Monday, April 16, 2018

[Beatless] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
Slumber of Human"

Man, i thought i would have never said it
This episode was enjoyable af
Cute moments, lots of plot explanation, badass encounter of the 4 super AIs, and super cute kouka
After 14 (12) episodes in im finally satisfied
Idk, you tell me
Miss bamboozled-by-Methode
Totally agree, This episode is one of few episodes that I enjoy from this series
Welp... It a shame that we won't have both Lacia and Eliza in this anime
At least now we know what exploded and why in the childhood flashbacks!
The interaction between the sister, lacia and Arato in the beginning was just too cute
00 Manipulative, living within the human. 01 Stay out of my live, i do what i want. 02 Chaotic nature, living with the earth. 03 Following the best possible human. 04 Control the human

Endo Arato, what future do you wish for?
I'm just waiting for 18th
Never mind, wrong person to ask...
Such an interesting concept

I love the idea that in the end Lacia may not end up the villain, but certainly they will not be the cutsie obedient servant she is currently.

If the show was focused on the reasoning and goals of the 5 AIs that would be pretty interesting.

Currently it just feels like Snowdrop likes doing cute little bad stuff because reasons, kouka is just the "good enough" guy , method is just kind of their being evil and killing her owners.

If they approached it thoroughly explaining what kind of thought process they went through to determine that these were their best courses of action that could be pretty interesting.

Instead we get to follow around our nice friend the airdancer balloon advertisement who goes flopping to and fro at the whim of Lacia. Which could be interesting except instead of showing some inkling about this being the case we only have other people to spew exposition at us saying "OH NO LACIA MANIPULATE YOU" while they seemingly don't do anything wrong.

Maybe if this series was 12 episodes long and they did the big reveal of lacia = bad it would feel good, but at this point we are 14 episodes in + recaps with no sense of the AIs only caring about them selves.
Kouka comes in with a bang! She looks great in that dress. More please!
Lacia was just awesome this ep teasing Yuka!
So um are we ever gunna get a new OP? We are pretty well into the Spring season. Not complaining though. One thing this show has above all else is the really great OP.
This was ep.12, so the next episode would make sense(I'm talking about ep.13 with all the rumors of a special next week)
Damn, the sci-fi concepts are so interesting in this show that I can't help but enjoy it even if everyone else has dropped it!

Interesting to learn that Lacia is the successor to a hIE that was specialised in analogue hacking. Explains a lot of her behaviour and why it's different to the others.

Also I'm reminded of in I-Robot (the book) where super intelligent AI are tasked with coming up with the plans for an AI to supersede them and so on. It appears to be a similar case here with Lacia, except nobody can work out what made her so hard to build or why she's more advanced than Methode. I was expecting her to be the super-prototype but instead she actually had to be built last.

Also I wonder if Higgins has one last Lacia-class hIE in the pipeline. I've seen Redjuice artwork for a menacing looking red and white hIE, but I don't know if it's canonical.
Perhaps she's the first 'self-evolving' AI with the human capability of choosing your own adventure. Rather than having a somewhat 'predestined' course. Even if being wishy washy, see Marriage, is still programmed. With enough processing you should be able to tell the outcome still for any normal class except our Lacia.

Quantum computing parts causing true free-will? Eliza hack the world made by Higgins-AI being subbed for a allow lacia-class HIEs true free will with our Lacia? Maybe it's all a novel play for the super-AI Higgins, something it can't predict. Has to get boring be a super-AI. See Speaker For the Dead and Jane.
Its nice that Yuka is in on the little secret and also nice that she calm down and be gentle with her brother.
Also, I'm telling you that Lacia truly has feelings for Arato.
It sucks that Shiori had to blow up on her brother but to be honest he had it coming.
Erica shows shes not only has no attachment to objects but no attachment to humanity at all.
I mean I guess you wouldn't have much attachment to humanity if you've been frozen for a hundred years and you wake up in a future with no friends or family.
I really liked that Saturnus had the ability to be uncertain about her decisions, which is strange given that all the others were absolutely certain about their decisions when carrying out their actions. You could see it in the preview too whether she was right in choosing Erica as her owner.
This anime is really getting interesting week after week . And I'm glad I didn't drop it.Explaining about the motives of the lacia classes was one of the highlights ,Yuka is comical as ever 😂 though people find her annoying but I think that's because of the relationship with her brother. If you look at the other sisters their characters are based on their relationship with their brothers too.Shiori -too serious and business minded,Kengo's sister- too polite and less boisterous and finally Yuka- doesn't care about anything other than the present just like her brother. Ryo is being an hypocrite , blaming arato and Lacia for his sister's stupidity .I think next episode will have some more explanation about the explosion and arato's past .
It's okay. Nothing special, but it's alright.
Finally we get some backstory through Watarai's video, Arato's lil sister stopped being extraordanarily annoying, and we finally see some actual f-cking police investigation going on. We are definitely heading somewhere, but I don't know where. Maybe not even the director.
Also, I might be alone with this, but god damn is Methode such a f-cking turn-on..
god damn, next week has to be a talk show also, the episode was great showing off the girls tho. Hopefully its an episode and talkshow or else i riot. I need more Girls but Methode
This show is keeping me at bay. This is probably gonna be one of the show I'll be able to rewatch and enjoy much more.
Can someone explain the plot up to this point. I'm not able to follow really whats going on? Who is fighting whom and why? What is method after?
It's a bit of a mess, most of the "alliances" have pretty much collapsed which is causing the confusion, but the base is that there are pro and anti- HIE people, and they are scared because the AI has surpassed humanity in terms of intelligence. The 5 HIE's (lacian class) are the most powerful HIE's around, and they all kind of want to do different things, whilst staying alive. That's pretty much all you have to really know to watch the rest
I don't really understand why this Anime gets so much hate. I enjoy this one a lot
I still love How throughout the series, Methode kinda just shows up where ever she wants and can just make shit explode because.
Love that Arato and Lacia are playing it up now, Yuka reactions are amusing.
Erica caught Arato glancing at Lacia when asked "What future do you want to see?"
The hIE's call Lacia older sister even though she was created last. Lacia even called Type-0 despite the fact that the hIEs numbered incrementally.
I'm also glad that Kengo is just staying out of the entire situation as best he could to stay safe.


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