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[Boruto] Episode 55 impressions

Episode 55
"The Scientific Ninja Tool"

I love that scene where Sumire was listing off Team 7's weakness. I really hope she grows up to become that ninja that knows and is prepared against everyone.

Killer Bee definitely pulled off one of his escape tentacles. There's no way our boy is dead especially considering how calm he was during that entire situation.

This is my time seeing Gaara's adopted son. I wonder what kind of jutsu that kid has, the rest of his team looks interesting too.

Shukaku is definitely a weird one but I like that Gaara now calls him friend so casually now. As for their connection with Gyuuki, I wonder if Kyuubi also felt the same thing.

In the OP Gaaras son seems to have some kind of a metalic sand like his father had the gold sand maybe the kid has iron sand or something.
Kyuubi absolutely should feel the same thing but you know, naruto and plot holes.

It could still happen. That scene with gaara was only in the anime so I don't see why they wouldn't do it with Naruto as well.

We're getting closer to the main conflict! Also Sasuke showing off his shuriken technique felt like a callback to young Sasuke training with Itachi. Also cant wait for using this Ninja tech to bite Boruto in the ass.

I must say im really starting to enjoy the anime and this arc, i didn't watch the movie tho

Bee too busy being in character that he's no longer a character anymore

The scientist guy is an utter idiot. I mean. When you make an algorithm that can solve all sorts of difficult mathematical problems you don't give it to a kid and tell him to cheat on his maths exam. You give it to a professional who can actually make it useful. I mean damn who was the moron who gave that guy his degree with ideas like that? And he actually acted surprised when Naruto told him "No, you can't give your device to students so they can cheat on the exam". I hope he loses his job and goes back to pirating and selling games.

I take it you do not read the manga.

I don't think you understand what his motives are even a bit. He wants advertising, exposure, the world to know about his inventions. He doesn't give a fuck about Boruto failing his exams.

Obviously, except everyone will recognize that yes he is the one who gave that kid a prototype weapon. He may not care about Boruto's fate but can he honestly think that the audience will be open minded and nod their heads over the tech he's showcasing? He's going to be thrown in jail and lose his job and even if his invention makes its way to all villages he's not going to get any royalties from it. Basically he's running a risk of losing his career, his invention and maybe even his freedom when all he needed to do was hold a seminar like a normal scientist.

≫he's running a risk of losing his career

Considering the fact that it's been shown over and over again that Naruto won't let his tools become a thing, he has nothing to lose. Personally I predict he will either go rogue (if Naruto makes them illegal) and sell these things for criminals and other shady people, leave for another village that accepts them, or somehow ends up getting used by the aliens.

The interaction between Sarada and Sakura was great! Of course, having a father around makes anyone happy.

Glad to see Sumire still has some of her spunk from season 1. Hope that comes out more as she matures and stops worrying about being "girly".

No way Killer Bee's gone. Waaaayyyy too simple of a death.

It's cool that they showed Boruto putting the scientific Nnnja tool (SNT) away and trying to do things on his own. That was a surprise for me. Obviously he is going to use the tool when he's at his lowest points so that's going to be hard to stomach during the Chunnin Exams. His normal genius self seems to be missing lately though, considering Sasuke had to essentially say to Boruto you're being un-innovative. Perhaps SNT is distracting him?

Bonus: for those of you who miss Naruto being the underdog who gets through everything with hard work, I think you may find that boruto's methods of overcoming obstacles will essentially always be outsmarting the opponent with really innovative ideas. It might be less satisfying sometimes, but you'll probably always say "that was cool"

I have two questions for this episode

1- How did Temari evade Shikadai's jutsu by using her fan? Wouldn't the fan project an even larger shadow, making it easier for Shikadai to reach her, or does that jutsu ONLY work on living thing's shadows?

2- The new otsutsuki clan member. How does he know all about what happened? I was waiting for Kinshiki or Momoshiki to question him or something, but it seems like I missed out on something.

≫1- How did Temari evade Shikadai's jutsu by using her fan? Wouldn't the fan project an even larger shadow, making it easier for Shikadai to reach her, or does that jutsu ONLY work on living thing's shadows?

Shikadai most likely can't extend his shadow to go above the ground, he's still a genin after all.

≫The new otsutsuki clan member. How does he know all about what happened? I was waiting for Kinshiki or Momoshiki to question him or something, but it seems like I missed out on something.

He kept an eye on the planet from far above the stratosphere as seen in the previous episode when he froze Toneri.

That mostly makes sense. But her shadow shouldn't completely disappear just because she jumped...

They were all exhausted which means they fought and trained for a while before that scene. Shikamaru (his father) couldn't sustain his shadow possession for long either while low on chakra.

Well she used her fan to fly up. Perhaps the shadow didnt completely disappear but moved position for being higher in the air along with her fan covering her bottom

I'm not sure if I missed something in a previous episode but when Sasuke fought Momoshiki and Kinshiki, did he fight them on a different planet/dimension?
Also, did Gara not have his tailed beast taken from him? Why can Skukaku still talk to him?

He fought them in her Ice Dimension that Team 7 and Obito were teleported to back in Shippuden

As far as I remember, Sasuke freed the tailed beasts at the end of Shippuuden, no? I assume Shukaku can talk to Gaara like that just because they've had that link in the past.

Mr science dude has always given me a creepy vibe. Hope Boruto's cheating catches up to him in a humiliating and devastating way

The tool is effectively a gun: a lot of power with little effort required. I think the "lesson" in this subplot is going to be that effective tools are okay, but only if you have the training to use them in a responsible way. I would guess Boruto's going to end up doing something irresponsible with it, but I don't think the tools themselves are going to be completely shunned because of the trope where human ingenuity helps turn the tide against the antagonist (which is a trope I figure is going to show up somewhere down the line).

Naruto was a great protagonist because he was an unskilled nobody who had to earn his strength and recognition from all. Boruto is a super skilled (genin who apparently is closer to jonin level) genius son of the hokage who wants Naruto to recognize him and his ability, but as soon as he gets the chance to earn his respect by learning his signature technique (which he already almost masters in a day even though it took Naruto a long time and so much practice his hands got worn out) he decides to give up and take cheating shortcuts. In spirit he is nothing like his father and doesn't understand him but disrespects him constantly. When Sasuke talks about how his father used to be a nobody who worked hard Boruto completely disregards it to ask about Naruto's weaknesses, in other words, asks for another shortcut. Ninja tools have always been a part of their world sure, but it was never a shortcut to replace the skill and mastery necessary for ninja to wield their techniques with finesse and responsibility (which is why I believe Naruto said no to mr science guy in the first place). The tools will probably be there to stay yeah. You can give a guy a piece of software and tell him to design something technical and he probably could, but it's always still better if you have someone who knows the thing he is designing. My point though, was Boruto is a copy of Naruto without any of the qualities that made Naruto the person that people began to love when they watch him

I really liked the callback to Sumire's character from season 1. I thought it had been forgotten but clearly not.

Enjoying this arc a lot. Things are ramping up and different characters are getting a bit more screen time. Sasuke's back for a while, Gaara and Kankuro are prepping for the exam, and shit's going down with the tailed beasts. You can tell right away that Gaara's adopted son uses iron sand by his cloak. The struggle Boruto's having about taking "shortcuts" is a nice little dynamic too. Looking forward to the action kicking in.


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