode.

At first I thought I understood what was going on. It had that Matrix vibe where "glitches" were happening around our MC and I really thought our MC was in some kind of simulation. And then the last scene started to happen. While the MC can see things it looks like the female MC doesn't? Wait what?
As awesome as the ED is it doesn't help with explaining things since you see them fighting those transformed students. I'm guessing they'll all eventually get powers? Man I hope the guy with the gun hand explains everything next week because right now I am definitely hooked. Right now I just wanna know what's going on.

My best guess would be that she was basically seeing what the MC was seeing earlier in the episode when the gun hand guy was beating up random people. What made the MC see what was actually going on I couldn't say though.

I think he explained it in the episode. He was aware of the inconsistencies, and it has been gradually wearing him down, to the point where he can now perceive the unknown. The Girl doesn't have the experience that he has.

I really liked this. I love the MC for most of this episode other than the you murderer part which seems like classic dense MC triggers a massive explanation schtick.
Other thoughts: The grad speech was really well delivered, the fact that it was empty nonsense helps drive home the desynced reality, but the way it was said was surprisingly sinister without being overacted. I like how things like glasses girl and the missing person are dropped for a later callback but more immediate things like fighter dude and rep guy being important and highly aware were cool so it feels like we aren't being left in the dust too much. I thought this show had a high potential to be bad but it doesn't look like it will be for me at least.

Oh my god is that after credits scene by Bkub Ookawa, creator of Pop Team Epic?

My reaction when I saw that preview was "huh, that kinda looks like PTE" /stops focusing on subs and looks left, notices the illust credits "oh so it is PTE artstyle"

The music is spot on for the feelings they’re trying to convey. So everyone is being brainwashed through some classical conditioning and a music trigger? All by mew?

If you're gonna spell out the greek letter, it's "Mu"

[μ]'s "Mu" [sic]

Am I the only one not turned off by the psycology lectures throughout?

Yeah, it's not just edgy shit (something something water filling up a hole in the road), it's actual psychology stuff that's linked to the story

≫something something water filling up a hole in the road
why must you remind me of this... i vaguely remember seeing this phrase in a really dumb anime

Well, I was confused af, but it seems good. I'll keep watching.

That was actually pretty fucking good.

I liked the game and I really liked the first episode here, so my hopes are a little higher than normal.

I enjoyed how the show let the audience feel the MC's confusion in this episode rather than trying to explain all the behind the scenes stuff to us right away. Although the synopsis on MAL kind of ruins the feel of it a bit by explaining what's kind of going on just a little bit.
The cut to dirty sewage water while the MC was talking about Freud was a nice touch as well.

Looks very cool stylistically and the premise is interesting. I hope it doesn't take itself too seriously but I'm definitely on board for now.

The music is great, the story though seems interesting but i'm also very confused after the episode. I'll keep watching and see where it goes


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