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[Beatless] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"The Prayer Within"

≫"You wouldn't marry a car!"
Man, the anti-piracy campaigns sure were different to how I remembered.

If you can download a car, you can marry one too

It's like the afterstory of those cheesy 80s horror films were the girlfriend's soul enters a car. Guess they were ahead of their time.

Who knew you could have so much fun with an exhaust pipe

I guess Higgins must have built an inescapable purpose into each Redbox hIE, so despite Kouka being just as intelligent as the other 4, she only has the desire to help humanity bring about a future without hIE.

Lacia is for the creation of hIE human hybrid society.

Methode desires a society where hIE supplant humanity.

Marriage/Saturnus is perhaps for a continuation of the current society with hIE remaining servile.

Snowdrop seems to be the wildcard, with no known owner, but can communicate directly with the AI Higgins instead. She refers to herself as a tool for evolution, so maybe she wants a future that has nothing to do with humanity, but a future revolving around an AI singularity instead.

Here's what I gather from the story, starting with the 5 girls:

Lacia- She's not exactly tricking Arato. She simply knows that he, along with many others, are easily manipulated, whether by machines or people. She recognizes this as both a good and bad thing. It's good, in that it's easy to speak to these people(as a machine herself), but bad because they tend not to do much thinking on their own. This is why she does her best to force Arato to do critical thinking, to open up his mind. Arato's friends just badger him into thinking what they want, but Lacia wants Arato to come to those conclusions himself.

Methode- Views all humans as foolish, but understands that she must live with them. There is no alternative, especially not genocide, as that would be too easy an answer. Or, too "human" an answer. At the same time, she considers them as tools. So she's trying to manipulate the more powerful humans into accepting her as a psuedo-leader, so she'll be free to do/live as she wishes.

Snowdrop- From what very little we've seen, I'd say that she dislikes the path that Lacia and Kouka have taken. Lacia searching for her "manipulatable human", and Kouka helping the Anti-Body Network vent their anger

Marriage- Too little time on this one. Way too little. Doesn't want to be meaningless, hence the "become special by serving somebody special". Might even be an inferiority complex, and the most willing to be a tool for humans

Kouka- I'd say the most childish and dependent one of them all. Her beginning actions were simply a case of establishing a cover identity, which she couldn't even do without Lacia's assistance. The Anti-Body Network, as Marriage's Owner puts it, is childish as well, taking their frustrations out on others in the name giving their members a purpose in life. I'd say her constant nagging at Arato's friend, is the result of seeing a kindred spirit in him. As in, "the inability to actually move forward in their lives, so they play useless games".

Kouka seems to be a natural rebel, which is why she seeks out the underdogs to fight a losing battle for instead of simply pursuing the most powerful and capable master to manipulate. Maybe it's adolescent immaturity, maybe it's a fiery passion to help those who need the help the most.

Lacia seems to be carefully grooming the MC, I am guessing her endgame is putting him into position to deliver some powerful abolitionist speech at a critical moment to change the direction of society.

This end + preview gave me a bad feeling about Kouka...
Pls don't kill the Spanish Guitar Bot

Wouldn't marry a car?! Bitch please have you seen an Aston Martin DEM CURVES THO. GODDAMN. DAT NATURALLY ASPIRATED V12 ENGINE HNNNG

Would you marry a car?
My STi is the perfect soulmate, so I don't see why not.

Everyone is ready to make new bright but still not clear future. Climax finally is almost here, I guess. Some owners will be owned, some not and maybe we'll find out where is the drama here.

What a cute car. Where I can marry buy one?

I liked the premise for this show but the pacing and the already 2 recap episodes aren't helping. It has potential to be better but it's just the same thing each episode. I'm going to finish it cause I'm already halfway done but this was a let down for me.

... if there's a next-episode preview this week, then does that mean they're skipping next week's recap? The preview scenes look recycled, though.

