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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 4 impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 4
"My Hero"

For anyone that's confused about the 1,000,000% thing, here's the author's comments on it.
Basically it was just the madman Izuku psyching himself up and going 'Plus Ultra' in his own way, All Might vs Nomu style. He didn't actually use a million percent of One For All.

Absolutely worth the wait to see that animated.

Deku’s “I’m sorry Mom” was absolutely heartbreaking, though. Imagine being fifteen years old, facing down a literal wall of muscle to save a kid’s life and accepting the possibility that this could kill you.

I love that little madman. Good job, smolmight.

The intensity of the fight was crippling. When he apologized to his mom, you could feel the dread and pain, the acknowledgment of death. I practically melted.

The whole episode was intense though. We see eraser head get taken down by the flame wielder, which is ptsd at this point. He’s been slammed down two too many times. I was especially surprised though when I got chills after seeing the tied up leathery villain stand up from a dismembered hand. That genuinely sent a shock of creepiness through me.

The suspense... Can’t wait for next episode. I don’t think I can watch anything else until then. Nothing will be as good.

Deku The Absolute Madman, the only person Kota can call "My Hero"

I'm in awe of the madman, what an absolute unit.

Wow, that was amazing. I see why Deku earned the title "absolute madman". There's no way that's not going to cause permanent damage of some sort.
Also, it's kinda crazy how me(n)tal these villains are. Just straight up seeking to murder kids with the utmost enjoyment.

≫There's no way that's not going to cause permanent damage of some sort.

Right? I understand and relate to the hype cause he was badass this episode, but I was upset at the repeated use of ofa in his right arm at max power. Because if the show continues its string of actions having consequences, he should be suffering something crippling. I don't want a cripple Deku ;_;

"This is the story of how I became the greatest hero".
Izuku will be fine, until his job is done.

"This is the story of how I became the greatest hero... by becoming a philanthropist because both my arms are fucking wrecked and also charity is the greatest form of heroism."

Why does my boy Aizawa always have to be the one that gets rekt :(

Biggest threat gotta take him out first.

Pretty much this. If he isn't the first target, his Quirk paired with practically any other hero would be pretty oppressive to fight against.

The “SHOW ME SOME BLOOD!!” “GODDAMMIT SHUT UUUUUP!!” Line always gets to me. There’s no witty comment, no clever remark. Deku’s just straight up raging, and he’s so forthright about it, and I really appreciated the rawness of that situation.

The dialogue in this fight was great.

I also like how the villain is about to attack Kota and realizes that at that moment Deku would try to save Kota, turns around and says "and this is when you attack right?!". Too many times in Shounen the author has the villain attack an innocent as a "flag" to bring the hero back from the dead/being injured to save them.

Holy shit Deku crying out for his mother when he was scared was so sad, really reminds that at the end of the day he's just a kid thrown into situations way out of his league. Amazing fight, freaking adored every second of it

I thought he was seriously going to die before I realized this isn't dragon ball and there's no resurrection lol or that All Might would come outta nowhere to save him. I'm glad he broke his limit, thought about All Might's quote about always getting out of a pinch, and then epically getting out of this pinch.

Also anyone else love that "Flight or flight" thinking in Deku's mind just before he attacks the powered-up Muscular? Great attention to detail and it hyped up the fight!

Bakugo lookalike looking for Bakugo... hmmmm 🤔

I was under the impression that they want to recruit Bakugo. From their perspective, he's the easiest to influence into joining them. Kind of like a Sasuke situation, I guess?

Oh shit, that's a good point. I doubt they know his entire history and personality but he wasn't exactly subtle about being kinda' violent and angry as fuck at the sports festival and that was publicly televised.

Well here I am, crying profusely early in the morning over anime.
Is it weird to be proud of a fictional character?

Nope, I cried too.

I cried because I'm also just so proud of the series as a whole.

This is Horikoshi's 3rd series. The first one, Oumagadoki Zoo, was really cool and interesting, but it was cancelled with 5 volumes. Then, he tried something different with Sensei no Bulge, but it wasn't really fit for Jump, and was cancelled with 2 volumes. Now, here we are, witnessing one of the best recent series in Jump, gloriously animated, coming from a man that failed twice to make a hit. You can tell he puts his heart on this, and Bones is making it justice.

One of my favorite pages finally got animated

Oh damn the art is excellent,is this how it looks throughout the manga?If so I am definitely reading it after this season is over

Deku just risked his life and broke everything with the looming threat of permanent damage
For a kid that punched him in the dick.
Nobody can question him being a hero.
Also this fight right here is what spawned the "Deku is an absolute madman " memes.

I thought it was Todoroki's fight that started it and this is what cemented it

Wow i like anime that finish the fight without the need for another episode now

You know, I've always loved superheroes. And here I am, a day after being floored with happiness from the new Avengers movie, now being able to witness one of the most awesome and heroic moments in anime I have ever seen. I know it's a meme, but I'm truly grateful I get to live in this timeline. I had to cover my mouth with my hand for the entire end of this episode because I was so close to squealing with hype and didn't want to wake anyone up. I could actually feel my heart racing by the end of it.
Edit: And I want to give some credit to Daiki Yamashita for his phenomenal voicing for Deku this episode. Absolutely amazing.

It's so beautiful that Kouta was to Midoriya in this episode what Midoriya was to All Might in the first episode of the series. BnHA really, really knows what it means to be a Hero.

More importantly, Midoriya was to Kouta what All Might was to Midoriya.

I feel like falling in love with this guy, now i already hate him.

I see you like Discount Deadpool too

He is cool, I hate him

Everything about this episode was great.
The fight scene, the soundtrack, the voice acting and the way they set the tone with the severed hand, easily a 10/10 episode.

The episode feels like it's only 5 minutes long because of the intense action but title drop at the end is like the icing on the cake. Gave me total goosebumps.

little kouta said "boku no hero" im tearing in me eyes!!


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