Wednesday, April 4, 2018

[Black Clover] Episode 26 impressions

Episode 26
"Wounded Beasts"

For a sec, I thought a major twist was revealed that the Wizard King is actually evil when they showed him.

I was thinking about that for the last 2 episodes... His absence was bothering the hell out of me. I'm glad he at least killed some of those terrorist. Seeing how everybody was immortal in this show thus far was really annoying.

Yeah I was almsot 100% certain he is the evil guy ever since he went missing, guess the show is not that predictable after all.

His character is shrouded in mystery anyways. He gives off those vibes. This episode especially.

I know it's a small detail, but I really liked that the Wizard King killed those guys; shows how serious he is and adds a layer of gravitas to his presence from here onward. He ain't playing.
It also levels up the shows "maturity" a hair, no?

I really wish they'd actually show them being killed, instead of poof smoke. None of the big Shounens I can think of were this afraid to show death.

They took the recap in this episode to the next level. Besides that, pretty good episode. The Wizard King is op af.

I know it was supposed to be a hype moment when all the magic knights returned, but I really I couldn't think anything other than "great, the assholes are back"
Anyway, they had a pretty good place to end it, when the wizard king came back, chose not to end it there, was a bit surprising

≫"great, the assholes are back"
I'm just waiting for someone to forcibly give that dickhead a haircut in battle.

If I was Noelle, being disowned by this family would be a blessing.

The magic knights are back! ... god they're useless.

Yeah..right?! I mean all of those self-proclaimed "top tier" Magic Knights appear and none could forsee or prevent Astas kidnapping. Pathetic. Or were they just cba to save village boy Asta?

Well, I enjoyed it..

Ah ok so we can finally se who this light is and it clearly looks like the captain of the golden dawn, who could have guessed that?
King got time powers of course - one of the classic strong power to have in any media.
And....than it was the worst recapped episode yet, pretty much.
5 minute until it starts and than it was a minute or so until more recap, and than recap after the break in the middle, it was like 10 minute of recap if one includes the opening WoW.

So copying DBZ? Lots of recaps in between every punches thrown.

nah this was worse, as they as usually just take a clunk of recap like 2-3 minutes and place it with no editing most noticeable after the mid break.
This episode is more recap than new content if you include opening and ending some kind of record

I think One Piece's record is tough to beat. Wasn't it like 7-8 minutes in that the episodes were starting at one point?

yep it was like consistently 7 min between recap and opening song for a good stretch of episodes rather recently too

I'm kinda glad they didn't end the episode with Julius showing up in the enemy base like in the manga and just proceed with Julius wrecking shit. In the manga they ended the chapter this episode was based on to make it look like Julius was their leader but really he was just there tracking them down.
Also It's been a while since I've read the manga but I didn't realize he vaporized the other two enemy mages. Showing us the blood splatter on the ground was brutal!

≫Showing us the blood splatter on the ground was brutal!
I think that was the burned spot where they used to be, wasn't it? Would've been more brutal if we actually saw the vaporization happen.

this has been so good recently, hope it keeps up

The next arc is pretty good and the arc after that is I think the biggest fan favorite. Look forward to it!

Okay so the recap was annoying
The animation wasn't really better or worse than normal save for those CG branches
I liked when Asta resolves the keep a cool head in the fight and then we cut to Leopold going nuts and blasting the shit out of everything and anything
The Wizard king just straight up FUCKING MURDERING those unnamed and irrelevant side characters was pretty cool, and I'm surprised that Asta didn't react to him killing them since he saved Mars in the dungeon.

Yay Wizard King. Really wish the deaths were more graphic in this one.


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