Last episode's party scene didn't actually lead anywhere, what a waste of a cliffhanger. In terms of consequences, it led to Kouka choosing the Antibody Network as her owner, and may have factored into Ryo targeting Kouka directly, so it sets up the next arc and isn't totally pointless, but come on.

So the show is going for a five-way battle for the future, but the futures represented by each hIE hasn't been laid out yet even though that theme has been officially announced. We can imagine a general shape for Lacia and Kouka's futures, but Methode, Lacia, and Mariage/Erica all actively have hidden motives, and it's unclear if Snowdrop even wants anything in particular. So the story is getting more interesting in the sense that more stuff is happening, but it's impossible to get invested in the battle itself.

Still hoping that Higgins and/or Lacia has been manipulating the entire situation the whole time for a specific end; there's no way the ultimate hIE that the super-AI wanted to build is actually relying on a random teenage boy to shape the future.

Lacia's motives don't appear to be hidden; she basically wants what Arato wants, and wants a future where they can be together. That said, we know hIEs are experts at manipulation, so that could be a facade.

Methode's motives seem to be: survive. To do that, she manipulates those with power in order to gain power herself - of her three owners, two have died or been hospitalised as a result of her actions.

Mariage/Saturnus and Snowdrop are the only real unknowns. Mariage seems to be content to let Erica do the choosing, and Erica looks to want someone to shape the future, without stating what sort of future she herself wants. Snowdrop is now the only one without an owner, has actively rejected an offer to be owned, and seems to be the 'wildcard'. Presumably, she wants to survive and gain power, similar to Methode.

Lacia's been giving off manipulative vibes from the start, so I really can't believe she's being honest now. Even this episode we got a sense that she got herself into the modelling gig so she'd become famous, presumably to advance her ultimate goal, and that happened within a week of joining the Endo family. It's likely Lacia's vision does involve being treated as human and being domestic with someone who has human feelings for her, since she got herself into the life she now has... but her blatant analogue hacking is so offputting that I expect something more sinister.

In a sense they're all trying to survive (except Kouka might've given up, and Snowdrop isn't struggling), but this episode established that they're supposed to represent a future. So their method of survival would be directing society in a certain direction, which will lead to that specific hIE being useful/accepted. Which gets to the crux of the issue: we don't know what future each hIE represents. Since this show likes to get philosophical anyway, I'd want to have a clear image of what society each faction would lead to so I could figure out which one I favour.

As it is, we're mostly stuck with Lacia just because she's on the protagonist's side - the characters aren't developed well enough to get invested in them personally. Kouka seems to be heading for a tragic end, and I like her enough to be appropriately sad if/when it happens, but I don't actively want her to win.

Erika herself claimed that she didn't have a specific future in mind and just wanted to be involved, but Lacia specifically brought up how secretive and manipulative Erika is being; the suggestion there is that Erika does have something in mind, and if Arato accepted her help he'd just be manipulated into advancing her future rather than his own.

Robots taking over and fighting the future.
We are just watching Terminator with cute robot girls.

I don't get why Arato shouldn't like hIE. Either the people in this world are racists or downright stupid.
Also, I really like Kouka more here. Shes more human than I thought.

hIEs don't have emotions, unless there's some hidden development we haven't been told about. They're also capable of analogue hacking, which from my understanding changes how you perceive them. Thus, if you like an hIE, not only are you liking something that doesn't have emotions and cannot like you back, there's a possibility that said hIE is manipulating you in order to like them.

It'll be really weird to have another recap episode next week when they just had a one-week hiatus.

I hope Kouka doesn't die but...
is next episode a recap, or is it a "press F to pay respects" farewell kouka episode? there was a lot of reused kouka scenes in the preview ;-;
Kengo and Kouka are stuck in an equivalent terrible situation, and I hope Kengo does something to stop Kouka's death. He'll forever be your average joe left as a spectator to the changing future at this rate.


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