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[Boruto] Episode 52 impressions

Episode 52
"Sasuke's Shadow"

That was the worst OP I’ve seen in a long time.

yeah, song is terrible and visuals look unfinished. Like there are some frames missing.

I’m almost positive the visuals are getting updated as the arc progresses, can’t imagine any other reason for it to look so chopped up.

lol yea looks like a fan animation ( no offense to anyone who puts in the effort on those~).

Song is okay.

It really doesn't fit the show

I like the song way more than the previous one. But holy shit the visuals are fucking crap.
Gonna keep on skipping it though.
Edit: Ending is dope tho.

ED is nice at least

There is a Sasuke scene after ED, you might want to watch it if you didn't

Apart from the disappointing OP, this episode was an entertaining one. The ED was a lot better than the OP, and the after credits scene was great. Looking forward to the rest of this arc, it should be the best one so far.

Everyone in here talking about the OP but I'm just glad we're finally almost out of the filler zone

I didn't see any of the source material before Boruto started, so I went in blind. Well, I had just finished marathoning Naruto + Shippuden (sans the filler), and the last movie. Then I saw there was the Boruto movie and watched it. This was like 20 episodes into the Boruto series, so I figured the movie was just set at a more interesting point in the story and that these episodes were all background stuff. Then like two weeks ago I went to check out the manga finally and realized we have like 50 episodes of filler. Sasuga Pierrot - a year of filler before the story actually starts is impressive.

Konohamaru could have done better against zetsu, to be fair.

I mean why would he hold rasengan till late.

So they can use panning shots for a few seconds while everybody is just staring, saves time-money basically.

The new ED is definitely greater than the new OP this time.
So I guess this is how Boruto
Also I forget but does Konohamaru know about Mitsuki being Orochimaru's son? I just found it funny that Mitsuki is casually dropping info that aren't exactly common knowledge to common folk and Konohamaru's face was like "How do you even know that?"
Also don't skip the ED! There's an after credits scene!

≫Also I forget but does Konohamaru know about Mitsuki being Orochimaru's son?
I think he doesn't, as barely anyone knows (although there are rumours, and the snakes might be a hint).

Well Kakashi knows, and likely filled him in since Konohamaru is Mitsuki's Sensei, for reasons exactly like this. Otherwise he'd come to question "why does this guy seem exactly like Orochimaru, and seem to know everything no genin should know?...".

So I can't be the only one who feels kind of let down with Konohamaru? Like he just doesn't feel especially powerful aside from the rasengan. Like I feel like he hasn't had that moment that you went "wow" like Kakashi and Zabuza. He has the blood of the Sarutobi, yet he just doesn't feel that impressive. Like I know he shouldn't be going all out yet, but idk maybe it's just me. I'm still hoping for Sage mode along with other cool things up his sleeve.

U also gotta understand that the others perfected their craft. For all we know konohamaru practised a little while he was a kid and now after the war he stopped. Just what im assuming tho idk maybe he will get some spotlight later on. Atleast we are like 1-2 episodes away from the movie

True true. Realistically he hasn't had anything that would require super drastic measures. Nothing like a Pain or an Akatskui to fight himself, basically a bunch of guys genins can stand a chance against.

Exactly! Its just been a bunch of bad guys that his team of kids can handle alone (They are making them to OP to begin with imo). So there really isnt the ”need” for the adults to do anything so far. But then again Naruto and sasuke are kinda working in the Dark. Just gotta wait and see what happens when we pass the movie part.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the new OP was terrible. The ED is great at least. Can’t wait for Boruto and Sasuke to meet next episode

Digging the new ending. Now we got some actual story line going. Sadly most of it is going to be a Boruto Movie recap which most of us have seen

From the OP, I would guess they will flesh it out more. Else it would only be a couple episodes long.

Can't wait to see how they'll handle a longer Chunin exams

Feels like Boruto is walking the same path as young Sasuke in a desire for more power

I seem to have forgotten but who is that third guy with Momoshiki and Kinshiki in the ED? Is that going to be an anime only character? I don’t remember there being a third one of them.
Also was that Toneri in the next episode preview? What relevance to the story would he have?

Afaik, yes, third guy is anime only. I read in a previous thread that there was originally supposed to be 3 in the movie, the 3rd just got cut for pacing. No sources on that, so take it with a grain of salt.
As for Toneri, he's already shown up once in the series. It was around the Nue incident where Boruto had dreams of Toneri telling him he's important, his eye activating.

How is Boruto so far? I enjoyed Naruto and Shippuden, will I like this series?

If you go in with the mindset that this is not about Naruto and his generation, then sure give it a go. I'm personally watching it because I'm already invested in the world. While I still prefer the older cast, Sarada and Mitsuki have been great, Himawari too.
Basically, if you want more of the Naruto world then give it a go. If you couldn't care less about what happens to anyone except the original cast, then maybe it's not for you.

Also keep in mind that there will be little to no character and plot progression since they cant do any of that until they reach the chuunin exams which is what the movie is about, so ALOT of filler and pointless episodes. Boruto isnt an interesting character either, but thats because they cant give him any progression till the movie plotline

How’s the story atm? I stopped back at like ep 20. I’ve read like 15 of the chapters and seen the movie but took a break til some stuff starts happening

I think of the 52 episodes, maybe 10 have been relevant to the overall story, with the rest either being character development or just straight filler.
It's felt for a long time that we've just been "waiting for the movie part" so we can move the characters forward into new territory. It's
Pre-time skip Naurto filler year level of boring IMO.

ayy konohamarus resengan!
op is kinda meh, but the ed was kinda cool imo


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