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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 2 impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 2
"Wild Wild Pussycats"

It's not a real summer camp unless it starts with being violently thrown from the top of a cliff, right?

They just don't make summer camps like they used to.

This episode had peak Iida. Frantically waiving his arms to get his classmates lined up for the bus, freaking out at Kota, and freaking out at Mineta.
You brute of a nephew! Why would you do that to Midoriya's scrotum?
What you are doing is demeaning for both yourself and the girls! It is shameful behavior!
Poor dude only means well but got a face full of grape ass.

He's swole on all that respect women juice

He’s also just swole in general. My god, How does he move that fast with that bulk

Iida doesn’t just not skip Leg Day, Iida is Leg Day.

that could be his hero name and it would be perfect

Midoriya: One For All: Full Cowling lida: Reciproburst! Bakugo: die
That was really funny to me.

Theory: Bakugou actually named one of his attacks “shine”.

I bet he has more than one attack named "shine", like all of them.

That's not true. His ball toss move is called "Go to hell."

The fucking ost when Mineta was climbing the wall, that was just beautiful.

The extended build-up to it along with the dramatic music really made this scene more hilarious. Props to Bones for extending more on manga scenes

Nice anime original scenes with the monsters. Also Top 10 anime bath.

We eating good after that tease of the swimsuits last week. Though Horikoshi's twitter is also providing

≫Also Top 10 anime bath.
The void of water where Toru is is a nice touch.

Kirishima and Sato went full JoJo on those dirt monsters haha. They were even yelling ORAORAORA...

I believe they did the same thing during the battle against Cementoss and his walls. I love it whenever an ORAORAORA pops up in manga or anime.

Idk why but I love seeing Deku be more useful than just all out attacks. Him just going at it with One for All is so enjoyable.

Kirishima is the only one who can get away with leaning on Bakugo like that. True bros.

makes sense since bakugo can't explode him to pieces

I love the show-don't-tell approach to their friendship they've been going with. Consistently Kirishima's the only one who outright cheers for Bakugo, and seems to be the only one Bakugo tolerates due to him also being a fierce fighter.

”Why would you do that to Midoriya’s scrotum?!”
That part killed me, fucking Christ. And Kota is really one of my favorite parts of this arc. It’s an interesting viewpoint especially as a contrast to the zealous Deku as a kid. Love his design too. Great episode overall.
Also, bed head Uraraka.

Yeah I really liked the part where Deku said when he heard what Kota believed he couldn't say a word, mostly likely cause he honestly understood the viewpoint Kota had from Kota's own point of view.
Really added a good layer to the metaverse.

I agree, Imagine losing your parents at his age and everyone telling you how amazing and great they were for dying.
I'd fucking hate heroes as well.

Gotta love how Pixie-bob is in "mating season" at that marriageable age, Deku knowing this goes into their office with just a towel with that fine body of his after she hit on him --- if this was not a shounen we all know where it would be going ;)
Its so good do with Kouta stands next to them at their introduction WE ARE THE WILD PUSSYCATS and hes all like....I Hate my family so much.
I found it really funny when Aizawa sensei is gonna rational what hes doing, eeeh whatever its no danger here, we are just gonna throw them down use that earth power to almost kill them but not really we got a great school here.

Deku has a hot bod. If I do 10 pushups a day will I be like him?

100 Push-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 100 Squats 10KM Running (that’s 6.2 miles)
do that and u will be like him

The moment between Deku and Uraraka was so cute!

I demand more vanilla, stat!

I love how Mina and Kaminari join in the cover for her awkwardness, not out of solidarity but just because they're idiots.

Glad they expanded the trek through the woods, got to see more quirks in action. I remember being disappointed it was a couple of panels in the manga. And so far the Pussycats' voices are fitting, just waiting on best girl Tora's.

Pretty much, also since it was 'new' they seemed to have a bit more fun with the whole sequence too, and giving team ups with quirks that complement each other.
Also you can never go wrong with an ora ora ora scene.

the fairy tail "wow" thing was the best part imo, that had me completely unaware and in stitches

That "Wow" is a long running gag from anime, its been in stuff as old as the 90s and maybe even 80s. Im unsure the acctual origin of it, but everyone loves to referance it.

Oh my god, THIS IS IT GUYS!!!
I gotta say, I said I thought the Pussycats were gonna be everyones favorite heros up til now, but FUCK I forgot how adorable and amazing Pixie Bob is (yes, that's her hero name. I know).
This fucking arc. This fucking show. This is what I've been waiting for since, like, last summer when I finally decided to read the manga. And it's beautiful.
And I don't care how old Pixie Bob is, she is babe. Change my mind.

Alright, time for the big action sequence, where everyone gets to do something cool and show off how awesome and useful their quirks are!


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