Wednesday, April 18, 2018

[Black Clover] Episode 28 impressions

Episode 28
"The One I've Set My Heart On"

The new OP is pretty solid.

Especially the Yami fight part! Really excited to see what that's about as an anime only.

If they do it right. Probably top 10 anime fights

Straight fire 10/10
Gets me hyped for the rest of the show.

Probably my favorite op of the season, up there with Tokyo Ghoul's

I feel horrible for laughing at his scenes.

I honestly hope he gets some character development, it’s sad that no one hears the dude, he’s so polite

I want to give him a hug!

Asta harem is getting even bigger.

I love this arc in the manga, and the mixer chapter is great and boy it was even funnier animated, the little bits they added really were fun and didn't overstay or get too repetitive.
Also Rebecca is here for real now, not as a background cameo like she was in the Black Market Episode.
Looks like a filler episode next time though.

I hope it's not too much filler. Even with 24 episodes left they have a decent amount of content to work with. I guess they really wanna stretch it out.

Well, the studio themselves can't exactly adapt however much they want... They have a quota to meet, contracted by Shueisha. Fifty-one episodes with episode 51 ending on X point. It's how most seasons work when adapting an already existing source material.

You got magic in you, Asta! The magic to make girls fall for you left and right. That's 3 right now for our badass protagonist, and they're all great.
Noelle acting all tsundere to herself is just funny. Rebecca is interesting, and looking forward to see more of her soon.

None of that matters... all that matters is Sister Lily.

At this point, I'm shipping Asta-Lily.

So we finally meet this Rebecca girl I've been hearing about. Well, I'm liking her so far. I love how she opened up to Asta when they started to talk about their family. Lol at Yuno being one of the 'brats' in Asta's thought bubble.
I'm glad we got to see Asta's brute strength, tossing that guy over like nothing was so satisfying.
I am really loving the new OP, it sounds so good! The ending was nice too, Noelle looks so beautiful in it. Honestly none of Black Clover's OPs and EDs have disappointed me so far.

Really liking the new opening with those fluid fighting scenes, hope we get that same quality in future episodes.
This episode was pretty damn funny and the timing of the jokes were on point.
Also this VS. THIS

That's not really a fair comparison though since openings usually always have better animation than the actual show

It's a little fairer and more representative now that many of the animators recruited from Fate/Apocrypha are settling into the schedule. I wouldn't say it's unreasonable to expect some seriously impressive work on the major fights of this arc.
E: Also, just found they've finally appointed an assistant director (Ayataka Tanemura) to help out Tatsuya Yoshihara! He's been struggling with this project, so i'm glad extra help has arrived.

YES IT'S HERE! I've been looking forward to this episode all week and it was definitely a lot better than I remember it! Maybe I'm biased because I've read the manga but this episode had me laughing hard XD

I like that they added in some extra bits. The part where Finral was scouting for other members to bring was anime original. In the manga he just mentions in his monologue why he couldn't bring the others and why he brought Asta and Luck along. And yes! Rebecca is finally introduced!

Also is it just me or is the animation starting to improve? The animation when Magna was playing his own game of baseball was pretty well done! New OP and ED looks great too! Hopefully this time they can maintain this quality.

Yeah the animation is definitely improving. Probably because they bring talented animators to help them.

That op is everything I've wanted this show to be

The ED's no slouch either!

Last season's OP and ED were pretty great too.

Now that was a fun episode. I'm starting to feel bad for Gordon all he wants is to be involved but everyone keeps ignoring him. Man does this show love the Spice Guy meme, they love keep using it.

YES the animation improve a lot! Is this because osomatsu-san has ended? I don't know why but i hope they keep going like this!

Not much to say, just a very enjoyable episode. I liked how they handled some anime extra scenes and Noelle is, of course, adorable as always.
Oh and dat OP and ED....damn, that was nice!

I've always liked Asta. So pure. I wish he'd yell more like he used to, it actually does make me laugh.
Noelle best girl. I like the way things are at this point in time.

All he needed to say to get all the girls at the mixer was: i possess anti-magic. And he failed to do that, I’m surprised the girls didn’t ask the meaning behind him having no magic and is a magic knight. Also hype to seeing Capt Yami fight.

the new opening and ending songs are really nice

Hng Noelle this episode.

Noelle in the ED is damn cute

This opening has a lot more going on in it, but I liked the previous song more. This episode was pretty fun!!


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