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[Black Clover] Episode 27 impressions

Episode 27

Just a small thing, but I liked that the boss of the The Eye Of The Midnight Sun's cares for his members instead of being an asshole who only uses them for his plans.

As someone who has read the manga, there's a specific reason why this is the case. It's actually fairly clever, as generic as BC is.

im going go out on a limb and say he makes them think he cares. all of the eye of midnight members seem to be outcasts from the Clover kingdom, so he is exploiting their desire for a place to belong to reach his goal.

The Eye Of The Midnight Sun's "boss" is voiced by Griffith aka Takahiro Sakurai.

fits perfectly if the captain that looks exactly like Griffith is the traitor ---
but imo I would prefer the old voice of Griffith i.e. Toshiyuki Morikawa who also does Sehphiroth that is some classic old bad guys.

Morikawa also did Yoshikage Kira and Bondrewd so he's well versed in voicing villains.

Next week now please.

Seems like its after this arc now than we jump to bishonen boy with maybe a filler? Or his arc probably starts like that with some weird flirting etc When are on the topic of flirting its great that Mimosa is the reverse of Tsundere Noelle and just goes and hugs asta which of coruse is getting Noelle all Jelly.

But the best part imo is Klaus Senpai. I just freaking love how super into Asta he was this episode.
Asta Leveling Up and is Yuno Leveling up to fast? I never been a big fan of that Yuno just RNGed into like 1000+ more power level feels like he will now either go arrogant and almost die in a battle becasue of it or turn evil.

No filler. Its actually how the arc starts lol

I had totally forgotten this is how the arc started lol. long will it be before they get rid of the intro at the beginning? We're already have 27 episodes.


Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer.

In the manga do the side-characters continue to develop or does it just stay as it is now with them only having 1 feature i.e. cake eating, "stop calling me sister", "look at my sister" yada yada yada. Cos i'm kinda getting bored of seeing the same jokes every week in an episode that's already like 10 minutes long because of recaps, intros and outros.

≫"stop calling me sister", "look at my sister"
In the manga that's a throwaway line, the anime apparently thinks it's hilarious and bears nonstop repetition.

It gets slightly better. The next arc is supposed to have development for the "don't look at my sister" guy. But yeah, while the side characters have solid abilities and designs, most of them are built around one joke/trait. Hell even the love interest's main character trait is Tsundere. Compare that to something like MHA where most of the side characters have distinct personalities rather than just the same joke/line repeated over and over.

Next week starts my favorite arc, looks like they're gonna sprinkle in some light fluff scenes with it but that's fine.

Who eats cupcakes/muffins with the wrapper still on the bottom? This truly concerns me.

Really? I always take some bites at the top and then slowly start unwrapping it on one side and make my way through?
How else would you eat them?

I take the wrapper off at the beginning and toss it. That way, I never have to deal with it again.
Is this not common practice? Am I the weird one here?

Well your post has some upvotes so some must agree but it would never occur to me to eat them like that.
Why would I make my hands dirty on purpose?

I never would have thought to leave it on like that. I figured it was just for the baking purposes. I'll have to try it next time.
You make a good point about keeping your hands clean. I would usually find a napkin post-consumption or wipe my hands on my pants.

Surprised I was able to get past Astas voice, starting to like this anime a lot. Anyone know how many episodes this series will be ?

It's gonna be 51 episodes so we are just past the half way mark. Really looking forward to the other arcs manga readers are hyping up.

The VA seems to have gotten better as the show went along, probably had more clear direction given to him and only goes crazy when asta actually just screams for no reason lol

"It's no use. We can't interrogate because there's some magic protection spell on them." "Hmm, if only we had some way at our disposal of dispelling unwanted magics. Ah well, nothing we can do."
So Yuno is now the Railgun to Asta's Imagine Breaker >_>
I wanna see the fight where Crackling Magna Typhoon was used....
Go Charmy!
Honestly, the short segment at the Black Bulls base at the end was the best part of the episode by far.

Charmy is in her chibi form more than her normal form, which is amusing. I'm not too sure if I've seen that before in any anime.
Fuegoleon hold key information to the anti-Clover group, about the traitor i think, so by shounen standards, I think he might not wake up until quite some time has passed.
Noelle in maid uniform next episode!? Gonna be good.

I mean there are 2 anime whose core design is based on this.
Umaru-chan and Gugure kokkuri-san.
Both have characters who shift from Normal to Chibi most the time, but revert back to normal mode during serious or emotional moments.

Pretty good episode. Seeing Klaus and then Mimosa push other people out of the way to get to Asta was really funny. Though the best part has to be when Charmy was smack talking Magna and Luck.


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