Monday, April 23, 2018

[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 3 impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 3

Man that villain ost is metal as fuck. I love it.

Predicting it will be called REVELRY IN DARKNESS

when the OST hit i got hype at 5:30 in the morning

I was not expecting those vocals.

Yeah I was like, wait a minute this shit it T O U G H.

That was awesome, I'm already waiting for the OST to be released for that track

Can't wait for Shokugeki no Bakugo!

Well he does have the same VA as Ryo Kurokiba from Shokugeki, so this was probably a reference to that.

Oh that ending.. its about to go down for real!
Good guy Deku immediately thinks of Kota

Revelry in the dark....

Tokoyami is the lowkey weirdo

He's a total chunni, it's just that superheroes are usually pretty chunni in general.
Man, imagining 6 year old Tokoyami watching old samurai and ninja movies and getting hyped as fuck is a really cute image.

When the next episode is called 'My Hero', you know it's going to blow you away.

I screamed out loud when I saw the title card.
I am so hyped I can't contain it.

I am over 100% hyped

The little shit-nugget had to be confined, so he wouldn't go about his fuckboi ways

According to LN, he was tied as a punishment for peeping on class B girls while they were bathing.

LN? BnHA has an LN? No way... OK so it's manga sourced, but has an LN adaption? It might be worth the read. Thanks for telling me about this.

The light novels covers just thing that got skipped in the manga for pace issues it’s just pure comedy. (For example when they were studying for the tests of season 2, or some moments during this trip)

Please tell me there is a Bakugo and Todoroki team fight.. please.. I’m begging you.

I'm happy that all of the Pussycats have finally been introduced. I really love all of their characters. It also means that more people can now see this awesome fan comic by ars369. It gave me goosebumps the first time I read it.

Oh damn that comic is awesome. I never thought about how Ragdoll would be able to perceive his weakness, but I love the comics take on it. All Might truly is amazing.

That's so cool. She sees through the facade to see a weak, crippled and injured man who struggles to bring hope and a smile to people's face and knows it must be kept a secret, even from those closest to her. Fan comic or not, it's really cool.

Holy shit that music at the end was amazing

The part where Deku was counting up the pairs...
Top-notch voice acting. Replayed that part at least 5 times.

Todoroki's little smile after using his fire is so good.

Gotta love character development. Came from hating using his fire side due to daddy issues to seeing how it can be used to help.

I love how Kendou's immediate reaction to danger is to protect her friend

And Deku’s is to make sure the kid who punched him in the balls is safe.

The quirk training was even more hilarious in the anime, "YESSIR!" Those various noises from 1-A were amazing.
That new villain theme: haunting.
Why do we have to wait a whole 7 days for the next episode, AAARRGGGHHH it's gonna be so good.

Class B getting the lecture about quirk strengthening over the off-screen sounds of A screaming their lungs out was hilarious. There was some great comedy in this episode.

Cute Rock boi is too cute

Kinda fall in love with Todoroki all over again

That smile as he realizes he is using his fire to help his friends makes my heart melt.

I can empathize with Kota. I'd be pretty pissed as well if somebody gave be a plate of curry without any utensils to eat it with.

If you look closer, there's a spoon on the plate.

Well I'll be!
In my defense, I don't think Kota could see the spoon given his height.

They somehow made the group dividement scene a lot funnier than it was in the manga.
I loved Deku's voice actor in that scene.

That cut of Mina was pure gold!
Also the general quality of the show is amazing, loving the effect on Dabi's flames!

This episode had a lot of different things that made me love it. The triple take, the Pussycat's cutout animation style, Tokoyami's constant "Revelry in the dark". Especially those death metal screams that accompanied the villains at the end. I'd I had to pick a favourite, it'd be Mina's reaction to the extra lessons at the end there. I lost it at that.


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