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[Boruto] Episode 53 impressions

Episode 53
"Himawari's Birthday"

i just want to point out that even Sasuke went to Naruto's house first to find him. Cool loner, never goes home, Sasuke couldn't imagine the possibility that Naruto would be at the office and not home at night. and you can argue that he would know Naruto better than anyone else. Not even Naruto's main partner could fathom how much Naruto was overworking himself and neglecting his family.

Himawari's birthday will always be so hard to watch, honestly it's the scene that got me on Borutos side in the movie and is why I've been on his side from the start of the show, I just can't agree with Narutos reasons, he's the only Hokage shown to have such a strenuous workload and I can't but think that's because he believes he has to do everything himself.
A few elements have been added into the films story which definitely help the pacing, some shots I believe were directly taken from the film though, with maybe a few changes here and there.
Great episode though, protecc Himawari, until she gets mad then she need no protecc, you need only leg it.

I disagree on the idea that other Hokages weren’t shown to have so much work. Sarutobi, Tsunade and Kakashi all had very little free time when they were shown. The difference was they either didn’t have a family to worry about or their family was old enough to be a non-issue.
Plus the Hokage’s role has clearly changed and expanded post-war especially with the increased expansion of the city.
That doesn’t mean Naruto’s right, and he certainly needs to learn to let the job take a back seat. But Boruto always comes off as a bit petulant when he says stuff that comes off as “Dad had it easy being an orphan”.

Also to point out Sarutobi and Asuma had a very very strained relationship because of him being Hokage, it's why Asuma became one of the guardian ninja for the Fire Lord in the first place, to get away from his Father. Minato even points out in one of the filler that Kushina would be the one mainly taking care of Naruto since he'd be so busy. Being Hokage is like being president, your job doesn't stop just because your daughters birthday came up or because you want to visit your family. Naruto is shown to work super late hours because of his job and he apparently doesn't sleep all that much. I understand where Boruto is coming from and I think Naruto and Konohamaru are idiots for not remembering what Konohamaru's childhood was like and seeing all the similarities to Boruto, but at the same time Boruto is still a kid who doesn't understand that His father is the most important person in the village, he doesn't understand what the job of Hokage entails and since he doesn't get it he doesn't respect his dad as much as he should, that's why the Chunin exams are so important, it shows that the Hokage job isn't just sitting behind a desk, it's sacrificing yourself for your village in every sense of the word, and Boruto understands that after the arc.

The new otsutsuki member is a badass villain but Toneri got

Toner cartridge got emptied.

I like this show so much more when I can tell it has a direction. Setting up future plot details, and even laying groundwork for arcs past this one.
Right off the bat the bit with Scientist guy actually works better here than in the movie.
Also we’re getting the nice addition of Shikadai having a relevant B-plot for the exam story.
It’s kind of interesting to see how Boruto views Sasuke. Or even how Sasuke looks to people who don’t know his whole story.

Yeah the Scientist felt a bit forced in the movie but looks like it will make more sense here.

Boruto being all about instant gratification, looking up to those who don't follow authority, and basically not understanding what Naruto went through when he was a kid. He may seem mature at times but this episode definitely showed how much of a kid he still is.

That cake scene though. That was painful to watch. And I could be wrong about this but this is the first time I've seen in this series that his clone disappeared without saying goodbye. I'm guessing Naruto is either too tired or very stressed that he couldn't keep his clone stable. Maybe this is why Sasuke suddenly showed up and something big is currently going on?

I've never really watched the Boruto movie so I don't know what to expect next. Should I watch the movie or just stick with the series?

I wouldn't recommend watching the movie as that would spoil the whole arc lol. But there will be a few differences just like in this episode. For example, the guy in the begginning isn't a apart of the movie.

I say watch it after the arc, maybe for comparison. If you watch it now, ur basically just rewatching the movie in episode form for the next 2-3 months

≫I'm guessing Naruto is either too tired or very stressed that he couldn't keep his clone stable.
I think they did a good job of showing just how tired he was during the scene between him, Shikamaru and scientist guy. His posture and his eyes really helped emphasise just how much he was pushing himself past his limit.

especially since you can tell, that it doesn't matter that he's an Uzumaki or the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails, he isn't as young as he once was, he gets tired easier and you can tell from this episode.

He is still very young, the problem is the amount of food that he has in his plate right now, even if he had more stamina he would eventually collapse cause he has clones everywhere right now because of the zetsu incident.

I really wish Naruto's and Boruto's relationship was better. It breaks my heart. I'm not sure who I'm more annoyed with, Naruto for not being there more for his family, or Boruto for being such a cocky brat. Probably a bit of both. I really wish Boruto understood more about Naruto's past too.

I get where it's coming from, his childhood sucked and didn't really have a father figure himself. But there are plenty of men in real life that grew up without a parental figure and have become great parents themselves.

Many, but not most. It’s a cold fact that men without father figures grow up to be little shits. Even when they have kids, only a minority actually become great parents/people.
That’s why there is this whole movement to keep fathers in their kids lives.

Why does he hate his father, but admire Sasuke, who is an even less present father than Naruto?

Boruto doesn't have expectations of Sasuke, so he can view him in a vaccum. Naruto, on the other hand, is his father. Like most people, Boruto has innate ideas of how a father should act, he likely sees dads all around him and compares them. Plus, Boruto hears about his dad everywhere he goes, making it all the more annoying when he's not there for him and Himawari.
On another note- Boruto doesn't hate people for not being present, he just dislikes his father's lack of presence in his life.

And it's the same for Sarada. She admires Naruto for what he does for the village (and doesn't have Boruto's perspective on the situation) and resents (or resented?) Sasuke for never being there.

Glad that they've finally caught up with the movie plot line. Interested to see what additional information and changes there will be.

Loving the new ED.

I know right! I think it greatly captured the tension of the arc

When people forget boruto is anime original so everything is cannon😪.

Why doesn't Naruto go home and leave shadow clones at work?

Because he sees his responsibility as Hokage as the most important thing.
To him, a person with no blood family, the whole of the village is his family that's what it means to become Hokage, in his eyes, so him putting Hokage responsibilities in 2nd place is the same as putting the whole village, his family, in 2nd place.
Ideologically it's great but in practice his actual family suffers for it.

Yeah but this time he made a straight up promise to Boruto that he'd be there. Isn't his ninja way to "never go back on his word"? And besides, Shadow clones can do anything that he can at work, but only the real him can be there for his daughter so this is easily solvable. There needs to be a conflict in the story so I'll let it pass, but Naruto's motivations seem kinda weak.

You'll find out in the future that what Naruto has to deal with isn't normal Hokage stuff and there are reasons why he has to ditch his promises, but I'll stop here since going into it will be going into spoiler territory.

Naruto left in the middle of Himawari's birthday. Naruto was sweating like hell and after boruto went into his room the window was open.

Naruto should really hire two extra secretaries

Oh man that Cake scene was painful to watch. I was mentally prepared for that but still I felt sad. Show is getting better and I am investing in the characters now.

Oh man. As soon as Naruto started sweating, I thought "Fuck. He's gonna vanish and drop the cake."
Last scene with Sasuke was cool. I like the train of thought Boruto has about him - the understanding that he's the only person Naruto considers his equal. Seems like there could be an interesting dynamic there, a. I've not seen the movie so I'm not totally sure how things unfold, but I've got some guesses.

Himawari's birthday still painful to watch. I get naruto is the hokage and that his family is the entire village but a birthday takes 2-3 hours at most. He could have easily let shikamaru hold down the fort for a little bit.


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